Sunday, 23 September 2018

An act of God

This was a surprise when I walked through the churchyard with Bailey Poodle yesterday. The wind comes sweeping in over the River Trent from Doncaster, gathering speed before it hits the side of the hill. I have often wondered how the huge trees survive the battering, this one obviously didn't. 

 It's a good job it didn't fall the other way, it would have taken out the fence and demolished the conservatory on the side of the house.

Some of the gravestones survived.

This one didn't.

Now I expect there will be a costly clean up operation. Wonder if the insurance will pay out, or will it be classed as an act of God. Must go, Bailey waiting to go out, I'm on dog walking duties, finish tomorrow then Ken will be back to take over. ilona

Friday, 21 September 2018

Scotland Day 10

Last day on Mainland Orkney, and I have been to the moon and back. This is a touring art instillation by Luke Jerram, which is showing at the Stromness Academy. It measures seven metres in diameter, made by Cameron Balloons of Bristol. For more information go to Luke Jerram's web site. 

Oh boy this moon is heavy, I can't lift it  :o)
Early night tonight, early start tomorrow, the boat sails at 6.30 am. Time to go home.  ilona

Thursday, 20 September 2018

Scotland Day 9.

Although it was forecast to be a showery day, Ian and I went out for a walk. We split the day into two halves, a walk in the morning, then lunch in a pub, and another walk in the afternoon. The plan was to climb Greeny Hill for the views. The clouds and mist were coming and going, the wind was blowing hard, so the views changed by the minute. Sometimes visibility was very good, then it misted over. 
You can see a white dot on the horizon slightly left of the middle. That's the lighthouse on the island which I walked to yesterday.

Boy is it windy up here, I'm holding onto the trig point so I don't get blown away.

My waterproof trousers are blowing out like balloons.

Back down to the bottom, there seems to be some excavating work going on here, just inside a field gate. Looks like they are laying a new water pipe  :o))

The second walk was up to the Kitchener Monument, high up on Marwick Head. The views from the top of the cliffs were stunning. The sea was roaring as it hit the rocks, the wind was blowing the spray upwards.

Here is the story, there is more information on this web site.

After a very blustery day it was nice to get back indoors.  ilona

PS, It's peeing it down at the moment, looks like it's set in for the day. I'm staying in.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Scotland Day 8

Today was a walking day, I set off on my own with a map and some snacks in my pocket. The coast at Birsay is within walking distance from the house. A look at the ruins of the Earls Palace was first on the agenda. A bit more information here. 

There is a little shop in the village, I had a change from my usual Magnum ice cream and had a tub of Orkney toffee ice cream, Very nice it was too. Then down to the waters edge for a stroll along the beach.

It was very blustery, the waves were crashing down onto the rocks.

Interesting rock formations. No one else around, I had the place to myself.

A small island can be seen from the house, time to explore.

The tide is out so I walked along the causeway. This is the view looking out to the island.

And this is the view looking back to Orkney mainland.

I walked around the edge looking down at the swirling water below. There were strong gusts of wind so I didn't go too close to the edge.

The lighthouse at the top which can be seen from the house. Looks like it is freshly painted.

Can you hear the waves crashing against the rocks, and the roar of the wind. It's a long way down there.

There are ruins of an early settlement on the island.

Best go back before the tide comes in, don't want to get stranded.  I continued my walk further along the coast and turned inland back to the house.

There was one heavy shower which I could not shelter from as I was on a long, and exposed road. I soon dried off in the wind. A good walk, really enjoyed it.  ilona

Shelter from the wind.

Had to drop this one in here. Made me laugh. 

More Scotland later. ilona