Wednesday, 15 July 2020

So much love in this house

A man who loves animals is the best kind, says me. Big guy was in a bad place, his world fell apart, he was on a downhill spiral, then something happened. He discovered he had an affinity with little dogs. Now he has rescued numerous chihuahua's and he is in doggy heaven. He knows them all by name, he is patient with the damaged dogs, he puts them right, they get any treatment they need, he is their daddy. Some will be rehomed, but he is very choosy about picking the right people to adopt them. Look what happens when he returns to the house after a day or two away. 

There are lots more videos about the dogs, how they came to be with him, and how he has nursed them back to full health. I love a happy ending to a doggy story.  
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Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Here's another one.

Hello. I made a little video today. Would you like to see it. Here it is. 

That's all. Toodle pip.  ilona

Carols quilt

We have some talented ladies in our Crafty Club. Carol does some exquisite embroidery and is very fond of stitching small squares together. She started this before lockdown, now it's finished, and it decorates her bed. So if anyone is looking for some embroidery inspiration take a look at Carol's work. She used to teach arts and crafts so she knows a lot about the subject. 
All it takes is an hour a day to make a few stitches on a small piece of cotton, and added together they make a fabulous quilt. If you didn't want to take on such a big project these squares would make a very pretty cushion cover. 

She uses beads and sequins and ribbon and wool to create small masterpieces.

There are some fantastic ideas here for small embroidery. Thanks Carol for bringing it in to show. 
Tuesday morning and I have a lot to do today. Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip. 

Monday, 13 July 2020

New camera arm...prototype 2

I have been searching high and low for a small hinge so I can cut the coat hanger into two pieces and make it foldable. But no luck, I can't find one small enough. I've got bigger hinges but nothing the width of a coat hanger. 

Then I found a long screw that isn't really a screw because it has a flat end. Must be a part made specifically to assemble a piece of furniture. Anyhow I tried this in the bottom of the camera and low and behold it was a perfect fit, the thread must be an exact match. This is better than the other screw which only went in a little way, and wasn't really safe. 
My idea was to drill the hole in the coat hanger a bit bigger so that this new screw could secure the two things together. But then I still had the long coat hanger arm to contend with. 
Another search through my junk box and I found a chrome handle. I remember buying two of these years ago when I made a cart to push around and sell my wares in the town centre. I was going to become a pedlar selling hand made soap. I built a smashing cart, but it didn't happen, I changed my mind. 
Using one of these handles might work. By jove I think this might be better. The long screw is fixed tight into the handle so it won't swivel. 

I know the camera isn't as far away from me but maybe it's better because I won't have to talk so loudly for the microphone to pick up my voice and my arm won't ache so much. I can have a firm grip on the handle so that might help to keep it steady. 
It's brain numbing this inventing lark, but it's fun.
I have two tents, and I only need one, so yesterday I set them both up on the lawn to compare and decide which one I want to keep. The bigger one is about 35 years old, a ridge tent which is a bugger for one person to put up. I used it a few times. The smaller one is newer, I bought it at a car boot sale a few years ago for £10, it is much easier for one person to put up. I will keep this one. So I put the bigger one on our facebook page, for sale. someone is picking it up later. This is part of my de cluttering strategy, not keeping hold of something I no longer need or use. 
Cheerio for now. Toodle pip.   ilona

Sunday, 12 July 2020

Invent and make, or buy........

Yesterday I was rooting around in my boxes of bits and bobs, tools, screws, and metal bits, things that might come in handy for something. I need a longer arm when I am walking around making a video, because holding the camera in my hand does not keep it steady. It's hard to concentrate on the camera when I need to look at my feet. So what's the solution, a longer arm.
I suppose I could buy something that is made for the job, but you know me, I try and make things with what I have already got. After about an hour or so, fiddling around with screws, trying to find one which fits the tripod hole at the bottom of the camera. I eventually found one, now what? What can I use for an arm, and how can I fix it to the screw which fits the camera. 
Throughout this process I thought what the heck am I doing, it is now two hours since I have been messing around with this. Should I give up and take the easy way out and just buy the extension that I need. I stuck with it, hands now filthy with all the searching through mucky junk. Frustrations building up, I know what I need but I can't find one. Let's try this, or, maybe that will fit. 
Eventually I cracked it. A wooden coat hanger, a hole drilled into the end of it, a piece of metal from a door bolt, a piece of rubber, and two screws. 

Not perfect because I can only point the camera forward. Carrying a coat hanger with me is not very convenient, the extensions made for the job are telescopic and collapsible. Well I'll give it a try and see if it makes any difference to my shaky videos.
Throughout this I wondered at what stage do I give up. Is it worth the effort. Why not look through a catalogue and buy one? But where is the fun in that. If we gave up on every problem we have and threw money at it to resolve it, then that creates a need to earn more money. By choosing what we spend our money on means we can create opportunities to be inventive, with the added bonus that it exercises our brains. By giving in and buying and not trying to solve our own problems, we become robots. 
I know this is in contradiction to my recent post about spending money at Go Outdoors, but I cannot make a decent waterproof jacket and trousers, and I definitely can't make a pair of boots which will last three years or more. So, the message is, invent and make when you can, buy second hand if you can, but buy new only when you can afford it. 
Time for breakfast on this sunny Sunday morning. Toodle pip.  ilona