Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Two days later

Hello. I'm trying to keep myself occupied when inside I want to weep buckets. Anyone who has lost a pet will know all about it, and judging by all your comments, most of you do know what it's like. The poor little chap couldn't go on any longer, his arthritis got worse, the fatty lump in his tummy got bigger, he was going off his food, he became deaf, and was getting very confused. He woke me at 4.30am on Sunday morning in a distressed state, trying to bury himself under my duvet. I knew then he was telling me something. As I had to go out on Monday I felt it was unfair to keep him hanging on until Tuesday. A lady vet and her assistant  came at 12.45 and I held him supporting his head and he fell asleep in a second or two. He knew I was there with him. He now lies in the garden. 
I have skimmed through all your comments, to read them brings on more tears. I will have to go back to them later when it is not so painful. Thank you all very much. One day I will tell more of Rocky's story, but for now I need to try and get on with keeping busy. 
Yesterday me and Janet set up our stall at Epworth Show, to raise money for the rescue cats. It was very busy and our sales went very well, we were please with the amount taken. I sold all the shopping bags, and chatting to the customers was a welcome distraction to take my mind off things. At the end of the day I dropped Janet off and I didn't want to go home, but I knew the cats would be pleased to see me. 
I took a few photo's at the show, I love the shire horses. 

Vintage tractors.

I used to drive a small truck like this Bedford, loaded with doors and window frames on the back.

A good show of vintage cars.

Do you know, I never got to drive a Renault Magnum, it was the tallest cab in Europe when they first came out. .

Two young ladies performed acrobats on the back of their horses while they walked around the show ring. Everyone was eager to meet them and pet the horses. 
This chappie was telling the audience all about his sheep. The sheep were busy eating the whole time.

Boy was it hot in the produce tent, like a sauna, couldn't stand it in there for very long.

I've been pottering around the house this morning, doing all the little jobs that usually get left. Anything to fill the time. This afternoon I went to pay the vet bill, and I went to Great Outdoors to buy some new walking boots. My feet have got used to walking in soft trainers and feel like they have spread out a bit, so I need a boot with a wider fitting. Found some, now I need to wear them around the house a bit, then do some shorter walks of around four hours and build it up to longer walks.

Going out for a walk now, almost the end of the month and I am on target reach 666 miles. How are you all doing with your walking? It is helping to calm my emotions. I did a second walk on Sunday night quite late because I wanted to tire myself out before I went to bed. It worked.

Thank you for popping in. We'll catch up soon.
Lots of love xxx

Sunday, 28 August 2016

At peace.

Rocky is at peace now, the vet has just left. He couldn't go on any longer. I am closing down the computer now and won't be back on until Tuesday.
Lots of love xxx

Friday, 26 August 2016

I like purple frogs

Hello. There is the most stunning sunset tonight, but it will be gone in a few minutes. Strings of orange slowly sinking, with parts of the blue sky visible behind it, and dark clouds hovering yet hardly moving at all. Now the orange is turning to red as it drops below the roofs across the road. . 
So, what have I done today. It was time for Mr frogs makeover. I put a very pale green undercoat on him first. I thought I might leave it that colour but it looked a bit boring, so I thought why not jazz him up a bit. This colour is called Positively Purple, it's a Dulux tester pot, it looks blue on the photo, but it is purple. I found the easiest way to paint it was to put the wheelie bin in the middle of the lawn with an upturned pot underneath him. He is at the right height, no bending, and I could walk all the way around him, reaching all parts, with very little effort. 
The mat he is sitting on is a bit broken round the edge, but it doesn't matter, can't complain, it was free. I painted his eyes, yellow. .

While I had it on the brush, I painted Mrs Tiggy's eyes as well.

Who says you can't have a purple frog and a green hedgehog, ha ha.

Snacking today was two kiwi fruits, a nectarine, with a splodge of  plain yogurt. 
Look, I've got runner beans, yippeee. A kindly reader put some dried beans in a goody bag parcel she sent me. Thank you, and now I have beans to eat.

These are doing really well, £2 from Aldi.

And I have a few of these pretty flowers in the beds. The bulbs were from Poundland.

How are you all doing with the walking? Only five more days to the end of the month. The target for the eighth month is 666 miles, and I am on 650. I doubled up today and walked six miles. Might have to do that again.

I'm struggling to keep my eyes open here, so I'd better sign off. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Goodbye, and hello.

Hello. I've been to Uncle Stan's funeral today. It was held at St Mary's Church, Stretton, Burton upon Trent. There were a lot of people there. This is his self portrait which was on the front cover of the Order of Service. 
After the service we all moved on to the Burton Albion Football Club for refreshments. This is a blast from the past. Ben Robinson, the chairman of the club used to go to the same school as me, he was a couple of years above me. Fifty two years have passed since I left school, and I am walking down the corridor at the football club and who should I see but Ben. We recognized each other straight away, how lucky that he was there today, and he remembered my name. He was very popular at school, all the girls liked him including me. I fell for his lovely smile, and look, he still has it. You wouldn't believe he is approaching his 71st birthday would you. He is as handsome now as he was then. I was so excited to see him today
It was a sad day to say goodbye to Uncle Stan, but it was nice to meet with relatives and share our  memories. And what a bonus to meet Ben.

Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip