Sunday, 21 April 2019

A big breakfast.

I shall be eating mushrooms for breakfast, lunch, and dinner today. Must use them all up. Good job I like them. Breakfast this morning was one large flat stuffed mushroom, cut up and put in a pan with three of the smaller mushrooms. Splash of oil. A spoon of that green stuff , some of the pasta and tomato salad, and a slosh of pineapple juice. All cooked up and served on four small pieces of the baton bread. Looks horrible but tastes lovely.
I have two boxes in my kitchen cupboard where I store all my re usable plastic bags. All kinds in there, most sizes. Very useful to be able to rummage and find one which suits the purpose of what I want to wrap.

It's Easter Sunday, sunny again, so I will be outside. Enjoy your holidays. Toodle pip.  ilona

Saturday, 20 April 2019

Are you perfect?

Well are you? So perfect that you know the answers to everything. So perfect that everything you do and everything you say is just perfect. So perfect that you feel you have the authority to lecture and criticize other people on how they should be running their life.

If you are that perfect person, go and write about your perfect life on your own perfect blog, because you 'aint coming on here to pull my not so perfect life to pieces. In fact why are you bothering to even read my blog if what I do doesn't fit in with your view of what a perfect life should be.

Friday, 19 April 2019

The Queen speaks.

No time to write some words, talk to the camera and let yooootoooob do the rest. Beautiful day to be outside.


Thursday, 18 April 2019

A lovely afternoon

This afternoon I went to a felting workshop at Brigg, hosted by Sue Hawkmoon, a felt artist from Hawkmoon Crafts. My friend Lynn came with me, we booked this a couple of months ago and was looking forward to it. Joyce would have said you must go because you can't let friends down. She was like that, she never let her friends down. 
It was held in Sue's house, there were five of us, from complete beginners to those who had done some wet felting before. The table looked very colourful after we had laid our wool out in the design of our choice.  

This is my design before we started sloshing the water about.

Sue did this one.

After a coffee break outside on her new decking area we went back inside to begin the felting process, which involves hot soapy water and a lot of pummeling and kneading the wool. It's a bit like bashing bread dough about.

Five finished pieces, all different, mine is top left. It could be better, it will be better when I have added some hand embroidery and beads to it.

This is Sue's Facebook page. She has a stand which she takes out to various shows and events, and she also sells kits to make needle felted items at home.

It was a lovely afternoon with great company.   ilona

Goodbye Joyce

This is the day we say goodbye to Joyce. I have been to the church this morning, and met the family there. The service is later which I will not be attending due to previous arrangements elsewhere.

The family were kind enough to give me Joyce's poodle ornament, which stood on the hearth in her lounge. It's only right that it should sit proudly with the flowers at the church. Joyce owned seven poodles during her 92 years, her favourite breed. I will call this one Bailey poodle, the real one is happily in his new home with the family in Nottinghamshire. After the service this Bailey will sit on my hearth in my lounge.

Some of Joyce's silk flowers were also given to me, I have made the arrangement in the red vase.

Joyce was a very much loved member of the community here. Every time I walked Bailey people always asked how she was, because she was not seen very much out and about.

We had many conversations over a coffee in her kitchen, what struck me was that she was always thinking about other people. Everyone she knew got a Christmas card and Birthday card. She could recall family events from years ago, it was obvious that she was immensely proud of them.

Rest in Peace dear Joyce.