Friday, 27 March 2015

Last few pics of Sheffield

Hello. looks like a sunny day, so I'll rattle this one off quick so I can get out. Not more pics of Sheffield, afraid so. I took 90 altogether, a lot of them get dumped. Sometimes I go snap crazy, which makes it so much more time consuming when I come to sort them out, then load them onto here. 
Imagine walking down a street with a slope. Next to the pavement is a raised lawn edged with concrete, and in this is a channel of water running from top to bottom. The channel is inlaid with colourful mosaic, and the water runs away down a plug hole, to be pumped back up to the top again and so the cycle continues. It's lovely to see it glistening in the sun, it sparkles, and you can put your hand into it to cool down if the sun is hot. Lovely idea to add a bit of colour to an ordinary street.  

You might be able to read this if you click to enlarge it. It stands in the University area of the city.

The flats over there are in that painting on the previous post.
Snapping more buildings as I wander around.

Oooo, is that a Tardis I see? Where is Doctor Who?

Don't know who this chappie is, haven't time to look it up, someone might be able to enlighten us.

Ornate ironworks, shame about the plastic covered scaffolding on the building behind.

Love the cheerful colours on this building.

The trams are fab, they seem to be very well used, and run frequently. It made it so easy to get to the centre from the Park and Ride. 

Shame about this building being boarded up. Hope someone comes along to rescue it.
This looks very majestic, almost Palace like. Santander and Sainsbury's occupy the lower floor.

Hey, they don't build them like this any more, isn't it beautiful. I have a hankering to go inside these old buildings and have a good nosey.

Phew, that's Sheffield then, well some of it. Plenty more to see if you want to visit yourself. Get a map from Tourist Information and have your own bimble, if you are near enough.

Just before we got on the tram to go back we popped in a small Tesco store, to see if there were any yellow stickers. We were lucky there were. It was good to have a rummage. I spent £3.43 on potatoes, cheese salad, broccoli, prepared fresh fruit (plums, blueberries, and grapes), wholemeal bread, single cream, and saag aloo. Good haul, Janet was lucky, she got ready pastry for 15p.

Whats on the menu for today? I see the Hull Scrapstore has something on this afternoon, a trip across the bridge is a good possibility if I get my finger out and get organised. Catch you tomorrow.
Toodle pip.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Art in Sheffield

Hello. We woke up to rain this morning, and I am sure I have seen some sprinklings of snow. I remember Easter a few years ago when snow fell, so we are not out of the woods yet. Summer is just around the corner, but the great man in the sky has a habit of playing tricks on us. A day indoors I think today. 
I went to Sheffield hoping to see art, we trawled the galleries and found some. My preference is for contemporary and modern art, but understandably there was more of the traditional kind. I like to see something that stretches my mind, something that confuses me, and something that forces me to think outside the box. I've a few pics of my kind of art to show. 
Sheffield is the cutlery capital, the steel industry has been prolific in building the city's economy over the years. The Millennium Gallery has this amazing monument to steel, made of cutlery welded to a wire frame.

This decorative artwork encourages people to make a donation to the gallery.

One of the exhibitions in the Millennium Gallery is, 'Picturing Sheffield'. There are paintings from past and present, documenting  the regeneration of the city. The collection includes work by artists from the 1970's to the present day. It finishes on the 12th of April, so you have to be quick to see it before it closes. I like this one, big, bold, busy, and colourful. Here is a link to their web site.
Next stop was the Library, which houses the Graves Gallery on the upper floor. As you climb the stairs and look up to the skylight there appears to be a hundred birds floating in the air.

Looking closely, they are fringed squares of loosely woven fabric, folded corner to corner. As the warm air rises they look like they are floating.

This is amazing. A very large red canvas, the picture has been 'painted', with strands of beads, and chains, which have been left to dangle down to the floor giving the impression that the excess 'paint' has been allowed to dribble. 
A stunning piece of work, I love it.

In the same gallery are two large figures, this is one of them, both are holding a rifle.

As you can see all kinds of paraphernalia has been used in their construction. I am wondering if there was a plan for this work, or was it like stick this here and put that there, and see what happens. Hmmm, confusing.
Here is a link to the Graves Gallery.

Seen on the stairway of the Graves Gallery. So true. We need to have a certain amount of logic to get us through day to day living. I think I am a logical kind of person, but on the other hand too much logic can stifle imaginative thoughts. I am also a dreamer and like to let my mind wander to wherever it pleases. 
So, what are you? Are your thoughts always logical, or can you wander off the long straight path to explore either side of it. Do you like things orderly and straight forward, or can you cast off the shackles and let your mind fly freely? Let me know, I'm interested in how you think.

Thanks for popping in. The rain has stopped, maybe the day is going to turn out quite nice after all.
Toodle pip

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Bimbling around Sheffield

Hello and Good Morning. It's bright and sunny again, I've a line of washing out, and I have made my bestest  friend Carol a birthday card, now I have a few pictures to add to the blog, so come with me on a visit to Sheffield. I took my friend Crafty Janet along with me, we had a day out in the nuuuw wheeelz. Straight down the M180, M18, up the M1, off at the A630 and into the Park and Ride car park just off the roundabout at the bottom. Pay £2.50 to park, after we had worked out the touch screen machine, then hop onto a tram for the city centre, bus pass free ride, easy peasy. 
We alighted at the Cathedral, a good place to start our bimble. Luckily they have some very nice toilets in there. 
It was busy inside, school children singing their hearts out, with parents and families seated either side looking on. A few people had stopped by to have a look like we had.

The Town Hall is a majestic building standing tall and proud. I was hoping we could have a nosey around inside, but that was not to be, it is a busy working building. However the lady on the desk was very helpful with providing us with local knowledge and a free street map.

We came across the famous snooker capital of the north. The Crucible has been the venue for top class snooker tournaments for many a year. I was obsessed at one time a few years back, amazed at the skill required to get a 147 break. Terry Griffiths was my dreamboat at the time, with Willy Thorne a close second.

Next to the Crucible is this iconic building, The Lyceum Theatre. Looks like a wedding cake, I could eat it. 
In the late 1950's the Lyceum was in financial difficulties, it closed in 1969. Planning permission was sought for it's demolition, but it was saved by a campaign by the Hallamshire Historic Buildings Society. Thank goodness, it would be a shame to lose this. 
Between 1988 and 1990 the Lyceum was completely restored at a cost of 12 million pounds. More information can be found at Wiki.

Next stop was the Winter Gardens. We ambled through cameras at the ready, sat and ate our sandwiches, marvelled at the structure, and took in the general ambiance of the place. It was a hive of activity, several groups of school children were being supervised by their teachers as they ate their lunch. 
Not many words needed, it was a bit like a bigger version of Buxton. Warm, inviting, tropical, and colourful.

This piece of artwork was intriguing and fitted in perfectly. The harsh rigid lines of the beaten and engraved steel in contrast to, and complementing, the soft lush green foliage.




There are more pictures of Sheffield which I'll save for later. Thank you for popping in.
Toodle pip

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Getting stuck in

Hello. Our Craft and Chat club was a little different yesterday. We usually take whatever we are working on, sit round a big table, and do our own thing while we chat. I was a bit late in getting there, due to me stopping to chat to two ladies sitting on a bench, so I missed the first bit, everyone had already started. We were told to bring some coloured tissue paper for this, but of course I forgot, head like a sieve sometimes. Not to worry we all muck in together and share what we have. 
Carol was the tutor, the blonde lady with the blue top, she teaches craft work for another group. The table was covered in black plastic bin bags because this was going to be a bit messy, and we all had a piece of A3 plain paper. The idea is to tear up the tissue paper in whatever way we choose, strips, squares or random shapes, and stick them onto the plain paper, with diluted PVA glue. Layering and overlapping is good, it makes the finished piece stronger.

Everybody was ripping and sticking, chatting and laughing.

This is what I ended up with. 
Because I started a bit late, I hadn't quite finished when it was time to go, so I carried on at home sticking some more pieces on right up to the edges.

We have to take them back next week for stage two. I'm not sure what that is to be, but I believe there will be some stitching at some point. I think when we have done the embellishments we can make it into a bag, or a book cover, or anything we want to make. I'll let you know what happens next week after the Monday meeting.

Now I'm off out for the day, the sun is shining so must make the most of it.
Toodle pip