Thursday, 28 July 2016

How many washes from a bottle of shampoo?

Hello. When writing about a money saving frugal lifestyle, questions often crop up about numbers. People want to know exactly how much a meal costs to make, how much certain foods cost per 100 grms, or per kilo. How much is electricity and gas per kilowatt hour. How much can be saved by changing energy supplier. How many washes can you get out of a box of soap powder. How many drinks can you make out of one bottle of  dilute juice and how much will it cost per drink. How many cups of coffee can you make with a jar of instant coffee. And so on, and so on. 
It's easy to be lazy when using products and services, and not worry about things running out, because new supplies can be bought. The idea of monitoring every penny spent can be a big turn off for some people, but if the aim is to pay off debts, pay off your mortgage, live within your means and build up some savings, then the only way to reach your goals is to watch every penny that leaves your bank account and purse. 
Even the smallest everyday spends can be monitored. That well know saying, 'look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves', is so true.  
I use my toiletries and cleaning products as as cost effective as I can, sometimes diluting to get more from the bottle, sometimes using a dribble rather than a whopping big squirt. You won't see mounds of froth in my washing up bowl, nor a mouthful of white foam escaping from my lips. There's no excess suds in my washing machine, nor tons of moisturizer giving my face the look of a greasy frying pan. I use everything very sparingly to make it last longer.

I'm going to conduct an experiment, I bought this 400 ml bottle of shampoo for 35p the other day and I'm curious about how long it will last me. How many washes will I get out of it, how much per wash will that be. Hairdressers cost a fortune, they have overheads to pay for, staff and buildings, The only cost to me to wash my hair is boiling two kettles of water if I wash my hair in the sink, or wash it over the bath before I get into it.

Starting from today I am going to use only this shampoo, marking on the side each time with a permanent marker pen. Let's see how long it lasts. I reckon about four months. I will not dilute it but use it neat, dispensing a little at a time into my hand. I usually wash my hair once a week, maybe less if I am going out somewhere.

Anyone going to join me on this? Do you get through far too much shampoo or bath foam, can you cut it down to save some pennies? I'll post some updates along the way so you can see how I am doing.

Thanks to the kind reader who sent me a parcel of goodies, it arrived today. I did not answer the door when the post man came at lunch time because I didn't hear him knock, instead I found a card on the mat, 'Parcel in shed'. It was indeed in the Summer House, ha ha.

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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Sunrise at Happyland Castle

Hello. Famous shed builder and Queen of Tightwad Towers has once again produced another stunning work of art. All the materials used are scraps and the frame is an old one painted in a funky plum colour to give it a new lease of life. Machine and hand stitching was used to add detail to the fun folksy design. 

Another one done. I'm pleased with it. I chose a darker colour for the frame because a white one would have made it look wishywashy.

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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Not long now.

Hello.  Ooooh look. My shed is on the Channel 4 trailer for Shed of the Year, starting on Friday.

It's also in the TV guide of the Mail. Thank you to the readers who told me about it, my friend gave me her copy.

I took some more photo's today, the Summer House looks lovely now there are flowers in the beds.

I have painted this frame for the new picture, just need to put it together now. I love this colour.

I found two courgettes on my doorstep when I returned from town yesterday, that was a nice surprise. Don't know who left them. People round here know me, ha ha. I already had some cooked pasta so I put it in a pan with some oil, a chopped courgette and some frozen sweetcorn, with garlic and veg granules, and this is the result. A quick and tasty cheap lunch.

Thank you to Nikki for the mesh fruit bags. I am getting on with that picture now, it's looking good.

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Monday, 25 July 2016

Open Gardens, more pics.

Hello. And now for the rest of the photo's from yesterday. Every garden had a veg patch, from a few raised beds at a pensioners bungalow, to a large allotment size plot in a one acre garden. Every one of them were full of healthy plants yielding an abundance of  vegetables and fruit. Not one slug nibbled leaf in sight. 
There were little nooks and crannies to explore, beautiful cottage gardens, with secret half hidden sheds.

I did say to the man that he could enter this in Shed of the Year, but he said no.

Another hidden shed in the same garden.
We saw some quirky garden sculptures and ornaments.

Bee hives at the bottom of this garden, the bees seemed very busy coming and going.

Some of the houses were very large.

I like this sign, seen inside a shed.

This was stunning, a huge pot of equally huge flowers. Don't they look fabulous.

This was the last garden, and I'm sure they saved the best for last. Mind you the waterfalls and ponds were also fantastic, oh it's virtually impossible to say which one was best.

Thank you very much to the people of Winteringham for opening their gardens. We really enjoyed it. Great value, only £4 for an afternoon out. It's the first time I have done this, I shall be looking for some more Open Gardens now.

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