Thursday, 21 March 2019

Just an ordinary day.

Nothing exciting happening here. Today I helped my friend with her sewing machine. We had a catchup natter and a coffee.

Someone was asking on the facebook page if anyone knew of any dog walkers in the village. I checked with a couple of friends and they said they could do it, so I passed their numbers on.

I mowed a friends lawn, he is away and was worried that the grass would be getting too high. His neighbours have perfect lawns. He is coming back soon.

Then I mowed my own lawns, back and front.

I went to town, paid a bill at the bank, donated a bag of stuff at the charity shop, and bought cat food from the discount stores.

Tonight I walked two miles around the village. Stopped to chat with a man walking his dog.

That's about it, just an ordinary day.  ilona

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Circular ramble from Market Weighton.

Time for walkies today. I met up with Vicki at Market Weighton, she is a member of our Walking Group, and we did a circular walk of 7.5 miles. The weather was good, no wind or rain, and the sun eventually came out in the afternoon when we were almost back to the starting point. Vicki organized the route, I just followed. There was a couple of places I recognised, I have walked through this area when on a long walk. 
Out of Market Weighton on the road, then a right turn on a footpath along some field edges. Through Towthorpe to Londesborough. When there were deer on the estate they used to shelter here. 

Londesborough Church. We sat on a bench here and had a snack.

A quick look at the village.

I was rather impressed with this bird feeder.

A platform has been added with wire sides to keep out larger birds, and possibly squirrels. The smaller birds can get through to the inside for the food. I see the side is hinged to allow access for replenishment.

We crossed over a small wooden bridge and peered into the water of a large pond. Lots of frogs were swimming about.

Some of the old trees had been blown over in the wind.

Heading on to Goodmanham under this disused railway bridge. The rail tracks on top are long gone.

This is Goodmanham Church. There are signs on the verge not to tread on the daffodils or wipe your muddy boots on the grass.

We picked up the Bridleway back to Market Weighton.

Apparently people tie ribbons on this tree to make a wish. It looks a bit of a mess.

A lovely walk, it was nice to see Vicki again. I picked up some Shopping at Tesco in Market Weighton before I set off back home. A few yellow stickers were found. That's it, time to get the cats in, then I'm going to bed.  ilona

Monday, 18 March 2019

Outdoor art in Hull

A usual Monday today. Crafty Club till 12 noon, then coffee with a friend, two coffees actually, and a very long natter. When I got home in the middle of the afternoon I had a very late lunch, so that made my evening dinner late as well. I did a quick one, a pot of frozen chopped onions, half a tin of chick peas, and a packet of rice noodles. In a pan with a spot of oil and seasoning.

I took a few outdoor photo's in Hull last week, of some very colourful and arty graffiti. I walked over the Drypool Bridge, even that looked cheerful in the sunlight.

I think there's some talented artists here. I'd love to watch them do this. I think it must be difficult with spray paint.

View from the bridge.

I'd like to see a lot more of this kind of art, it looks so cheerful.   ilona

Sunday, 17 March 2019

Update on new plastic artwork.

The weather was a bit better today so I did my walk in the morning. Mind you it took me twice as long due to all the people and dogs I stopped to chat to.

I've been getting on with the new art project, it's coming together nicely. All of the plastic embellishments are finished, it's just a matter of stitching them onto the backing, then framing it. I've made a video of the job so far, I'll make another one when it's finished.

Must get on, Toodle pip.  ilona

Friday, 15 March 2019

More pictures from Ferens Gallery.

You'll need your sunglasses on for this one, lots of bright colours. This is a painting, quite a large painting. I'm not a big fan of abstract, but when there has been many hours of work put into it, and such detail, I have to be impressed. From a distance it looks like it's been done on a computer.
But look closely and every shape has been drawn with a pencil and coloured in with paint. Flippin amazing.

A wall hanging in wet felting. Lots of texture.

This exhibit is a little odd, but quite intriguing. Each stick has a hand attached to it, and is waving a lacy white scarf. I think the message here is perhaps something to do with surrender.

Back to colour. Residents of Hull will recognize some of the iconic buildings,this picture is crammed full of details of the city and surrounding area.

A close up, look how neatly it is painted.

More wet felting.

And look at this stunning picture. Isn't it fabulous.

Look closely and it's pieces of painted paper stuck down to make a collage.

Pieces of paper torn from magazines make up this landscape.

Three very large pictures.

Now look closely, the design is made up of painted dots of various sizes, and stripes. So very skillful.

You can click on a picture and it will come bigger as a slide show. It's a very good exhibition and is on until the middle of April at Ferens Art Gallery in Hull.  ilona