Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Happy check in day

 Good morning. It's that time again, it comes round so quickly. Only one month left of 2020. Normally the years seem to fly by, because everyone has been enjoying themselves,  but this one has dragged. At least we have been able to get out walking if most other forms of relaxation and entertainment have been put on hold. 

So how have you all been doing with the walking challenge? The target for the end of November was 916 miles, if you are doing the big one thousand. Going by previous check in's I think some of you are doing extremely well. I am on 948, so I am chuffed with that. I could have done more, but getting ahead means that I can have a day or two off, and I don't want to walk in the rain. 

This is your turn to reveal all. Waiting to hear from you. 

Let's have some pics from the archives. I'll have a root round, see what I can find.

Local Park. 

Brigg North Lincolnshire.
Local walk.
Grandma's cottage. 
Might be a nice day today. Maybe good for a walk. Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon. Toodle pip.   ilona

Monday, 30 November 2020

Time to leave home.

It's been rather dull today but never mind, I found things to do. This morning I made some bunting. Angela gave me the satin fabric and I already had the ribbon, which wasn't really wide enough for the job. It was quite difficult to trap the top of the flags in the fold, and sew in a perfectly straight line while the fabric was slipping about. I gave them to Angela, she was chuffed. 
This afternoon I took Billy dog for a walk, or should I say he took me. I just follow him. There are some dogs that he doesn't like, and goes ballistic, barking like crazy. One such dog is the British Bulldog that lives in my street. We were almost back home at the end of the walk and the BB appeared. Instant reaction from Billy. Rather than drag him the few hundred yards or so back to his garden, I picked him up and carried him. He wasn't best pleased about that. In fact it did actually calm him down. I might try that again when he kicks off. I think he was glad to get home. 

I found some videos about Blackpool. I left home when I was 18, and rented a room there. I got a job on the Pleasure Beach selling hot dogs, donuts, and waffles. I had a fantastic three years there. 

This picture is me all packed and ready to go. I remember the coat was green, and the case was a cheap plastic one. It was all I could afford. I loved my calf length brown suede boots. I have always done my own hair, cut it and coloured it. Put rollers in it, back combed it, and blow dried it. Finally a blast of the hair spray. Must have got through tons of the stuff over the years. This picture was taken in the small back garden of our terraced house. 

I changed my hair colour to red. This was from 1969, taken on the Pleasure Beach. 

I worked with Ada and Maura. Our stall was opposite the Log Flume. When we were quiet I often went across and cadged a free ride. 

Those three years were the best time of my life, until I found lorry driving years later, of course. When the Pleasure Beach closed, around ten-ish, a group of us went to the Casino. It was more a night club than a casino. We stayed there till gone 1am, in the Horseshoe Bar, watching the cabaret. 
The Pleasure Beach job was for the summer months, once it closed at the end of the season I went to work at Empire Pools, the football coupon place. They liked people to go back for the winter because that was their busy time, and the returning staff were already trained. We could just drop straight back into the job. It was a large office with rows of desks. When it came round to Easter again I was back to the Pleasure Beach. It suited me to have a summer job and a winter job.  
Happy memories. Now I'm going to watch another episode of the Pleasure Beach videos. Thanks for popping in. Don't forget check in day tomorrow for the walking group. Toodle pip.   ilona

Sunday, 29 November 2020

Fuzzy head

I haven't had time to write a post today, it's been a bit manic, things to do. I started on some more bunting, my friend gave me some lovely silky fabric so I cut out the flags, sewed them up, and ironed them flat. That's as far as it's gone. 
I sorted out some stuff to give away. Emptied the filing cabinet in the office, picked out some other things that I don't want, photographed them and listed them on our village page. Messages came flying in, can I have this, can I have that, me tapping away on the keyboard, trying to keep track of things. Yes it's yours, when are you coming to collect. Some people came straight away, collect from the porch, me standing back as they help themselves. Five out of the seven items gone. 
Oscar has taken to using the bed underneath the table outside the back door. It has a manky cushion in it which has been rained on numerous times. It's very stinky. I thought he should have a new clean bed underneath there, so I got a spare drawer out of the garage. It was from an old dressing table, it fits perfectly under the table. A spare pillow, an old towel, and a bed throw makes a comfy bed for him. He has taken to coming into the house overnight which I am pleased about, but he likes to be outside a lot. I'll see if he uses the new bed tomorrow. 
I've got a commission to make two shopping bags. These will be a bit different, with linings and gussets, as they are to be Christmas presents. 
One hour chat with my sister this afternoon, so no walking done yet, still time to do a village walk. 
I was going to cut down on my time on the computer today, but it hasn't happened. Comments to moderate here and on the yooootoooob channel, and the monitoring of enquiries for the giveaways. My head is a bit fuzzy, too much screen time I think. 
Mayze has discovered the joys of warming her back on the radiator on the landing. 
Thank you all for your comments on the previous post, we got quite a good discussion going there. I will leave you with one of the troll comments, the rest were deleted. 

You are either cleverer than all the scientists and politicians put together or you’ve lost your mind. Either way I’ve had enough of your ignorant rants. Stay safe goodbye

Thanks for popping in. and don't forget, Tuesday is check in day for the international Walking Group. Tattybyes.  Toodle pip.  ilona


Friday, 27 November 2020

Dear Government.

 I have some questions. What on earth are you thinking of with these Tiers? Are you on a mission to trash the whole economy? Do you want the independent businesses to close down? Do you want the unemployment rate to rocket? Will you be paying people to stop at home and do nothing, forever? Is your aim to destroy family life? Haven't you noticed that lockdowns don't work? When are you going come clean about the figures you keep spouting out? Can you give us a breakdown, county by county of how many positives have no symptoms at all, right through to the top of the scale, of how many actually die of Covid? Can you break down the deaths into ages of patients, and whether they had any underlying health issues? What about the figures for seasonal flu deaths, where are they? Do you not agree that all this information is relevant? Do you not agree that it is pointless to mass test everyone, even if they have no symptoms? Are you on course to frighten people to death so that they beg to be vaccinated?  Are you messing with people's minds deliberately? Do you realise that this planned psychological warfare is going to cause endless damage to people's lives for a very long time? Don't you know that the divide in the country is going to get even wider when you bring in the Freedom Passport? Have you thought of the possibility that people will rise up against these rules?  How are you going to tackle mass demonstrations? Or do you think that people will comply like lambs to the slaughter? Is your aim to make the richest people on earth even richer, and grind the poorest people into the ground? Are you planning to force people to take tests, and force them to get vaccinated? Will you refuse privileges to those who do not comply with your demands? Will you employ more police and security officers to make sure we don't overstep the mark? How much of our lives do you want to control? How many more arrests will be made? How many old ladies will your police force manhandle into the back of a van? Will we have no freedom left in five years time? Are you planning on turning the United Kingdom into  Communist State?  

Truthful and honest answers would be appreciated. Thank you. 

Yours sincerely,


Institute of Common Sense. 

I am editing this post to add links to relevant articles. Thank you for your comments and questions. It's good to get a discussion going. At the moment there are too many to reply to, I have other things to do. You might find the answers that you require in the links. 

The Covid Physician 

German Neurologist warns against wearing face masks.

Lord Sumption Cambridge lecture

The Great Reset

Doctor Reiner Fuellmich 

The Conservative Woman

Mass vaccination plan for Wales. 

Agenda 21

Thursday, 26 November 2020

Indoor use only.

How about this then, warm snugly boots for in the home. Fully lined with fleece, two pairs of socks underneath, my feet are toasty. I look like a little Eskimo. They were a Christmas present last year. I have only just got round to wearing them, wanted to keep them clean. Must remember not to go outside in them. 
I made a video this morning but it was a bit too long, so I deleted it. Maybe try again tomorrow. 

I'm having a sort out in the small bedroom which used to be my office. I have filing cabinets and drawers full of stationary and suchlike. Paper, envelopes, notebooks, folders, plastic pockets. I shall box it all up and offer it free to anyone who wants it in the village. The paper would be suitable for kids drawing. the play group might like it. 

I have seen some Christmas lights going up on people's houses. I have brought my little light up tree down to make the room more cheerful. 

I've just watched a live discussion on zoom. Couldn't join in, it was for guest speakers only. 

Going out for a walk now. Adios. Toodle pip.  ilona