Thursday, 23 November 2017

It was only a matter of time.

Hello. Look at this little madam. As soon as I vacate my seat, she is in there. Even if I get up to make a drink. Isn't it strange how cats don't stay in the same bed for very long. She has been sleeping in the wool box, now fed up with that. Then on the fleecy blanket I have on the sofa to cover me up if I am cold, now she wants my chair. As I am at this moment sitting on it, she has moved onto the piece of fabric I have placed on the table for the zippppeeeee picture.  
Now Mayze is upset because Heidi has got the best chair. They don't like each other very much, a touch of jealousy I presume. Mayze was here first so she feels pushed out and wants to stake her claim. Her eyes widen and she glares at her rival. Heidi is a tease and knows she can come running to me for sympathy. Whenever there is a kerfuffle and I am not near, I never know who has started it so they both get shouted at. Then I feel guilty and give them both a cuddle. 

They are not very often in the same room, Mayze stays mostly upstairs in my bedroom, and Heidi downstairs in the living room. They avoid each other whenever possible. If one wants to go out, the other guards the cat flap. Sometimes one sits on the outside wanting to come in, but can't. I have to open the door so they can both go in and out without clashing with each other.

Mayze sleeps with me on the bed. I take my bottoms off, and get into bed and read for ten minutes, then take my tops off in one go and lay them on the bed. Mayze likes to sleep on my fleecy top. I have two fleecy tops on the bed, in the morning I put on whichever one she isn't lying on, ha ha.

I went to a different library today because I saw on the web site that they had a new book in that I want to read. I could have reserved it and waited until it was sent to our mobile library, but I thought I would have a trip out to Barton and collect it. I found some arty/crafty type books while I was there, that I haven't seen before, so it was worth the drive out. While I was there I had a walk along the waters edge, boy was it windy and cold. Lucky I was wearing a thick jacket with a furry hood.

Well it looks like I am not going to be able to do much on the zipppeeee picture tonight, Heidi is still lying on it. I won't disturb her, I'll have a read of these books. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

What did I do today

Hello. You've got to read this fast because I have writ it how I speak. What did I do today. Do I need to insert a question mark there, I'm not really asking you what I did today. You don't know what I did today, until I tell you. So no, I don't think I need a question mark there. 
I arrived at the dentist at 10.20am, ten minutes before my appointment. I sat in my car for ten minutes because there was something interesting on Woman's Hour on Radio 4. I always listen to Radio 4 when I am in my car. I dashed into the reception bang on 10.30am. Signed the form, and before I had chance to look through a magazine I was called into the surgery. I thought it was a bit strange that the dentist himself came out into the waiting room to call my name. Usually it is the assistant who does that. 
There were two assistants in the room, in conversation, so I guess they were too busy to come and get me, so sent the dentist instead. Jim is a very nice young dentist, easy to talk to and happy to discuss my teeth. He remembered quite a lot about me, and asked about my walking and how the blog was going. I filled him in with up to date news. I asked him where he lived before he came to North Lincolnshire. He said he and his wife left London to come and work up north, and they like it here, and he has recently become a father. I said he has made a good choice, it's very nice living up north.  
Jim had a good prod around my mouth and declared that everything was hunkydory, no he didn't quite put it like that, he said, fine, nothing needs any attention. He them proceeded to give my teeth a good scrub, not that they are dirty, I brush and floss them regularly. He had a whizz round with the buzzing thing, and I had a swill out with the pink water. I left £20 lighter and an appointment for one years time. 
Next I collected Heidi's tablets from the vet. The vet's own dogs were behind the counter, a cute little pug, and the sweetest tiny sausage dog you have ever seen. 
Then I had a walk up and down the High Street. Brigg is a smallish Market town, and all the shops were pretty well taken. There are lots of small independent shops, and several charity shops which I browsed. I bought three small canvases for 50p each. They are pictures actually, pretty naff pictures, but I shall paint over them. 
I thought I ought to take some photo's. Took two, then I couldn't be bothered to take any more. This is The Angel. It's in the Market Square, has a library, a coffee shop, and a museum. I went in to use the lavvy, it said 'for customers only', I pretended that I was a customer, then walked straight out shaking my wet hands after I finished. I never use those dryer things, they take ages, unless they are those superfast ones which you stick your hands into. 
The building in the middle is the Tourist Information Centre. On a Thursday they have a market here, not today, because it's Wednesday.

My bank in Brigg was closed, so I had to come back via Scunthorpe and go to the one in the High Street there. Normally I take the scenic route through the villages to Brigg, because it gets a bit busy past the steelworks in Scunny. Anyhow, while I was there I picked up a bottle of cheap bleach to clean my toilets, and some cat food for Heidi. Also a few bits from Aldi.

I was a bit hungry when I got back, so I cooked up my leftovers for a late lunch/early dinner, then went and did my three miles, to shake it all down. It's now 5.45pm and I'm still full, so maybe I'll just have a snack, don't need another meal.

That was my day. It is very windy but also warm, snow is forecast, but I'll believe it when I see it. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

This and that

Hello. No housework done today, can't be bothered. I would rather be sewing. 
Horrible weather. Walk done, stopped to chat to a friend. Twice in fact, two friends, I have many, one long chat and one short chat. Swapped one of my dog walking days with Brenda, she will do tomorrow and I will do her Thursday. Means I won't have to rush to the dentist in the morning. Cats sleeping most of the day, they don't like going out when it's dull and wet. Garcia has been in, eaten one pouch of Whiskas and snoozed on the window sill. Made too much lunch, made too much dinner, still chomping my way through the yellow stickers. Left overs for tomorrow. No need to put the general bin out for tomorrow, only one bag of waste which I will sneak into next doors bin when he has gone out to work in the morning. Heidi cat keeps parking herself on the desk in front of this computer and sticking her bum in my face. Going to have to wrap this up and give her some attention. Oh happy days, not long to Christmas, let's just get it over and done with.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
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Monday, 20 November 2017

Christmas is a coming.

Hello. Back from my walk, turned the corner just past the pub, and there's a nice surprise, our Christmas tree is lit up on the village green. The lights have been a bit sparse over the last few years, it looks like they have been splashing out on some new ones. Really lovely. These are the first ones I have seen, it won't be long before they start appearing on the front of people's houses. I like the lights, makes everywhere look cheerful. 
We stuffed ourselves with nosh this morning at Crafty Club, two of our members are leaving the area and moving to pastures new. We had a little farewell party to wish them bon voyage. One is going up north back to her roots, and the other is leaving this country for a new life in Sweden. Friends come and friends go, that's how it is, people move on. We will miss them.

Zipppeeee is evolving, one idea leads to another. What starts as a simple idea seems to take on a life of it's own. It's leaning more towards a Folksy picture, French knots added to the flowers look nice. I will crack on with it tomorrow.

Wednesday is a dentist appointment for a check up, and a visit to the vet for Heidi's tablets. I can do both at the same time, save making another journey.

Wind down time, I am finding I am going to bed a bit earlier. Off to watch some vids on yoootooob. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
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Sunday, 19 November 2017

Progress on the zipppeeeee project

Hello. Looking like a lovely sunny day today. I'l do this quickie post, then I have some newsletters to deliver, so let's crack on. Some flowers have been made, need some more. Moved onto leaves, the zips are green anyway but I have painted them to bring out the colour. I was thinking about this as I woke up this morning, how to make leaves, so as soon as my coffee was made at 6.30am I got on with playing. The longer leaf looks better, will make some more. Also need to make a few of different sizes.  
Some flowers have got two circles, some only one.

As soon as I trim both ends the fabric starts fraying, so it's difficult to join them up with tiny stitches to prevent more fraying.

The pearl sits in the hole in the middle then lots of stitching at the back to hold it in place.

Keep checking in for more progress reports. Thanks for popping in, enjoy your Sunday. We'll catch up soon.
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