Monday, 16 May 2022

A look at Leyburn.

The landscape is very beautiful. Driving around the Yorkshire Dales is a pleasure. I take my time, no need to rush. It was a windy and misty day, so the horizon faded away into the distance. 

Leyburn is a place I used to drive through when on my way to a quarry, to deliver 26 ton of cement. I always wanted to stay there, but of course I couldn't I had a job to do and had to get back for the next load. A lot of places in the UK have memories for me, all associated with lorry driving. Now it's nice to visit in a car when I can come and go as I like. No one telling me to hurry up, they are waiting for the load, or asking what time will I be back. 
I found a parking place opposite the Livestock Market. A piece of waste ground, put a few coins in the honesty box. Then I walked into the town. A look at the Railway Station. It's very quiet, no one about. 

I didn't take a photo of the outside of the church. Here are a couple that I took inside. Here is some information about the church

There was a Travelling Fair which took up most of the town centre square. I've had several jobs where I drove an ERF, including one just like this. My favourite truck at the time. 

This is a fairly modern truck for a Fairground to have. Next to it, another ERF. 
And the good old Foden. With a lot of love and attention, these can go on forever. 
The smell of chips came wafting by and I couldn't resist buying a portion. I took them back to my car. Loverly. 
Time to move on. Where to next. I want to see a waterfall. 
Catch you soon with some waterfall pictures. Toodle pip.   ilona


 There is a saying, look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves. A common sense way to manage finances which has served me well throughout my life. Save a few pennies here and there and you can't go wrong. Prioritise spending and the pennies turn into a lot of pounds over the course of a year. 

I was talking to a friend yesterday . She has recently been to the Audiology department of the local hospital to get a new hearing aid. The old one gave up the ghost a long time ago and she is just getting round to replacing it. 

It seems the system they follow now regarding replacing batteries is a lot different from when I had my first hearing aid in 1999. They gave me a little booklet to fill out, to keep a record of when I collected a new pack of six small batteries. The booklet is looking  a bit battered now, but I have followed their instructions to the letter. At first they only gave me one pack, but a few years ago they increased that to two packs so I wouldn't have to go so often. I get them from the nearby surgery so it is no hardship to walk across the road to pick them up. 

I was recently been thinking about not wearing my hearing aid around the house when I didn't need to. That would save a few pennies by making my two packs last a bit longer. 

However, the conversation with my friend yesterday shocked me a little bit. They gave her a new hearing aid, with instructions that she had to wear it every day, all day. She has to change the battery every seven days. That seems a bit crazy to me, not to let the batteries run down to completely empty before discarding them. 

My friend asked for some extra batteries, knowing that she was going to need them over the next few months. The receptionist said, just help yourself, take as many as you want, they are on that table over there. There were several baskets piled high with battery packs. My friend took a handful. She told me I could just walk in and take as many as I wanted and no one would question me. I won't though because that would meant a trip to the hospital in town, and I would rather not go there. I will continue to get my two packs from the surgery here in the village, and present my little booklet to keep the record straight. 

I thought the NHS was strapped for cash. When you think of the millions of £'s they must be spending on batteries, and giving them away, it is mind boggling. Mind you, didn't they spend mega millions on PPE, with a lot of it now being surplus to requirements. There doesn't seem to be any attempts by them to budget their finances. What are they paying their managers for? Spend and be damned is their policy. 

Their mismanagement is costing thousands of lives. The people who can't get to see a doctor, can't get tests done, can't get a diagnosis, and can't get treatment. But you can  get as many free batteries as you want for your hearing aid. 

I will be back later with some pics of Leyburn. Toodle pip.   ilona 

Sunday, 15 May 2022

Bimbling around Bedale

I went off on Friday morning, up the A1, to Bedale in North Yorkshiore. I've visited here a couple of times before, I like the place. Parking is easy. The main shopping street through it is very wide with parking on both sides. Go into a shop and ask for a disc. It's a cardboard disc inside a pocket. You move the disc so that your time of arrival shows at the top. You then have two hours. Free, no charge. It is left to people being honest. Keep the disc and use it when you come next time. 
The main road is very busy, I used to drive through it many times on my way to Leyburn. I delivered 26 ton of cement to a concrete making plant based in a quarry.  
This is the Church of St Gregory.  
It's got a huge graveyard at the back, I had a wander through it. This grave really stands out as the biggest one there. The little truck caught my eye. It is a recent burial. Two men were cutting the grass and I asked them about it. The man was a traveller and the travelling community don't do things by halves. Their weddings and funerals are big events. 
Bedale Railway Station is on the Wensleydale Heritage railway line. For more information have a look at this web site. 

A video to show you around the church. 
After a good two hour mooch around Bedale, I moved on to Leyburn. More pics and videos to come of my mini tour of the Yorkshire Dales. 
Thanks for popping in. see you soon. Toodle pip.   ilona

Saturday, 14 May 2022

Two days in Yorkshire

 A late look in for tonight. I'm back from my mini tour of the Yorkshire Dales. Bedale, Leyburn, Aysgarth, Hawes, and Hardraw. Will post some pics over the next few days. Fabulous waterfalls, and amazing scenery. I love it there. 

Catch ya later. Toodle pip.   ilona

Thursday, 12 May 2022

Coffee Chat. Business meeting.

I put this out on yooohoootooob yesterday. It's had quite a lot of views and comments. 
Might as well put it here to fill a space. 
Catch ya later. Toodle pip.   ilona