Friday, 12 August 2022

Reply to a comment

 Good morning. I wrote this reply to a subscriber on my yoootooob channel. I will copy and paste it here. Another video is uploading, so this will keep you amused until it arrives. 

Hello. Working out annual expenses is not something I do. I don't get obsessed by numbers, they are just numbers, and mean very little to me. I know approximately how much I pay out for the various things I need. I have an annual income of £10,500. That is enough for me. I have no mortgage or rent. I am not poor. People on the whole are not very good at prioritising what they need to pay for, and knowing the difference between a want and a need. Everyone's preferences are different. What they see as normal spending will not be the same for others. My priorities are my utilities, food, cats, and car. I paid £210 to the vet over the last couple of days for Mayze's illness. I put money away for this, it is priority. I pay whatever it is to put petrol in my car, that is priority. My freedom to move about is priority. I am careful with my gas, electricity, and food. Yes prices are going up but I have to eat, and so do the cats, to stay alive. Now I am getting a bit older I need some heat in the house when it is cold, but there is the other option of wearing more clothes. How do I manage to keep my gas and electric bills down? I don't include water in that because the amount is so low. I pay for water twice a year, it is cheap. It is a lot easier to monitor consumption when there is only one person in the house. I don't have to nag anyone to turn off the heating or switch off a light when there is no one in the room. I know that every time I switch something on it is going to cost me. Some people say smart meters can help with monitoring usage. I don't need one of those. My mum taught me to live within my means. She showed me an empty purse when I asked for something, and said, no, I haven't got enough money. We accepted that. Parents these days are far too soft with giving in to their kids. I understand that, because there is a lot of pressure to keep up with the latest this and that, and follow the crowd. This is how everyone is being programmed and will fall into the debt cycle, and never get out of it. Maintaining independence means having a very strong resolve that you will beat the system. Sadly there are many who are weak and cannot function without the cushion of friends and a social life. Humans are herd animals, they gravitate towards each other and look for acceptance and support from each other. There has been a massive show of evidence of this over the last two and half years. Cover your face, get tested, get jabbed. Not because it's the best course of action for you, but because you have to do it for everybody else. People are now primed, and the new crisis is global warming, which is following on with the cost of living crisis. Next will be food shortages, already happening, and digital currency, and social credit passports. Can you see where this is leading? To survive, stop following everyone else. Work things out for yourself. Ignore what other people are doing. If someone else wants to eat out every night, fill themselves with junk food, and trash their health, it is up to them. Everyone has an obligation to look after themselves, make their own decisions, and accept the consequences if something is not working for them. We are all capable of making mistakes, we can fall off the wagon, but it is essential to learn from it, get back on again and try harder next time. I wish you well.

Catch ya later.  ilona

Thursday, 11 August 2022

sorry (edited)

 sorry, i can't write a blog post tonight. mayze is demanding my attention. she is feeling a lot better and wants to be close to me. i have only got 1 hand to type this. see you soon. 


Just back from a late walk. Look at the moon tonight.

Two hedgehogs feeding from the same bowl. Sorry the picture is a bit fuzzy, I didn't want to disturb them by getting too close. 

Catch ya tomorrow.   ilona

Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Another tasty meal

Phew, it's a bit of a scorcher today. I did a bit at the bottom of the garden this morning when the sun was behind the trees and it was still in shade. It was quite pleasant. There was a dead heather which had to come out. I dug the area over and planted something from one of the pots in it's place. 
Once the sun had come round to the side of the house I retreated indoors to do some sewing. 
It's 24 hours since Mayze went to the vet, and I haven't seen a lot of improvement in her runny eyes and nose. I am monitoring her closely, following her around, trying to get her to eat something, but she walks away from it. At least she is drinking water, but she needs to eat. 
I made this video yesterday and uploaded it to yoootooob today.  
I might get a walk later on tonight. Thanks for popping in. 
Toodle pip.   ilona

Spotted through the window

Cats need shelter in this sweltering sun. A neighbours cat loves my wild flower meadow. He is hiding under a bush, surrounded by long grass. The flowers have died but the grass is still enough to create a cosy hiding place. 
There are water bowls where they can drink from. 
Catch ya later.   Toodle pip.   ilona

Ignore this post.

 I've got several posts planned, but I think it's important to slip this one in here. Not everyone will agree with me on every topic, that's just how it is. My head is racing ahead, we are not at the end game yet. There are many more rabbit holes to dive down, many more avenues to explore. There is a lot going on under the radar, the plot thickens. 

It is predicted that a massive change of direction is taking place, and what we thought was going to be the outcome, could very well be just the start of the next phase. Two superpowers are merging. Russia and China have just solidified an important partnership. They are pulling against the power of the global elites. They have been buying up gold and silver and stockpiling it. 

The globalists answer to the imminent stockmarket crash is to print more paper money, which isn't backed by anything solid. They then move onto digital currency, which which will be the control mechanism to rule all of our lives. We are piggy in the middle, we are the guinea pigs. 

Redacted is presented by Clayton Morris, who explains this far better than I can. He is a financial advisor. Ignore the affiliate links and sales pitches in the description. Ignore this blog post if you are not interested.

Now for breakfast. Catch ya later.   ilona