Friday, 27 May 2022

Funny money

So, Rishi has been dishing out the dosh. What do you do in times of crisis, chuck a few more quid about. There's no doubt that some people are having a hard time, and juggling the books is predicted to become a lot harder. The vast majority of folks will have some difficult decisions to make. 
Isn't it strange that living beyond your means can encourage you to spend more, not less. Where is Rishi getting all this money from? Is it easier to to balance the books when you have billions if not trillions at your disposal? How does he do it?
Pages of figures on a spread sheet mean nothing to me, so how does he unravel it all? I suppose he has had plenty of practice as he is so rich himself. 
I am very sceptical that this whole charade will explode into anarchy eventually. People are struggling to make ends meet. They need more income to cover their expenses. There are very few jobs about for those with no qualifications. The Government are expected to cover their shortcomings.
I can't see that living on handouts for a long time can lead to an enriched life. There is no incentive to explore alternative sources of income when the money magically drops into the bank account every month. If my pension stopped tomorrow I could play around with several ideas to bring in a bit of cash to keep me going. 
Furlough was a bonus to many people. It was like a training ground for the future. Get paid to do nothing. It went on for weeks, people got used to it. 
I'm not saying that benefits should be stopped, there are people who need that helping hand. But I find it suspicious that the Government are happy to dish out dosh that they haven't got. Which ultimately squashes peoples desire to better themselves. 
Stamping out someone's entrepreneurial spirit by getting them to rely on the state, can only mean one thing. A whole generation of people expecting everything handed to them on a plate. 
Imagine a scenario where total reliance on the Governments handouts means that you have to ask permission to spend your money on what you want to spend it on. Go cap in hand for an increase in your allowance. That isn't a life at all, and the Government know it.  
The sun is shining and I am of out. Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon. Toodle pip.   ilona 

Thursday, 26 May 2022

A visit to Bransby Horses

I had a cooked breakfast before I left home yesterday, thinking that would be enough to keep me going until I got back. Visiting the Burial Ground was a last minute decision, so after spending time chatting, I was ready to eat again when we got to Bransby Horses. First stop was the cafeteria.
I didn't want a full meal so chose from the children's menu, veggie sausage, chips, and beans. Angela had the same. I was surprised to see the size of it and was not expecting two sausages. I tried my best, and had to leave a bit of it on the side of my plate. I did think about a doggy bag, but it wasn't worth the bother. 
The Visitors Reception area is a modern building. It has a shop and clean toilets. The ladies serving in the cafeteria were friendly and smiley. They had a good selection of food to either eat in or take away.  
We picked up a map and went for a walk around the grounds. It was a tad windy but luckily didn't rain. The paths are suitable for wheelchairs and buggies. It was feeding time for the horses and donkeys.  

How beautiful is this one. It looks super clean. 

Off to see the donkeys. The tractor came along with teatime hay. 

Gather round, eyes down, tuck in. 

We had a chat with this young man. Very well spoken and answered our questions, it's obvious he loves his job. He knew most of the donkeys by name. 
Aaah sweet. Kissy kissy through the fence. 

The last picture of the day. Bottoms up. 
Visitors can go Wednesday to Sunday, 10am to 4pm. Free parking and free entry. Dogs on leads welcome. Picnics welcome. This is the web site if you wish to visit. There is a list of events in the bi annual magazine. Sign up for a free copy. 
My dinner is ready, Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon. Toodle pip.   ilona

Claim for damages

 A page on the Government web site gives information on how to make a claim if you have been damaged by a vaccine, any vaccine, including the latest one. 

If you’re severely disabled as a result of a vaccination against certain diseases, you could get a one-off tax-free payment of £120,000. This is called a Vaccine Damage Payment.

You can also apply for this payment on behalf of someone who has died after becoming severely disabled because of certain vaccinations. You need to be managing their estate to apply.

Please pass this information on to anyone who you think might benefit from it. It appears to be quite a lengthy process and could be daunting for anyone to undertake this journey. All claims will come under close scrutiny and success isn't guaranteed, but it's a start. The person who feels that this is the appropriate path for them to take will need help and support from family and friends.

I'll be back later with the horsey pics.   ilona

Wednesday, 25 May 2022

Perfect ending

I've had a nice day out today with my friend Angela. The plan was to go to Bransby Horses near Lincoln. I support this charity by sending a cheque twice a year, this time I thought it would be nice to hand it to them in person, and have a look around at the same time. We set off at 11am. 
On the way there Angela, who knows the area well, said there is a Green Burial Park at Laughton. I said let's have a look at that. I have never seen one before. They are usually in out of the way places and aren't noticeable unless you are looking for one. 
We went down a long rough track lane and pulled into the parking area. A man was just about to leave, he had been to visit his family plot. We struck up a conversation with him and he was happy to talk us through how it all works.   

We had a stroll around the grounds. It's a 45 acre site. We picked up leaflets from the box at the gate. The area is surrounded by trees, and pathways have been mowed into the grass to make it easier to walk around. We both agreed that this would be a lovely place to be laid to rest. 
A man came walking towards us, he was dressed in a smart suit and was carrying a document folder. He was looking for some people who he had arranged to meet there, and thought that we were them. It turned out that he is a funeral director and owns the land. Of course we had loads of questions to ask him. How lucky it was that he turned up at that moment in time. What a nice man. 
The people he had arranged to meet turned up, so he walked across to greet them. 
Take a look at these wonderful living willow benches. 

There is a fishing lake. We saw something fluttering on the surface in the middle of it so I zoomed in to have a look. From a distance it looked like ducks flapping their wings, it was very windy. 
No, it is lily pads. There are more close to the waters edge. 
Someone is checking her phone while I have a wander into the next field. 
We both agreed how nice it was there. It has given us both something to think about. Not that we are ready to go just yet, but somehow this environment feels just right for me. To be placed into the ground wrapped in a shroud, slipping quietly away from this world, would be the perfect ending. 

Here is the link to the Respect Green Burial Park web site. 

I've got some horsey pictures. I'll post them tomorrow. Thanks for popping in. 

Toodle pip.   ilona

Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Monkeeee Business

There is a poll doing the rounds. Are you worried about Monkey Pox? 9% answered yes, 91% answered no. There are 718 comments, let's see what other things people are worried about. 

Time to whip out the cling film and cover my body from head to toe in it.

They could shut the pubs at 8 o clock again, that might help?

More worried about the cat waking me up at 6am again.

I don't plan on having sex with a monkey in Belgium, but who knows.

Yes, I don't mind throwing my feces at people, but i don't want to be climbing trees all day!

I've always wanted to peel a banana with my feet.

I'm worried about the baggage retrieval system they have at Heathrow.

My son was worried, I told him to shut up and comb his face.

Actually, I am worried if I get it, as I’m not fond of bananas…

I'm more worried about following through after a fart.

I'm more worried about which pair of socks I'm wearing tomorrow!

I've not visited a Zoo for years. I'm ok.

It's bin day tomorrow, must get mine on the front ready for emptying. 
Have a good day. Toodle pip.   ilona