Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Ten good reasons why I don't use the oven.

Hello hello hello. Continuing with my Ten Good Reasons Why....series. This one saves me money, which is a good enough reason for me to adopt this little foible, and make it part of my life. A lot of the things we do on a daily basis become habits. Some of them bad habits like eating the wrong crappy food, or good habits eating healthy food.  I like to think that this little habit puts me on the right road to saving money, and giving me a healthy diet, therefore I see it as a good habit.  
Ten good reasons why I do not use my oven.

1. I don't like cleaning it. Anything that cuts down on housework is a plus for me, I don't want to spend time and effort in cleaning my oven, so I don't use it.

2. I don't want to bake cakes, bread, or biscuits. Why? Because I am weak willed and would scoff the lot as soon as it came out of the oven. I regard these as treats, so it's better for me to not have piles of sweet stodgy food in the house, and to buy the occasional treat from a shop.

3. I don't want to roast meat, or make pies and pasties, or lasagna, or anything else that needs to be bubbling away in a pot in the oven.

4. An oven uses too much gas for one person's food, and adds to the cost of the meal. To use it efficiently it needs to be full, and I am never going to fill mine.

5. I don't need to use the oven. I have a four ring gas hob, a grill, and a microwave. I can make everything I want to eat on those appliances.

6. I don't want to cook my food to death, the least amount of time it is on the heat the better. I don't want to be opening the oven door several times to check if it is done, too much of a hit and miss affair for me. Over cooking ruins it and costs money. Under cooking and it needs to go back in for a bit longer. I have no patience when it comes to waiting for food to cook. I want to look in the pan on the top, prick the food with a fork, turn the veggie burger over under the grill, or watch my food through the microwave door.

7. I want quick to prepare meals, the kitchen is not my favourite place to be. I like eating simple food which is not mucked about. I have no recipe books, have no need for them. No cooking meals are even better., put things on a plate straight out of the fridge. Take the oven out of the equation and it frees up preparation time to do other things.

8. Most dishes which are baked, roasted or casseroled in the oven need some kind of oil, fat, lard, sugar, salt, or sauce added, all things I want to cut down on. I try to avoid those in my diet.

9. I don't prepare huge amounts of food in one go, I only cook for one person, me. I will make a pan of veg stew on the hob, using one gas ring, but this can be done quickly. Chuck everything in, stir, ten minutes and it's done. Test with a fork, remove from heat asap.

10. I don't want to spend time scrubbing food off baking trays, roasting pans, and burnt food stuck on casserole dishes. Waste of time and money. Heat some water, use pan scrubber and wash up liquid. I don't do that.

So there it is. Ten good reasons why I don't use the oven. Why don't you try not using your oven for a month? Use your imagination to think of other ways to cook food. Reduce your time in the kitchen and spend it doing something you like doing. Of course, if cooking is your hobby and you enjoy it, then carry on.

Thank you for popping in. We'll catch up soon.
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Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Painting the world pink

Hello Peeps. That's a bit more of the pink paint used up, and I still have some left. Getting a bit short of ideas now. I have had these sticks in my garden for a long time, well over a year in fact. Guess where they came from? The churchyard when they trimmed the lime trees. You can see the post about it here. I thought it about time I gave them a new lease of life and make an artwork out of them. I had three fancy blocks with holes in, just the job, stack them and drop the sticks in. Looks pretty good, I think. 

There you are. You might remember I did something similar with a dead bush I dug up. The twigs were painted different colours and put into a plant pot. The post is here.

Dinner tonight was a super salad, nowt left, all scoffed. Cold pasta twists, mushrooms, cucumber, tomato, chopped spinach, boiled eggs, grated cheese, and mayo. £6 in a restaurant. Cafe de Tightwad Towers, really cheap.

I went to Arty Club this morning, I wasn't going to go because I didn't fancy doing water colour painting. I rang my friend to say I wasn't going, but she talked me into it, saying I could do my own thing. I sploshed some paint about and made a bit of a mess. The ladies are all very nice, but I am a bit of a rebel, I am also not very good at painting.

Thank you for your miles updates, I'm dead impressed with your enthusiasm. Long may it continue, I am willing you on to keep going and cross that finishing line at the end of the year. Do whatever miles you can, it isn't a race, everyone has different levels of fitness. Do whatever suits you best.

Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon.
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Monday, 2 May 2016

Ten good reasons why I don't have contents insurance.

Hello. While pondering over a few topics for blog posts, I came up with the idea of  delving a little deeper into the whys and wherefores of  how I organize my life. My quirky ways of doing things or not doing things, and the reasons behind my way of thinking might not suit everybody. I tend not to go with the flow, I like to explore and find out what works for me, even if it goes against the grain and people might question my sanity. I might make a one sentence statement which does not give the whole picture, so I am going to do a series of posts called Ten Good Reasons Why.........and fill in the gaps. 
So the first statement is 
Ten good reasons why I don't have house contents insurance.  

1. There is very little stuff of value in my house. I could happily give it all away and start again. Most of it was acquired cheaply second hand or given to me free. The things I have bought from a shop are old and not worth very much. 
2. I have no jewelry, no collectors items worth a lot of money. My electrical gadgets are ancient. 
3. I have enough money in my emergency fund to replace anything broken, damaged, or stolen. 
4. I have no feelings for my stuff, I am not married to my stuff, I am not in love with it. It is just stuff. It doesn't belong to me, I am borrowing it while I am alive, I can't take it with me. 
5. I don't need a lot of stuff. I can manage with the basics. A bed, a chair, something to cook my food on, clothes to wear, bedding to keep warm. 
6. If I had to start again I would be happy to purchase second hand, ask for items I find in a skip, buy at a car boot sale or charity shop, accept donations from friends.  
7. I don't want to pay for contents insurance. The money I have saved over the years by not paying, more than covers the cost if I had to buy something. 
8. Insurance is all about risk, do I want to take the risk by not having it, or do I want parts of my  life to be cushioned against risks, and pay for the cost of it.  Peace of mind doesn't come cheap. I am happy to take the risk and not pay for contents insurance.  
9. I am not a worrier, I will not lose sleep thinking about what if all my stuff is lost.. I take each day as it comes, living for the now, and not worrying about how long my stuff will last, or if it will be stolen, or lost in a fire or broken in an accident. What will be will be. I prefer to live with the thought that it might never happen, rather than, oh dear, what if. 
10. Looking for the right policy can be very time consuming, playing one company off against another, trying to get the best deal. Small print baffles me, big numbers baffle me, the wording of policies baffles me. I don't want to be bothered with it. 

Everyone must assess their own needs for insurance, dependent on how much they value their possessions, the value of their possessions, and what it would cost to replace them. Personality comes into play as well, whether they are risk takers or risk averse. Whether losing their possessions would have a detrimental affect on their quality of life, or whether they are confident to move on and start again.   

No painting today, it's been raining. The Walking Group mileages are rolling in, the page is slowly filling up, and it's looking good. It's great that you are making a real effort. Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up later.
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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Pink plant pots are in

Hello. Brown pots are out this year, pink pots are in. I've been sprucing up the summer house with the paint I had left over from last year. There was a bit left in the bottom of the tin and I hate to waste it so a few more things got the pink treatment. There is still some left, I will have a scout round tomorrow to find something else to paint pink. 
Lunch was a salad. There is a heck of a lot of spinach in a bag from Aldi. I will be turning into Popeye soon, with bulging muscles. 
I fancied pasta tonight so here we have it. I did a lot more pasta than I needed, and will use it up over the next few days. In the topping is one onion, mushrooms, sweetcorn, grated carrot and grated potato, spinach, a tin of tomatoes, garlic powder, spices, and porridge oats to thicken it. It tastes bloomin lovely. I've just scoffed this plateful.

A few walking group members have sent in their mileage updates for the walking challenge, thank you for that. Has anyone else got theirs? You can send it as a total, or just the April amount and I will add it together, and update the page. I had about four days off in April, the weather wasn't so good, or I was too busy. I should be making up for it in May with three walking days coming up. Some of you are doing very well, you must all be getting pretty fit by now. We are a third of the way through the year, the target was 333 miles for that. I didn't quite make it, but some of you are steaming ahead. The five month target is 416 miles. The six month target will be 500 miles. There is still plenty of time to get in your miles. If you don't want to do the whole year, you could split it into one month chunks of 83 miles. Any walking is better than no walking.

Right, I need to get off my bum and go and do my three miles now. My dinner has gone down and it's still light, it's not raining, so no excuses, just do it Ilona.

Thanks for popping in. Enjoy your Bank Holiday Monday. We'll catch up soon.
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