Friday 14 June 2024

St Bees and Whitehaven

Time to move on from Muncaster Castle. I drove further north on the A595 to St Bees. This is the starting point for the Coast to Coast long distance path. The idea is to dip your boots into the sea, pick up a pebble, and walk to Robin Hoods Bay on the east coast. There you dip your boots in the sea again, and leave the pebble there. It's almost 200 miles. I haven't done that particular walk, but have made up my own shorter version of the Coast to Coast. 162 miles from Morecambe to the Humber Bridge. 
Driving into St Bees was a bit of a nightmare, maybe I picked the wrong route, I don't know. The narrow streets were chocablock with vehicles trying to pass each other. I found the car park for the beach, paid for two hours, and dumped the car there while I went for a walk. It was a tad misty so no spectacular views. 

It was windy so only the odd dog walker venturing out onto the beach. 

Back to the car and I watched a family flying kites for the first time. After endless chucking them into the air, the kites not the kids, they eventually got the hang of it. The dog was content with running after the tennis ball. Two hours was enough. I didn't find the starting point for the Coast to Coast. 
I arrived at Whitehaven, the next place on my list to visit. The same parking problems. Everywhere has cameras, pay to park with a card or phone, or cash. I didn't have enough cash so I found one space on the side of the road, outside a pub, with no restrictions. I wasn't intending to stay long, so I took a chance and went a walk to look at the boats. 
Mock houses painted onto a concrete wall. Good idea I thought. 
I didn't go inside the Museum. 

This monument deserves two pics. 

Oooooh look. A large metal sign indicating that the Coast to Coast starts here. Confused, this is Whitehaven. I've had a look. Apparently there are several variations of the route, and one does go north from St Bees to Whitehaven. 

OMG, the water here is sludgy brown. I wonder why that is. 
This building is close to the marina. Sadly it looks neglected. 
I am sure that there are lots of interesting features in Whitehaven, but I was concerned that I might get a parking ticket, so I left after about an hour. There was a Tesco close by, a good place to use the toilet facilities and pick up a few supplies. A security guard was at the door. Sorry, the shop is closed. There has been a problem with the electricity supply and all the fridges and freezers were not working. Oh well. Carry on to the next stop. I need to find a parkup. 
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Thursday 13 June 2024

The hawks at Muncaster Castle.

Not far from Ravenglass is Muncaster Castle. This has been the home of the Pennington Family for over 800 years. I was given a site plan upon entry, and noticed that the World of Owls was due to give a display at 11.30am in the Hawk and Owl Centre. Lucky me, it was starting in five minutes. 
It's a small amphitheatre set on a slope, behind the pens. Dotted around are tree stumps of various heights. We were warned to duck because they fly pretty low. The young lady who did the presentation was extremely good at her job. She gave us a lot of information about the birds. Her four helpers assisted by encouraging them to fly from post to post. 

Trying to photograph them in flight was a bit hit and miss. Their wings wafted the top of my head. The school kids thought it was hilarious. 

Here comes another one. 

I had a quick look inside the castle but didn't take any photo's, and filming wasn't allowed. I didn't take any of the outside either. It was such a lovely day I decided to take a walk around the extensive gardens. From the castle I took the path along the terrace, to the Worlds End Summerhouse. 
This is Mary Braggs Summerhouse. 

The Worlds End Summerhouse.

Perfect place to sit and admire the views. 

A look at the church to finish off the visit. 

So where to next. After a bite to eat back at the car, it was time to move on. Up the coast road heading for St Bees. More pics to come, 
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 If you are bored with my holiday snaps, take a   look at this. The parrot knows what's going on. If you can't laugh out loud, or giggle, or even raise a smile, there is something wrong with you. Beware filthy language. 

More pics coming soon.  ilona

Ravenglass Railway Station

After a wash and brush up at the public toilets I had a look at the Ravenglass Railway Station. It was early and staff were arriving to open up and get the place ready for the customers. 
The cafe before the crowds arrive. 

It's a seven mile track each way which takes about one hour 20 minutes there and back. I didn't have time to do that because there were other places I wanted to visit. Here is a video of the station.. 

There are signs for Roman Bath House, worth a look I thought, now I am here. A twenty minute walk from the station takes you there. This is all that's left. 

Some additional information on the board. 
One last look at the coastline at Ravenglass before I move on. There are many footpaths to choose from. 

What shall I do for the rest of the day. Let's go further north. Come back for more pics. 
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Wednesday 12 June 2024

An unusual parkup.

The A595 is a long and twisty road north of Barrow. No chance of rushing it, a few vehicles behind me because I was taking care through the narrow parts. The aim was to find somewhere to park up, and Ravenglass looks like it might have some possibilities. 
It's a small village, with a railway, steam trains, Roman Bath House, and a Castle. It would be a good place to start a day out. I looked for a suitable place to park. The big car park for the railway was empty at that time. I read the sign, it said £6 for a day. I took that to mean 24 hours, so I got a ticket. Then I checked the ticket and it said it was valid until 23.59 hours. That's no good. Another car park and the  sign said no sleeping in vehicles allowed. Can't see why not. I suppose it's to deter campervans. There was a quiet street but the sign said residents only. 
As I was walking around a man came out of a house. I told him of my problem. He very kindly said I could park in front of his house, just down the road. I went to have a look and he followed in his van. I was amazed with what I found. 
You can just see his blue van, he parked it next door, as there was no one staying in the holiday let. Dave Shackleton is a hero. He spends his time picking up all kinds of litter and rubbish from the beaches in the area. He sorts it all out and puts it on display at the front of his house. To see it all like this is shocking. Everything you see here has been found abandoned on the beach, swept up from the sea. Even the boat. 
There was just enough room for my car.   
Dave got up early and went off in his van at 7am. I drove to the car park soon after to make a coffee and use the toilets. 

Guess how many disposable lighters are in this box? I don't know, but I like the way he has stood them all on end to make an artistic display. This wouldn't look out of place in an art gallery. 

Thanks Dave, for letting me park on your front. I would never have known about your dedication to clean up the beaches if I hadn't spoken to you. 

I found this sign on the waters edge, which brings attention to the blight of rubbish on the beaches. 

Here are photo's of a beach clean up a few years ago. The moral of this story is, please take your litter home with you. 
Here is a web site with information of  what to see in and around Ravenglass. 
So, after a coffee and a wash and brush up, I was ready for the day. More adventures coming up tomorrow.
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