Monday, 8 August 2022

The future is here

Here's a badge you might not be familiar with. 
My friends son is over here from Germany, and this is the car they came in. Smart eh! Three adults, two dogs plus luggage. They drove through Germany, under the tunnel and into the UK. They visited family up north, and are possibly on their way home now. 
Smart looking wheels with Michelin tyres. 

Extra luggage space at the front. 

Charles and Camilla in the back. 

Here's where you fill it up with juice. 

Two pedals, stop and go. 

No gear leaver, no dashboard dials and switches. 

All computer controlled on this screen. Any language you want. This sets the inside temperature to whatever is appropriate for maximum comfort. At the moment it is in Dog mode. The air conditioning remains on when it is parked. 
All checks can be made on the screen. It is linked to a hand held smartphone, so all adjustments can be made on the phone, outside the car. There are cameras all around the car, front and back, and sides. Someone ran into the back of it so it is all recorded on camera. 

Fancy a bit of entertainment. Choose one of these. 

Let's have a look at my yootoob channel. 

It will be on it's way back to Germany now. This belongs to Emily, a 19 year old who has driven it to Spain and back. She took me for a drive around the village. I must say she is a very confident young lady. The ride felt a little bit bumpy. She said it is because it doesn't have any springs. Although this is automatic, she passed her test in a normal car with a manual gearbox. 
2030 is the proposed date when all petrol and diesel cars will be replaced by electric vehicles. The changeover, along with other measures, is supposed to bring the emissions levels down to zero. I can't see this happening.

Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona

You're Out of Time

Starting the week with a full on blast of amazingness. How about following Mick Jagger's fitness routine to ensure you can keep on going until you knock at the 80's door yelling let me in. Mick has one year to go. As a 79 year old he works out regularly to make sure he is fit enough for his amazing dance routines and stage presence.   
I love his energy, his facial expressions, and his passion for life. There's no wobbly bits on this man's torso to hold him back. No one can say he didn't live his life to the full. Keep going Mick. 
This 73 year old rock chick is now going to get her breakfast. 
Catch ya later. ilona 

Sunday, 7 August 2022

Easy day

I've had a fairly easy day today. This morning I thought I would make an effort and go to the Stand in the Park group meeting held at Central Park every Sunday morning. Look for the yellow flag. It's a friendly group, we chat about the latest events, and it's nice to know we are all on the same page. I had a smashing conversation with a chap I haven't seen before. He was very interested in art and photography so that was a good starting point to kick off the conversation. SITP is a world wide organisation. There is a list of parks in the UK where the meetings take place. 

I picked up my free copy of The Light newspaper. 

I pass Aldi to get to the park so it made sense to call in there and get my shopping. £50 spent, all stocked up now. Next stop the Jet garage and fill the car up, ready for the next trip. Another £50 spent. 
Lunch today was cold steamed vegetables with mayo. I made double portions last night. There was some left for dinner tonight as well. 
I have started a new picture, it is smaller than the last one. I got the design out of a book. Lots of colour and embroidery. I like to have something on the table which I can pick up any time I have an hour to spare. 
Tonight I have done some hedge trimming. Must keep on top of it
It is still sunny at 6.30pm, so I will go for a local village walk. 
Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona

Saturday, 6 August 2022

Ten years ago

 It was ten years ago when I went to London, to Canary Wharf, to see my yacht. It was here for the Olympic Games. I found the yacht on the internet, it belongs to an Australian businessman. 

I sat on a bench watching the comings and goings of various people. Security was at the entrance monitoring people who went aboard. I asked if I could go inside and have a look around. It was to be expected that the answer was no. The crew member was very nice about it and chatted for a while. 
He came out to me ten minutes later, I was eating my sandwiches. He handed me a teeshirt and some other souvenirs, writing paper and note pad. I was over the moon with this kind gesture. So excited. In ten years I have worn this twice, not wanting to get it dirty or spoilt. I will treasure this forever. Picture on the back, pocket on the front. 

I have just checked where my yacht is now, on Marine Traffic. It is in port at Vilanova in Spain, a few miles south of Barcelona. There is limited information on this site. To get more details you have to subscribe.
More pictures on the blog post of my visit ten years ago. 
Time flies. The end is looming, best get on with some living then. Thanks for popping in. Enjoy your weekend. Toodle pip.   ilona

Friday, 5 August 2022

Going for a walk

 If you want to watch a new video, Uninformed Consent,  it is here. 

I now need to go for a walk.   ilona