Sunday, 20 January 2019

I have enough

My energy bill has arrived for the period 12th October to 11th January. There was a price increase in October so it will be slightly more than the same period last year. An increase in my electricity consumption due to shorter days and needing to put the lights on, £45.75 for the quarter. I have used more gas, had the heating on a bit more, because I can afford it, although to look at me wearing a fleecy dressing gown over my clothes you wouldn't think I switched the heating on at all, but I do. My total gas charges for the quarter are £119.25.

So, £173.28 to be paid tomorrow at the Post Office. Easily covered by my £200 fuel allowance from the government. I expect the cold weather will continue for the next couple of months or so, and after that I won't need to use the heating quite so much. Then in the summer months the gas bill will be very small as the heating won't be used at all. Swings and roundabouts, I save money in the summer to pay for the heating in the winter.

I know exactly what bills are coming in throughout the year, and when to expect them. The car insurance has just been paid. Water bills come in twice a year. House insurance is monthly direct debit, telephone and broadband is monthly direct debit. Car tax and MOT and servicing is annually. RAC is payable in April with a phone call.

All is in hand regarding bills coming in, all accounted for, and money saved up to pay them. Looking good at the moment, I have an emergency fund to pay for anything that breaks or needs replacing. Heidi is having a check up tomorrow, I have money saved up for any vet visits.

It's taken a long time getting here, there have been a lot of lean times in my past where I have been skint, had to stop the spending and go without. But now I am in a good place, mostly because I don't set my sights too high. I don't hanker after a modern home, I don't need a flash car, don't need new furniture or new clothes. My needs are simple, as long as I am comfortable and have enough, I don't need any more.    ilona

Saturday, 19 January 2019

A lot of talking

I've been talking a lot today. Talking to a friend on the phone this morning. Went to the paper shop, talking to people I met along the way. Delivered the papers to Joyce, invited in for coffee, family was there and Bailey poodle was visiting as well. Good to see him again, he now lives with family somewhere else. Coffee and talking.

Talking to more people on the way home, walking their dogs. Good job I have doggy treats in my pocket, Bella and Scruff and Lola love them.

Invited to friends house for drinks this afternoon, more talking. It went on a bit until evening, wine and nibbles, and lots of laughs.

Village life is good, walk out of the door and always someone to talk to. Feel a bit tired now, had a hot chocolate now off to bed. Goodnight. ilona

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Super Scrimping is my game.

And the money saving continues. The Cash and Carry is conveniently placed in a little industrial unit, on the way to town. When I am passing and have ten minutes to spare, it's worth stopping for a look to see what they have in. Sometimes I am lucky, other times I am not. They buy up stock from the large supermarkets, usually when it is about to go out of date, or if they have over stocked and want to move it on. 
I like these Cheerios, not as a breakfast cereal, but as an evening snack when I feel a bit peckish. The normal price for these in Tesco is £3.30. They are on offer until the 27th of January for £1.65. I paid just 60p each. 
Cheddars are normally £1.29 at Tesco, on offer at 90p until the 27th of January. I paid just 25p per packet, 4 for £1.

 Amoy medium noodles. At Tesco, £1.80 for a bag of two packets. Not on offer at the moment. I paid £1 for three bags. So, 33p a bag, two packets in each, which I will get four portions out of. Add some veg and a super cheap meal.

I buy my food from lots of different places. Haven't been to Tesco for a while, I will pick up in Aldi if I am in town, as it's in a convenient location. Always on the look out for reductions, in virtually every shop I go into. Even the £1 shops sell things at 50p. Meanqueen is the name, Super Scrimping is my game  :o)   ilona

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Winter in the park.

Monday was sunny so I went for a walk in the park. This old tree has been a favourite for kids to play on over the years. Lots of low branches to climb on. Sadly all this attention has taken it's toll and the tree is now fenced off. One large branch has been removed, it was becoming dangerous and could have hurt someone. 
Hopefully it will recover and new growth will appear in the spring. It's quite amazing that it has survived as long as it has, looking at how the trunk has split into several low lying branches.

The duck pond is busy, a lot of quacking going on.

I have nine more shopping bags ready to give away when I next go to Tesco. Trying to use up some of my stash. It's never ending.

Cats are all fine, though Oscar is getting picky with his food. I have to make time for a cuddle with him, he likes to sit on my lap on the sofa. He is becoming more affectionate.  ilona

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Some notes

I was nearly on the radio this morning, it was arranged by email. The programme researcher wanted people with different opinions of Brexit to come on and talk about what they thought of it all up to now. There is yet another vote tonight on Mrs Mays Deal, will it be Deal or No Deal?

I tuned in from 6am to listen to the programme, to hear what others had to say. I waited and waited, they couldn't give me a time when they would call me. The speakers were very eloquent in their analysis of what had gone on so far, and what would be the best outcome after the voting tonight. Some of it I agreed with and some of it I didn't. Everybody had their say.

I made some notes, so I could gather my thoughts together when it was my turn.

Why are they having yet another vote tonight?
Debate debate debate.
I didn't vote for a Deal, I voted OUT.
What has she been doing these last 2 + years?
Another referendum? We've had one, don't need another.
Why are they debating a Deal, we leave first, then plan a new UK.
Change. We need to be able to take control of our country.
We don't need to be chained to the EU.
I've had plenty of changes in my life, when something is not working - change it.
Don't be afraid of change, nothing stays the same.
We can work together to make a better UK
Too much bickering.
39 billion, don't pay it.
We can trade with the rest of the world.
Problems will be short term.
Too much scaremongering.
No Deal is fine. Lets get out now and negotiate later.

Time was ticking on, waiting for the phone call. When is it my turn?
The call came at 8.45am. Only 15 minutes left of the programme, they will be winding it down any time soon, last minute weather forecast, traffic report, what's coming on next after 9. I ignored the phone. Too late, I will only get a couple of minutes, and other people have already said some of what I was going to say. Not much point in repeating it. They probably won't ring me again, not bothered. I am just a gap filler.

Might as well post my notes here.