Thursday, 6 October 2011

Questions and answers

Hi peeps, Thanks for your comments on the previous post, a couple of points I'd like to address. Old She dragon asks how my mobile phone PAYG top up is so low. I've just checked the balance and I am down to 32p, so I need to top up now. I keep my receipts, here they are.
29July = £10....24May = £10.... 2April = £10....12Jan = £10....23Oct = £20.... 14Aug = £20.
I am with Carphone Warehouse Talk Mobile. I never seem to lose any credit if I don't use it, it rolls over. I very rarely make a call with the phone unless I need to ask or tell someone something, and need a quick response. I use it more for text messaging.

Kate asked about missing out on reductions on gas and electricity for paying by direct debit. I'm not sure what my savings would be if I changed to this method, but I suspect it wouldn't be very much. My last quarterly bills for both totalled £47.26. At it's highest my winter quarterly bills were £126.98. I get a reduction for dual duel, and prompt payment.

I am just looking at the message board on my electricity bill. It says, 'Only pay for the energy you use with EnergySmart'. Don't I do that already? It says it's a revolution in the way you pay for and control your home's energy.

OK, so tell me more.....
No more estimated bills. I don't mind the odd estimate now and then as I know it will be put right next time.
Submit monthly readings online or by SMS. Can't be bothered.
No more surprises, just accurate monthly bills. I dont get surprises I know exactly how much I am using.
Includes a free electricity monitor, putting you in control and helping you save energy and money. What do I want one of those for, I am the one who switches things on and off, I know how to be frugal with my usage.

I don't want to pay monthly, I can budget for a quarterly bill. They make out that they are doing you a favour by getting you to pay monthly, they just want to make sure they get their money in 12 times a year rather than trusting people to pay quarterly. I suppose it does make good business sense from their perspective, less chance of people getting in arrears, if they have the monthly option. But for simplicity sake I am happy to get a bill for how much I have used and pay for it four times a year.

I have heard about Autoaid Kate, thank you for mentioning it. That's another way to buy recovery services. I'm afraid I have more faith in the man who drives an orange van with RAC all over it, than someone from any old garage that I've never heard of. I am not very trusting of garages in general, I prefer to stick with those I know. It might work well for some people, but I would rather not scrimp on taking a chance with who might turn up if my car breaks down. Just had another thought, if my car needs a minor adjustment at the side of the road to get it going, the RAC don't charge me as it's included in the call out. Would an independant garage want some kind of payment to put things right? I don't know.

Lizzie, I am a, 'deadbeat' and if everyone was like me more banks would go bust.


  1. I guess the electric company is talking about a smart meter. I think it worth sweating the small stuff and trying to shave small amounts off utility bills etc., those amounts add up over a year.
    I am trying to find the cheapest cell phone plan or whatever. Why is it such a duck-shoot ?
    Here in the U.s. we pretty much have monthly bills with not much break on anything. Also, if you dont have funds in the bank your cheques will bounce and you have to pay a fee for that.

  2. My mobile phone is topped up only rarely too. I don't feel the need for long conversations by phone, as you say to give or receive information.

  3. I think the answer is to not write a cheque if you think you may not have funds to cover it, lizzie, then you won't have to pay a fee.

  4. We pay gas and electric (BG) over the phone with the credit card to get the points. They don't like doing this but it is possible ....... we use the card for absolutely everything we can to get the points then pay it off every month.