Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Some notes

I was nearly on the radio this morning, it was arranged by email. The programme researcher wanted people with different opinions of Brexit to come on and talk about what they thought of it all up to now. There is yet another vote tonight on Mrs Mays Deal, will it be Deal or No Deal?

I tuned in from 6am to listen to the programme, to hear what others had to say. I waited and waited, they couldn't give me a time when they would call me. The speakers were very eloquent in their analysis of what had gone on so far, and what would be the best outcome after the voting tonight. Some of it I agreed with and some of it I didn't. Everybody had their say.

I made some notes, so I could gather my thoughts together when it was my turn.

Why are they having yet another vote tonight?
Debate debate debate.
I didn't vote for a Deal, I voted OUT.
What has she been doing these last 2 + years?
Another referendum? We've had one, don't need another.
Why are they debating a Deal, we leave first, then plan a new UK.
Change. We need to be able to take control of our country.
We don't need to be chained to the EU.
I've had plenty of changes in my life, when something is not working - change it.
Don't be afraid of change, nothing stays the same.
We can work together to make a better UK
Too much bickering.
39 billion, don't pay it.
We can trade with the rest of the world.
Problems will be short term.
Too much scaremongering.
No Deal is fine. Lets get out now and negotiate later.

Time was ticking on, waiting for the phone call. When is it my turn?
The call came at 8.45am. Only 15 minutes left of the programme, they will be winding it down any time soon, last minute weather forecast, traffic report, what's coming on next after 9. I ignored the phone. Too late, I will only get a couple of minutes, and other people have already said some of what I was going to say. Not much point in repeating it. They probably won't ring me again, not bothered. I am just a gap filler.

Might as well post my notes here.

Monday, 14 January 2019

100% Success.

Good morning. Hoooooray, success. Six real comments came in from six real readers, and NO SPAM. Much better than yesterday morning when I had nearly 200 to contend with. I'm sorry to put the extra burden on you to click on the verification thingy, but it will have to stay because it has taken away a whole load of hassle for me. Thanks for sticking with it. 
I wish I could send you the perfume from these gorgeous flowers. They were given to me for Christmas and they are filling the house with a divine smell. Help yourself to a sniff, have you got any hyacinths?  
I picked up a bottle of this last week, at Morrisons. A good reduction I thought, was £2.50, now 63p. I have tried the Alpro range before, yogurts and milk, and have not been overly impressed by them. Very bland, no taste. This is no different. Compared to another brand of Almond milk I bought once from the Cash and Carry at a knock down price, which was very palatable. This Alpro is like water. I could have just put my bowl of cereal, nuts and seeds, under the tap. Won't bother again, even with a yellow sticker on it.

Someone was asking about how much I pay for broadband, sorry, can't remember who. Sometimes I put things to one side then remember them much later. So, I pay about £36 - £39 a month to EE Broadband. That covers unlimited, I am often connected all day, and includes my landline. Calls included are after 7pm and all day Sat/Sun.

There are probably other companies with a cheaper tariff, but I prefer to stick with what I have, with no disruptions. For comparison, and to help the reader make a better choice, what does everyone else pay, what does it include, and who are you with. 

Thanks for your help.   ilona

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Word Verification trial.

The spam situation is getting ridiculous, 195 deleted this morning. I don't want to disable the 'Anonymous' option, because that will also disable the 'Name' option, which has been working very well, so I am trying the 'Word Verification' route. You will see this at the bottom when you comment. Please give it a go. Hopefully this tactic will baffle the computer generated spam, and they won't be able to get through.

Two people have told me that they have been unable to comment. I am not sure what has caused that blip. I use two computers, mainly the small netbook which is Windows 7, and the big one which is still on XP but no longer receives updates. I can post on both of these.

I will only use the netbook for posting for a while, and see if that makes a difference. The Big Dell is idea for watching catchup tv, yooootooob, and anything else I want to check.

Thank you for your patience.  ilona

PS. Maybe I haven't explained this clearly. 
You will NOT get the Verification request, tick the box to Prove you are not a robot, because Blogger knows you are not a robot, because you have an account, and your name comes up in blue

Only people without an account, who put their name in the drop down box, and the odd genuine reader who forgets or doesn't know to put their name in the box, will get the Prove you are not a robot thingy. 

The computer generated spam which is sent out in their thousands, will not be able to tick the not a robot box. 

Friday, 11 January 2019

Another walk around Flamborough Head.

I had a day out yesterday, met up with Vicki from our Walking Group, in her stomping ground of East Yorkshire. The route we took was from Flamborough to the coast at South Landing, then follow the coastline high up on the cliff tops, past Selwicks Bay, to North Landing, then turn inland from Thornwick Bay back to the start. We walked seven miles. 
The weather was perfect. A bit more sun would have been nice, but there was no wind, no rain, and it was quite warm. We were lucky. 
Through the car park, and over the Whalebone Bridge. 
A bit more about this bridge here.

Following the coastline gives some fabulous views. Not many people about, a few dog walkers.

The sun is hidden in the clouds, I like the shimmering on the sea.

Every turn of a corner, there is a better view.

A nice place to sit for ten minutes and eat our pack ups.

Lighthouse and toilets here, the cafe was closed. I have been up to the top of this lighthouse on a previous visit. Closed at the moment for the winter. There's a bit more information here. And also here.

North Landing.

I would not normally use a walking pole, they get in the way, but I thought I would give it a try because of the steps and uneven ground close to the edge. It did help with assisting balance, and I will use it again when negotiating rough terrain. Not needed when walking through fields and villages where it is normally flat.

I've been walking around the Flamborough coastline a few times before. Here's a link to a report I did from a previous trip, just over four years ago. I was with my sister and her hubby.
Back at the house we had a drink and cake, lovely. I was very impressed with Vicki's record keeping, every walk she does, right from the start of the challenge three years ago, is recorded in her book. Does anyone else do this? I just put the miles down on the calendar.

I called in at Morrisons at Beverley on the way back, and found some yellow stickers, so that's the food sorted for the next week. My furry babies were waiting for me when I got back. It's nice to open the door and see their little faces. Oscar greeted me as soon as I got out of the car, waiting to come in. He is fitting in quite well into the routine. 
Thanks to Vicki for being my guide, and thanks to her lovely hubby for giving my car a wash. I hadn't noticed how clean it was coming home in the dark.Good job Vicki texted to tell me, I would have wondered how it went from dirty to clean, and I hadn't done it.  
Sewing today, that little jaunt has boosted my miles. I could have a day off, but I might go out and do a bit more later.  ilona

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

My new Rupert trousers.

When I was in Sports Direct shop last week looking at cycle helmets, I spotted a fabulous pair of trousers hanging on the end of a rack in the golfing department. I just had to have them. Yes, perfect for my summer walking. I don't normally like the cut off trousers, some of the casual outdoor types look like blown up plastic bags, but these look sleek and fashionable. 
Long trousers in the summer are too hot for me, I prefer to wear a skirt, or shorts. These will do the job just fine. The fabric is light and silky and non creasing. They remind me of Rupert trousers. They were £7 so I thought I would treat myself. 
Oooops I set the timer wrong on the camera, not ready, here is my fat arse. 
Dontcha think they look snazzy? I'm going to love wearing these. Pity they don't do them in other colours, I would have bought some more.

My red Rupert trousers. I'm going to keep my eye on that golfing section, might see some more.