Friday, 20 July 2018

Quick alteration, that's better

I did a belting talk last night for the WI ladies of Winteringham village. There must have been about 25 - 30 of them, all interested in my money saving/simple/recycling/arty and crafty/ lifestyle. They were keen to get the lowdown on my brilliant life on a pension, and took a big interest in the art and craft samples I took along. I think there may be some shopping bags made out of cat food pouches emerging from the members soon. One more talk to do on Monday, it will be a bit different because it's a men's group. I don't think they will be that interested in sewing, so I'l steer it in another direction. 
A friend gave me this top a few months ago, it's a bit fleecy like a sweatshirt but not as thick. It has those silly three quarter sleeves which come just below the elbow. I'm not a fan of that style, I find them irritating as I want to keep pulling them down to my wrist. However, I thought I would give it a go as it was free. I think I wore it twice then decided it would have to go to a charity shop. But I like the patterns on it. I don't normally alter clothes, they are so cheap anyway so why bother. But I decided it would be a simple job to cut the sleeves off, it would only take ten minutes. 

I turned the bottoms of the sleeves under once, and did three rows of zigzag stitching on the machine to tidy them up. Perfect. Now I am happy to wear it.

I'm almost finished the tree picture, just need to frame it, or maybe I won't, maybe it is going to be another wall hanging. I'll check my fabric stash to find a piece that suits it. See you next time. ilona

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

A Scrapstore visit.

The ladies at Hull Scrapstore were pleased with the scrap wood, plastic trays, and other stuff I took them this morning. They have recently been on a big Swap event, this is where several scrapstores meet up at a venue and take their excess scrap and swap with each other, so everything eventually gets used for art and crafting purposes. I found some things that I haven't previously seen before. It's a good idea to rummage through it.  

Hull Scrapstore is in an old school building. They have a Facebook page and often advertise on there about new stock they get in. 

The Art department is mainly new stock, bought in at a much lower price than a conventional shop. Items are individually priced.

The scrap is donated by businesses, it would normally get thrown away.

 I spent £5 on a basket. Mainly fabric, mostly fake leather, and a few tester paints.

It was quite busy, I think the school holidays have started early in Hull.

The hedges need cutting so I'm going outside now. Catch ya later. ilona

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Fruit salad tree.

Next door to the Cash and Carry is a junk/second hand warehouse. The man doesn't come very often, and when he does come, he doesn't stay long. I saw him today so I had a nosy, and a bit of a banter with him. I noticed a wooden bowl with plastic fruit in it, I said, how much is it. He said £5. I said oh that's too much, I only want the fruit, don't like the bowl very much. Just as I was about to go he reached for a bin bag and emptied the fruit into it, and said here you are, you can have them. How kind. 
So now I have a fruit salad tree, ha ha. Grapes, banana, tomato, apples and oranges. 
These fuschias are looking nice in the three pot planter.

The hanging vegetable steamer is nice.

Lots of pink in the garden at the moment. The rain last night has given things a good drenching. I hope we have some more tonight.

Tomorrow me and Angela are going to the Scrapstore. I picked up some vinyl and some wood for them, and I have a lot of plastic mushroom trays they can have. Trying to de-clutter some of my own stuff. Toodle pip

We have Grayson Perry at 20 21 Arts Centre

We are lucky to have Grayson Perry on show at the 20 21 Arts Centre at the moment, one of my favourite artists. I had a quick pop in when I was in town last week. The Vanity of Small Differences is six large tapestries which explore taste and class. I need to go back and study them closely but I have time, it's on till the 9th of September.  I only wish he would visit in person, but I very much doubt it. I follow him on Twitter and he is always busy. 

Here is a page from the British Council web site which gives more information.

I have found a video on yoootooob, well worth a look.

I'll leave you to it, thanks for popping in.  ilona

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Sew far sew good

It's been a hot one today and I've been indoors sewing the latest picture. I've had both back and front windows open so there was a cool breeze wafting through. 
This is it so far, still more to do, but it's taking shape nicely. I already had the background, a previous project which didn't get finished. It's just right for this. I'm going to couch some cord around the outline of the tree so it stands out. And put some flowers around the base. 

Could do with some rain really, still watering up manually with watering cans. I need to get the electric trimmer out and do the hedge, but it's too darn hot at the moment. I'll catch you later. ilona