Saturday, 18 August 2018

Fake blog post

This is not a real blog post, it's a fake, there is nothing here to read. It  is an empty bottle, an empty box, an empty tin, and an empty bag. There is nothing in it. It is a waste of space, a load of crap, do not bother to read it, do not waste your time here. Move right along.

Now let's see how many rubbish Anonymous comments land here. I wonder how many come in on a daily basis. Just curious as I am constantly deleting them. ilona xxx

Friday, 17 August 2018

Alternative Big Brother

It's that time again..........

See the connection? Dress these monkeys up and you wouldn't know the difference  ;o))

Skip BB and go here instead. A fantastic day out.

Going to collect my new hearing aid. Toodle pip. ilona

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Pure genius

I have a plan. If someone looks interested in one of my pictures, and can't quite make up their mind whether to buy it or not, I will try a spot of bribery. If after much discussion, shall I shan't I, dithering about, well I don't know, perhaps maybe, they are going to need a push in the right direction.
This is when I play my ace card. I tell them I have a special offer on today, for one day only. If we can close the deal now then I can give you first choice of one of these exclusive bespoke hand made shopping bags, completely free of charge, with my compliments. I think this would swing it, they are not going to be able to say no.   
Eight shopping bags made, and six more cut out and ready to sew up.

Pretty good idea eh! Go on, say it, pure genius.  Bye for now. ilona

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Breakfast mini rant

Watching the hard working bin men outside in the street this morning while eating my breakfast,  prompted this video. Trying not to rant.

It's nice not to have to go to work. ilona

Monday, 13 August 2018

I'm a bit chuffed. Vid added.

It's the little things which makes me smile. I had a nice surprise this morning. The lovely Lauren who checked my shopping through the till on Thursday night left a lovely comment for me on the yellow sticker post. We chatted as she zapped everything through the scanner at a nice leisurely pace. Unlike another supermarket where the assistants barely have time to speak to you as they push things forward and you hurriedly move them into your trolley, and fumble with your purse to try and pay at the same time.

I like to be treated as a human being when I go shopping. I have never found a rude or grumpy staff member at Tesco Extra Scunthorpe.. They are all pleasant, have good manners, and are helpful. The checkout staff are super friendly and are always smiling.

Mind you, they can keep their self serve tills, their hand held scan as you go zappers, no I am not a robot, I will not do their job for them. I want a human to serve me, someone who appreciates that if their shop had no customers they would not have a job at all. So treat me with respect and I shall keep going.

Now off to Crafty Club. Cheerio

PS. A video added.