Thursday, 23 May 2019

Bimbling around St Ives

Yes, I've been away for my Birthday. I took a trip down to the south west of England, it's 390 miles to St Ives in Cornwall from North Lincolnshire. I had a nice B & B. Booked in advance found on the internet. I look at the booking agencies first to get the information I need, then contact the owner direct when I have found one that I fancy that can accommodate me for the dates I need. It wasn't cheap but prices down in the south west are generally a bit more expensive than the midlands and north. It was my birthday treat, and this is why I live a frugal life so I have money to afford holidays and days out.
This is not my B & B, ha ha, but an example of the many houses, apartments, and hotels that overlook Carbis Bay where I stayed. A lot of them are holiday lets.
On the first day I went a walk to St Ives. Heading down the hill, over the railway line, past the station to join the South West Coastal Path.

Must have a beach walk and a selfie. A bit windy today, but dry and warm.

The place has a look of tropical gardens. This rock garden looks newly laid and planted.

There are eateries overlooking the beach.

Further along the path as it starts climbing, I look back at the views.

A little bit of tranquility in the centre of St Ives.

There were plenty of people about, browsing shops and sitting in cafe's.

This was a cute little sheltered courtyard with seating in the middle, and gift shops to browse. When visiting places I always take my food and drink with me.

I sat on a bench and watched the surfers playing in the waves.

The Tate Gallery beckoned me so I paid the £6.50 entrance fee. Have to say that there wasn't much to rave about. A few interesting modern art paintings, but most of it just went right over my head. The building itself is unusual and interesting, and has a rather grand entrance, but the exhibits didn't inspire me. I went to another art gallery and found some art that was just my thing. Textile art with lots of colour. The lady who had made it was there so I had a lovely chat with her. I'll do another post with pictures.

If you want golden sands and big beaches, Cornwall is the place. In the time I was there, I struggled to find any litter anywhere. It seems to me that leaving rubbish lying around is not tolerated.

On the way up to St Ives Head and the Lookout Station, I sat down on the grass and took in the wonderful sea views. A bobbing head on the rocks below caught my attention. Someone sketching. The zoom on the camera is pretty good.

I love to see the sea splashing over the rocks.

Back down into St Ives again and I wandered around the waters edge.

This boat was unloading it's catch.

Crab nets stacked up on the pier.

Pleasure boats parked up.

Time to walk back to Carbis Bay. I took the road rather than the path, it's a bit higher up.

7 miles walked today. That is a guestimate, I was on my feet all day, except for ten minutes sitting here and there. I can't be doing with being idle for any length of time. I like to keep moving to see more places.

More Cornwall posts coming up.  Toodle pip.  ilona

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Lovely views in Tintagel

A quickie video I made yesterday in Tintagel. It's a lovely place, but if you need a pee it will cost you 50p at the public conveniences. What a rip off. I was lucky, I found one at the visitors centre which was having it's entrance converted with new barriers. It was still 20p, slot in the door type. I let two other people in at the same time as I went in.


It's been a busy week

Good morning. I'm back. What! Where have you been I hear you say! Yes, I went on holiday for my birthday treat. I've been to Cornwall. It's a few years since I was last down there, so I thought another visit to places I haven't seen before, was in order. I stayed at Carbis Bay, visited St Ives, Penzance, Portreath, Hayle, Padstow, and Tintagel. I walk a lot, of course, some of it along the South West Coastal Path, and I visited an animal sanctuary on the way back. Lots of photo's to show, and there are still some more Trucking Life videos ready to publish, and more to make. So don't go away, plenty of stuff in the pipeline. See you soon. Toodle pip.. ilona

Monday, 20 May 2019

My Trucking Life. Part 6.

The Trucking Life videos seem to be going down very well, comments are coming in from subscribers on the yooootoooob channel, so here we go, the next chapter in the story. What happened next, the Lady Truckers Club is spreading the word that women can drive trucks.

Churning them out now, I'm on a roll. 32 years is a long time to cover on a few videos. For those not interested please pass them by, I'm making these because my passion for my work was a big part of my life. Toodle pip.  ilona

Saturday, 18 May 2019

My Trucking Life. Part 5.

Here's one for the weekend. Moving on from the driving work I have done, to how I started the Lady Truckers Club.

I'm having the day off, see you soon. Toodle pip.  ilona