Thursday, 17 October 2019

Making tree decorations.

The idea is to make Christmas tree decorations, but they could be used at any time of the year to decorate anything. A branch out of the garden, stuck in a pot would show them off nicely.

Susan Lenz, a blogger and textile artist on my sidebar made some of these. She made hundreds using old cotton reels, or spools as some call them. It inspired me to have a go, but I only had three wooden reels, and found two plastic ones, so what could I use instead. Susan has used vintage postage stamps, and constructed hers using a hot glue gun. I try not to use glue, and look for other ways to make things. Everything is hand sewn on mine.

Some of mine are plastic bottle tops. Stuck together with tape. 

First I made two Suffolk puffs, circles gathered around the edge and pulled tight. The felt is a bit bulky but it works. I have made some with other fabric, doesn't matter if it frays because the edges will be covered up.
On the left is a small plastic container that the gloves came in, from a box of hair colour. Slightly bigger than a spool, but it will do the same job. A hole top and bottom is needed to poke the hanging thread through with a sturdy needle. 
I could have made these puffs a bit smaller, but they will be ok. Spread the gathers evenly and pull the thread tight.

Susan wrapped wool around her spools, which works well. I have made sleeves with felt which can be embellished before attaching it. I use blanket stitch.

I made a video. If you want to have a go and have any questions, just ask.

Here is a link to Susan's blog post, in case you missed it. With her instructions and mine, you should be able to make some, if you so wish.

Looking like a sunny day, so I'm off outside. Toodle pip. Ilona

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Looking after myself

It's that time again, my new poo test kit came in the post. A nice surprise when I opened it. The format for taking samples has been revised, it is now so much easier than three samples over three days. Only one sample is needed. There is a small plastic case with a wand inside, a bit like a mascara wand, from what I can remember, haven't used any for a heck of a long time. 
Wipe the wand over the poo, put it back in the case, insert in secure envelope provided, and pop it in the post box. Couldn't be easier. Those that have been put off by the faff of it all in the past, why don't you give this a go. It's a free check up, might as well, no excuses now. A letter is sent in two weeks with the result. Don't even need to go to the doctors. 
I have been known to forget dates in the past. The NHS send texts now, so that's helpful. But as an extra reminder I have devised this system. Write a note, pin it on the curtain, at eye level in front of where I am often sat, can hardly fail to notice it.

I have a desk calendar in front of me, but important stuff can often get lost in all the scribbling I do. Recording my walking miles, jotting down phone numbers, and keeping track of what I am busy with on a day to day basis. I am more likely to see these notes about one off important dates if they are not surrounded by clutter. What do you do to remind yourself of what you should be doing, and where you should be going?

Countdown time to 4pm, what little jobs can I fit in before I have to walk across the road to the surgery. Toodle pip.  ilona

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Mushroom picking

There are a lot of mushrooms about at the moment, I snapped a few while on my walk today. A front lawn covered with them. 
I find it fascinating the way these are all bunched together, intertwined into a solid mass. 

Funny how they make an appearance on cultivated lawns. 
Oh wow, look at this one, this has got to be a rare sight in the UK. Normally found in the deep forests of Botswana, wonder how it found it's way here ;o)
There's a few mushrooms in my garden as well. Along the edges of the raised beds.

Between the raised beds.

On top of Rocky's grave.

Inside the raised beds.
The garden is getting covered in falling leaves now, from the silver birch trees at the back.

Under the hedge in the front garden.

In the middle of the lawn in the front garden.

Lovely shiny top on this one. Needs a fresh coat of paint  ;o)

I like mushrooms, so many colours, so many textures, but I only eat those from the supermarket. Even with a guide book I would not risk it. No sireeee, not on your nelly. 
Toodle pip.  ilona

For the Terry fans.

Terry has just posted this, have to pass it on. An old film of 18 year old Terry, bashing out a tune with his band. Same mop of hair, same bouncing about, same smile, you can tell he is enjoying himself.

I'll be back later.  ilona

Monday, 14 October 2019

New food to try.

Good morning. Did you notice how I had a day off yesterday, no blog post.  Start of a new week and I'm raring to go. Just time to blast this out before I go off to Crafty Club. I'm making Christmas tree decorations now, more about that later. 
I was in Aldi a week or so ago, and came across packs of Good Grains, they seem to be introducing new healthy foods which are easy to cook. I thought I would give it a go. Anything which cuts down my time in the kitchen is good for me. 
I chucked a few frozen mushrooms, a chopped up onion, a few frozen broad beans, and a Quorn fillet cut into pieces, into a pan. A splash of oil, some Danish Blue cheese, and some of this lentils, spelt, and quinoa mix, and cooked it up. served on a bed of iceberg lettuce. It was lovely. 

I also bought a packet of green lentils, they only take one minute to cook. Worth a try, have you seen them? Have you tried them?

Oooh, look at the time, got to go. Toodle pip