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Sunday, 17 June 2018

Making the job easy

Hello. Late lunch again, just having a coffee. I don't like bending down, leaning sideways, and stretching up when I'm painting. I like to do it at eye level while I am standing. This little coffee table comes in useful, given to me by my next door neighbour. Sometimes I sit on it if I am painting something which can't be moved, or I use it to elevate something so I don't have to stoop. I put the chair on it to paint the seat and the back, then moved it onto the bigger table to do the legs. Chair out of a skip, it was white, now it's blue. 
While I had blue on the brush I did a couple of pots. The easy way is to put an old plate or a plant pot drip tray upside down on the wheelie bin, and walk round and round it as you paint. I like to use a long handled artists brush then you can keep your body straight and not lean forward.

They look lovely.

I gave myself a haircut yesterday, it was getting on my nerves, now neat and tidy again. A load of washing is on the line, time to get it in, and more jobs to do outside.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
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Friday, 15 June 2018

Jazz it up a bit

Hello. Oh no, not more toilet humour, this blog is going down the pan ;o)
What do you do with a lamp that no longer works. My neighbour threw this out ages ago, it's been in my garden for months. I knew it would be useful for something.

The three lamps can be turned in any direction. I know, turn them facing upwards, and fill them with bird seed and peanuts. Makes a good bird feeder.

Today I tackled the job I have been putting off, wasn't really in the mood. The cat shelter needs a door to cover the plant pots and other bits and bobs underneath the kitty apartment. I had a massive pallet and cut it down to size. It was a beast. A lot of sawing was done. I didn't put hinges on it, I put a bolt on each side to hold it in it's place, when I want to get in it, I just lift the door out.

That's better, a lick of paint to jazz it up a bit. Matches the summer house now.

That's another job ticked off. Things are coming together nicely now. No rain yet so I am watering up. The tall plants took a bit of a battering in the wind yesterday.

It's the weekend, enjoy. We'll catch up soon.
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Thursday, 14 June 2018

Change of lavvy habits.

Hello. I've been having a stock check on my toilet roll stash, not had a count up for a long time. I have no idea how much toilet rolls cost because I haven't bought any for years. I used to buy them at a cash and carry, at either Lincoln, Sheffield, or Leeds, when I was buying stock for my Mr Puss business, and that has been closed for at least 15 years. I accumulated quite a lot of them so haven't needed to buy any more. 
The count today is 72 in this picture, then I found another four, making 76 altogether. Oh dear, my stocks are going down. I've been looking through previous posts about my toilet roll collecting  habits. In August 2009 I bought 144 from Sheffield. In September 2011 I bought 120 rolls from Sheffield. In September 2012 the count was 154, then I found some hidden in a suitcase in the wardrobe which brought the total up to 194. In June 2015 I bought 72 from Leeds. 

You may remember I posted about how I cut down on my toilet paper usage, my mantra being.....2 for a pee - 3 for a poo. I have been keeping to that and a roll lasts quite a long time in this house. Back in 2011 I did a post about this, counting how many squares there were on one roll. In that same post I also said I was not ready for the wiping with a wet cloth method as I could afford to buy paper. Well here we are nearly seven years later and I have been giving it a try, and it's working quite well.

As you can see, my toilet is very close to the sink, I can reach the cold tap on the right while still sitting on the loo. It's easy, wet sponge, lift bum off seat, wipe drips, towel is on the side of the bath. It has become an automatic habit now, and the toilet paper stays on the roll. Of course it's still there in case I have to use it. My new mantra is 2 for a poo, none for a pee.

My 76 toilet rolls are going to last ages and ages, I may never have to buy any again.

It's very windy outside, dry but windy, I'm doing stuff inside.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Ten hearts and a barbecue table

Hello. More decoration for the garden, I think I have enough things on sticks now. This time I decided to do hearts instead of flowers. Plastic shapes cut out of boxes of washing machine tablets, cd cases, and chocolate boxes. Three sizes for each heart, plus a heart shaped button for the front. 
Sequins added, and glitter nail varnish with extra glitter. Eight of the stalks are 29 inches long, two short ones are 12 inches. They came from a large parasol which my friend gave me to take apart. A piece of florists wire is threaded through the hearts and twisted around the stalk at the back, and covered with hot glue to stop them moving about.

 Look what I found this afternoon. I was five minutes into my walk when I came across a barbecue on someone's front garden with a note on saying free to take. I thought, no, I don't want a barbecue and walked away. Then had second thoughts maybe I could use the table for something. It's very heavy solid wood. I rang the bell and said if no one wants the whole thing, I will take the table. The man  lifted the barbecue bit out of the middle and said, there you are, it's yours, so I pushed it home. Wants a bit of a clean up but otherwise it's sound. Lucky, eh!

Time is getting on, after a long phone call I must now go outside and water the garden. They say it will rain, but will it. The plants need water now. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
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Making garden decorations

Hello. I'm counting down, ten days to the Open Gardens, and I must have my garden ready. Looking good so far, but still more to do. I made a video this morning, takes twenty minutes to set it up, ten minutes to film, then upload to yoootooob. A quick way to compose a quick blog post. Coffee break after lunch, I won't rabbit on, I've got to get back to what I'm doing, so I'll leave it with you.

It's not perfect, have a laugh.

We'll catch up later.
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