Friday, 15 February 2019

Stepping back from MSE Forum

For over ten years I have been commenting on the Money Saving Expert forum, sharing what money saving knowledge I have in the hope that it might be helpful to those who are not so savvy. It's a very big forum with lots of subjects, and very busy. A bit of everything for everyone to join in with.

I visit the forum almost every day, and it has taught me a lot about life in general, about money, housing, holidays, relationships, health, debt busting, and there are places to go for a bit of chat.

I am logged in permanently on my two computers, so I never have to remember passwords, except once a year when I get a page asking me to log in just the once. I usually manage this after searching my notebooks for the magic code. This time however, it happened a few days ago, no matter what combination I entered in the boxes, it would not let me in.

I clicked on 'Forgotten password?' to get it sent by email. It arrived, I tried that, with the three email addresses, still no joy. So now I am losing the will to live. Do I really want to spend hours reading about other people's woes, participating in idle chatter, and shaking my head in amazement when someone admits to being totally out of control with their finances.

I have tried to put people on the straight and narrow, taking control of their money instead of letting their money control them, and advising of the next steps to take. It's like pissing in the sea.

Credit is the way everyone is going, but I am of the old school, saving up until I can afford something. I am out of touch with reality, so I have been told. It's all electronic now, and I still pay cash for a lot of things.

I have come to the conclusion that I need to step away from the forum for a while. The sun is shining and I should be outside. I won't bother to reset my log in details and password until the end of the summer. They can manage without me, I have my own life to live.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

A Valentine for all my readers.

I have just finished this small picture. it's 8 inches square. Some of you might remember that I made the heart a while ago out of melted plastic. I stitched it onto a piece of orange fabric which I got at the Scrapstore. 
A friend gave me a plastic child's toy, like a construction kit. I cut the pieces into small crumbs, put them between two sheets of baking paper and ironed them till they fused together. Then cut out the heart shape.

I have some bits left over which will get used on another project.

I used matching cotton to stitch the heart onto the fabric. I pulled it tight over the canvas, bought for 50p from Poundland, pinning it down at the back, then laced it tight with some cord, tucking the corners in and securing with orange cotton.

I gave the heart two coats of clear nail varnish, and around the edge I couched on two rows of black wool to give it a more defined outline.

On the back I hid all the mess with a piece of orange felt and neatly stitched it on, then added the two rings.

I was going to use the heart as the centre piece for a bigger artwork, but decided that it would look nice by itself. It looks proper cute, I love it.

Re using plastic when it was no longer wanted.   ilona

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Estas Tonne, musical genius will blow you away

Friends visited today and I showed them the boogie woogie videos that I like on yooootoooob. Then Bob took the mouse and said take a look at this guitarist, watch how fast his fingers move.

Wow, this man is the cream of guitar playing. So much passion, he goes into a trance as the music ripples through his body and out through his fingers. Best sound is through your headphones. Watch how he becomes his guitar.

When you have listened to this, take a look at his other videos, they aren't all as fast and furious as this one. Some of them you can sit back and close your eyes, and the music will transfer you to another place. It's wonderful meditation music.

And for good measure, two for the price of one, I've just found this one.

Who needs a tele when you have entertainment like this.

Monday, 11 February 2019

It's the little things......

..........that make me happy. My friend has a long handled brush and pan, she was using it last time I was there. That's handy, I thought, no bending to clear up a few crumbs in the kitchen, I must get one of those. I looked in Poundstretcher last week, they were £2.99. Too much I thought, I'll look elsewhere, must be able to get one cheaper than that. 
What did we find in the garage when we were clearing it yesterday, a long handled brush and pan. I was chuffed to little mintballs. Just goes to show, if you wait for something, it will turn up. 
While checking a laptop case today I found a pair of headphones, brand new, not been used. Oooh, I wonder if they will work in my little netbook. The volume is terrible, I have tried all kinds of headphones, nothing has worked.

I plugged them in and went onto yoootoooob, MAGIC, they work, now the sound goes straight into my ears.

Two small items that I needed, lucky me. Tomorrow I will go to town and take some things to two charity shops. The garden tools will be put out on the front with a notice, 'free to take'. My friend had a chair tonight, it matches one she already has, and she wanted a small hammer. There is a step ladder which is taller than the one I have, I'll keep that as it will make hedge cutting easier. I gave a bundle of artist brushes to a friend, she is taking up painting. I have a small easel for her and some paper which I will drop off tomorrow. I have plans for the rest of the rescued stuff.   ilona

Sunday, 10 February 2019

Trying to save the planet

I've had a very busy weekend. Auntie has sold her house and it had to be emptied, a skip was ordered and I have been there to rescue anything which can be passed on. I now have two car loads of stuff in my house which needs sorting out and taking to charity shops, and given to people who want it. There's all kinds of stuff, too much to list here. I will find a good home for everything.

On the way back today I timed it right that I got to Tesco at 3.15pm, so I was able to get some yellow stickers. Whoooopeeee, lots of sprouts.

Salad leaves.

Posh roasted potato salad.

A large loaf, I will divide it up and put it in the freezer.