Sunday, 12 September 2021


 There will now be a short intermission. I am about but not online. Nothing wrong, not ill, just other things to do. 

We'll catch up soon. Toodle pip. ilona

Saturday, 11 September 2021

Making an effort.

Just in case I find myself in the position where it would be wise to wear a face covering, eg in a small room and in close proximity to other people, I have made myself a snood. I can't see this situation arising on a regular basis, I am not about to start mixing with people. But just in case, I will be ready. 

A snood is easy to make, there are yooohoootooob videos out there. I used a piece of stretchy jersey fabric which used to be a skirt. Best if it's stretchy as it clings to the back of your head and doesn't fall off the end of your nose. You need to make a tube of just the right length for a snug fit, and join the two ends together. 
There you go. It has several colours so I could turn the red or the blue or the green to the front. The fabric is soft on my skin, it will keep my neck warm, but I will struggle to cover my nose and mouth up for more than a few minutes before a panic attack sets in. Just trying it on leaves me gasping for air. 
My lifestyle will remain the same. Lots of time outdoors, lots of time alone, stick with the few friends I know and trust, and assess each situation as it arises. If it doesn't feel safe then I don't join in. One of the advantages of relying on your own resources for entertainment means you can keep things simple. 
It's the weekend. Have a good one. Toodle pip.   ilona

Thursday, 9 September 2021

Risk and responsibility.

Here is the video I mentioned earlier. I went out to do a dog walk, then went for a glass of cider at my friends house, while it was uploading. 
It's been a hot day today, not sunny but muggy and sticky with no wind. I think a storm is brewing. Time to put the lights on at 8pm, the days are getting shorter. 
We'll catch up soon. Toodle pip.   ilona

No time right now.

 I have opened up a new page to write a blog post, but I don't really have time right now. I recorded a video with my morning coffee so I will let yoooohoootooob do it's thing and download it, while I get on with other things. Catch ya later.  ilona

Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Walking is easier than biking.

I was awake at six this morning but thought I would have a bit longer in bed, and promptly fell asleep and woke again at 7.45am. I rushed around in a panic, my car was due in the garage for 8.30am. I managed to get it there for 8.35am. It was long overdue for a service. I took my bike with me so I could cycle back home because they didn't know how long the job would take, and they didn't have a courtesy car to lend me.
Now people say I must be fit because of all the walking I do, but I can tell you that is a myth. There is a steep hill and several gentle inclines between my house and the garage, and I found myself getting off and walking several times. I am not used to working my upper thigh muscles in that fashion. A rest on the bench was needed. For me, not the bike.  
The new footpath which I cycled along has already collected more than it's fair share of litter. Rubber gloves are the latest scourge of the countryside. 

I spotted a package on a grass verge, stopped to investigate. Looks interesting.
I opened it up when I got home. It's a brand new shower curtain. That might come in useful for a sewing project. 
I hadn't been in the house very long, I had time to eat my breakfast when the phone rang. The car is ready. I decided a better bet was to walk back to the garage, after all I had walked half of it anyway, pushing the bike. Easier to walk without the bike. It took me 45 minutes of fairly brisk walking to get back there. The car drives like new after all it's checks and lubricant changes. 
The grass is coming along nicely. At some point it will need mowing. I accidentally stepped on it and flattened a small patch, so I don't know how it will stand up to a mower going over it. 

Another hot day today, I have things to do around the house. 
Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona