Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Jeremy Kyle, I'm only being honest. Book review.

Hiya, yes I do find time to read occasionally, not very often though. I've never been what you might call an avid reader, I can take them or leave them. As  a child I read The Famous Five, and The Secret Seven, after that I moved onto magazines. Jackie was my favourite. I remember a relative buying me Nicholas Nickleby, for Christmas once, I never did read it. 
Today I own hardly any books, I have given them all away. Except a few travel books, and I think I might have a cookbook somewhere. I think it's really strange that some people have hundreds of books all neatly lined up on bookshelves. I wonder if they ever read them more than once. These days the library is where I keep my books. If I want to keep them for longer than the allotted time I just renew them. 
My choice of reading is autobiographies, and non fiction.  I can't get into fiction, I can't bring myself to read stories that are made up. Strange really when I prefer modern and contemporary art, which is mostly the figment of someone's imagination. The mobile library has a very small non fiction section, so sometimes I am struggling to find something to read. I often take the same book out several times if it is a particularly interesting book. 
The Jeremy Kyle show on the tele may not be everyone's cup of tea, it definitely isn't mine. I have caught bits of  it on occasions, usually when I have been at someone's house and they have had it on. The whole thing makes me cringe. I probably think the same as everyone else, how can people go on there and tell the whole wide world what is wrong with their dysfunctional family. Shouting and swearing are the norm, as is throwing the odd punch now and then, though this behaviour is quickly defused. Fancy having big and burly security guards on duty in case it gets out of hand. Shocking really. 
Anyway, curiosity got the better of me when I spotted this book, I wondered whether it would give an insight as to what goes on behind the scenes. It does, Jeremy Kyle writes exactly how he speaks, direct and to the point. He has a bit of a colourful past himself, and draws on his own experiences to dish out advice. He is an agony uncle with balls, and tells it like it is. No pussyfooting around, he gives it to his guests straight and shoots from the hip. This style may not be to everyone's liking, but for me, I like a bit of common sense, and he has got plenty. 
He had a happy upbringing in a loving supportive family, and admits to being a recovering gambling addict. His daily struggles with OCD still affect him, and he has been twice married, he has four children.

In this book he takes a hard look at the social problems blighting modern Britain, and looks for solutions to repair what is damaged. He maps out an agenda for change, insisting that personal responsibility and a strong government is the key to the way forward.

His show is on the tv every weekday morning, and contrary to popular belief people are not cajoled into appearing on it, they are queuing to get in. Everyone appearing who wants to sort their lives out are offered support through relationship counselling, addiction counselling and detox. Sometimes the investment of months of work follow an appearance on the show for some of the guests.

Jeremy Kyle, although he has a direct and confrontational approach towards his guests, comes across as someone who genuinely cares in this book. Yes, he is a showman, but he has some good old fashioned down to earth common sense solutions to today's problems. I would suggest that some of the out of touch politicians who live in their ivory towers should read it. Jeremy Kyle for President I say. I enjoyed the book.
Toodle pip.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Getting the chop

Hey up chuck, how ya diddlin? Sorry I wasn't around yesterday, spent a very enjoyable afternoon with my family. Pub lunch with sis and her hubbs, then a natter with Uncle Stan, picking his brains about picture framing. He gave me a few pointers, something to think about when deciding how to frame my picture. Well. I've thunk, and I am going to have a go at making a wooden frame with recycled timber. I have plenty of it in the garage. I have also dug out a piece of glass that was propped up against the back of the garage, someone gave me an old greenhouse which I never erected but kept the glass. Knew it would come in useful for something. It is two feet square, I've cleaned it up and tried it against the picture. I wasn't sure I wanted glass in front of it, but it looks pretty darn good, so I'm going with the glass. I've also found a piece of hardboard for the back and cut it to size. So, I have all the pieces, now just have to make it.

It's time for my bi annual haircut. I no longer go to the hairdressers, gave them up a couple of years ago. I never liked how they cut it so why pay money when I can do it myself. I have posted about this before, but it's worth another mention in case someone might like to give it a go. Maybe you already do cut your own hair.

I start off outside so that most of it falls onto the yard and gets blown away in the wind. I put a mirror on the window ledge, and comb through my hair with my fingers, lifting it and cutting the bits sticking up with the scissors in my right hand.

And I keep doing that all over. Lifting and cutting.

 When I get to the back and sides I lift, but then have to twist my wrist and pull the ends to the side so I can see in the mirror what I am cutting.

When I think it's nearly done, I move just inside the passageway between the mirrors hanging on opposite doors, so I can cut a straight line across the bottom. Yes, I think that's enough going by what has landed on my shoulders.
 Is that to Modom's liking? Yes, that will do nicely, thank you.

Job's a guddun. Looks alright to me. Saved me £20 if I went to a posh hairdresser, or a tenner if I went for a  five minute chop at a drop in shop. No petrol needed to go to town, and didn't have to wait for a student to do it at the college.  
If you don't already cut your own hair, why not have a go. Or if you don't feel confident enough, get together with a friend and cut each others hair. It's not that difficult.
Toodle pip.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

The sweet smell of fresh air in the countryside

Hello, to my bloggerettes. Thank you all very much for the comments on yesterdays post, you are so kind. I agree that the picture should be exhibited somewhere, though that is easier said than done. I checked out the Ropewalk website, an arts centre near the Humber Bridge, and their application criteria is quite complex. Also there is a two year waiting list. I imagine most reputable galleries will have a similar selection process. Open exhibitions allow one off's to apply, but these usually only happen once a year. I'll have to make more pieces, then approach galleries with a collection of my work. I'm off to see Uncle tomorrow, to ask his opinion on framing it. An excuse for a day out.
So what did I do today? I fancied a walk but it looked like it might rain, and I couldn't find anywhere I wanted to go on the maps. I decided to walk the 5.25 miles into town, have a look round the 20 21 Arts Centre, read the magazines and newspapers in the library, and choose some books, and if I felt like it, walk back. I found six books which were a bit bulky to put in the rucksack so I got the bus back home. 
Most of the walk is quite pleasant, until you get to the industrial estates, then the built up areas on the outskirts of the town. This footpath was diverted about a year ago, it used to go diagonally across the field, now it goes in a straight line from the road to the edge of a wood. The field used to be left rough, now it has a crop, it's used to grow turf, as most of the fields around here are. The landowner is Mr Sheffield, the Prime Ministers father in law, he is not seen very often in these parts. 
The path now goes through the wood, whereas before it went around the edge.

Here is the diversion marked on a poster nailed to a fence.

This is what they use to water the turf when it hasn't rained.

There are underground water pipes all along this track, the machines come along, connect up, and then they are towed to the middle of the field.

I heard the buzz of a tractor and the wonderful smell of cut grass. That's one hell of a lawn he has got to mow there.

The tractor has got extra wide smooth tyres so it treads lightly and doesn't churn it up.

That field is done, so the driver folds up his cutting arms, and goes across the track in front of me into the next field. I love watching anything to do with machinery. I would love to have a play with that. 
There's acres of turf all around here, a smooth as a babies bottom, and very lush.

Hay a bit further on, and I passed a field of spuds as well. The bales are waiting to be collected, and the spuds are waiting to be dug up.

Getting towards town now, passing the industrial estate. The pond is looking like a nature reserve now. It's very popular with dog walkers.

Now I'm in town. This rough patch used to be a multistory car park, till they flattened it. Now there are a lot of wild flowers on it. Much more pleasant to look at. Every town should have a wild flower meadow.
Here are the books I picked up from the library. Going to settle down on the sofa and have a look through them in a bit. Ooooh, exciting, a great way to spend a Saturday night.

My dinner tonight was potatoes, courgettes, and runner beans from the garden. Mangetout peas and egg noodles from Tesco with a yellow sticker. The bits of shredded carrot you see was part of a mixed salad which I ate most of yesterday. I put them in the steamer with the rest of the veg to soften them up a bit. Very nice it was too, I scoffed the lot  :o)

That's about it folks. Heidi cat is still out so I'll go and find her, then I'll get my nose in those books. Have a nice Sunday.
Toodle pip

Friday, 15 August 2014

A magical place

Imagine a magical place where yellow spotted green flowers grow on twisted turquoise vines. Where flowers float freely in a gentle warm breeze, and flowers of different colours hang from the same stem. Imagine yellow and red flowers growing on tall straight stems, reaching to the sky, searching for a drop of sunlight. 
Imagine a place which is so secret, that no one has ever found it, and no one has ever set foot there. Where the only sound is of butterfly wings, and dragonflies, which hover and dart over over a cool shaded pond.  
Imagine fighting your way through a tangled forest and finding this enchanted place, a place so beautiful it almost takes your breath away. Come with me and enter this magical place.

I love my magical place. It is much better in the flesh, though the colours in the photo's are pretty much the same as the real article. The picture measures 2 feet by 2 feet. All I need to do now is frame it.
Thank you for looking. Toodle pip