Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Me, the International artist, ha ha.

Yes, I have posted about this before, this is a photograph taken by my friend who bought the wall hanging for his girlfriend. He said she will love it because she is into arts and crafts. It is now in New York, he has gone to visit her and taken it with him because it's a Christmas present. But, it will be coming back in the New Year, when she comes back with him to start a new life here. It will hang in her sewing room which he has been preparing for her. I love a happy ending. 
I was going to go to a free motion sewing workshop last week, but I had to cancel because of an impending disaster that I had to get sorted. The disaster didn't happen, thank goodness, but I missed the workshop. I hope there will be another one next year.

I need more practice, so here goes. It does seem weird that I can sew in any direction and not turn the fabric round. I am having trouble with regulating the length of the stitches, they are very tiny, and the the speed of the machine is difficult to control. Anyway, I'll keep at it.

Coloured in with felt tip marker pens.

Windy and raining again, looking like a day indoors.  ilona

Monday, 17 December 2018

No yellow stickers in sight

It's cheap veg time again, even without the yellow stickers. It's the time of year when the supermarkets are trying to get you through their doors in the hope that you go potty and spend spend spend. Tesco have these veggies for 29p each. There's carrots and potatoes as well, but I didn't need those. Loss leaders are what they are called. Other supermarkets are doing something similar so have a look where you shop. 
I reckoned it was about time I treated myself to a new mug. After all, I have been using the one on the right for twenty nine and a half years, it's time for a new one.

Trust Heidi to get in on the act.

I like a big mug of coffee in the mornings.

I spent £40 in Tesco today and used an £8 off voucher.   ilona

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Look what I found, blast from the past.

I've been down Memory Lane, looking at old trucking videos on yooootoooob, and found one that I am in. I have a small part, it was filmed at a Truckstop where the drivers were entertained by the ladies of the T45 club, which was for British Leyland drivers, sadly no more. I was asked to take some Lady Truckers friends with me.

I have this on video here and made a film of my part in it with my camera, and put it on my channel, it's also on here. The quality isn't that good, you may or may not have seen it. So here is the full programme. If you just want to see my small part, three minutes long, move the slider at the bottom across to 33 minutes 15 seconds.  Look at the big hair, ha ha.

Those were the days. Fantastic memories.  ilona

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Oooooh.....that smells better

Heidi's poos are puke inducing if not removed from the litter box pretty soon after she dispatches them. In the time it takes for her to cover them the obnoxious smell has drifted throughout the house. Some means of masking the pong with another fragrance would help, so I bought this reed diffuser kit. It was £3 from Dunelm. They have got a good selection in there, I chose a cheaper one
In the box is a slimline bottle of perfumed oil, and on the outside are seven reeds. I had visions of the bottle getting knocked over or just falling over. What it needs is a wider base. 
I have a few of these round mayo jars, washed and put in the cupboard in case they might come in useful. Put the slim bottle inside, and pack the space out with an unraveled body scrub, luckily it is a lavender colour. Then I got six beads and threaded them on wire and pushed them into the top to keep the body scrub in place. 
Perfect, a more solid, heavier base which shouldn't topple over. If you wanted to do this you could fill out the space with sand, shredded fabric, buttons, beads, wool, or anything else which might look decorative. 
I had a look in at the Cash and Carry on the way to town. Found a few things. Mini oatcakes, made in Orkney, 20p a packet.

This is something to add to soups and stews, sauces, rice, pasta, gravy, and any meals. I've just opened it, its in granule form and smells nice. Worth a try at 20p.

Two boxes of granola, 60p each. I put a spoon of this in my mini chopper with the nuts and seeds, to bulk it out a bit. These two boxes will last ages.

It's very windy and freezing cold today. I've been out for my walk, in case I don't get chance later if it deteriorates further. I've brought a big jacket which is thick and heavy, with a furry hood, out of the wardrobe. I need extra protection from the bitterly cold wind. The weather changes from day to day, it was sunny yesterday. Oscar is snoozing on his chair, Heidi is on top of the microwave, have no idea why she likes it there, and Mayze has burrowed her way under the top cover on the bed. I'm doing some arty stuff.  ilona

Friday, 14 December 2018

A taste of Christmas..........

.....this is all you are getting on this blog, just a taste. I took my camera out with me last night to take a few snaps of the decorations that people have put up. This one has gone over the top, all the windows have lights in them. It has the WOW factor as you approach it. 
Aaaaah, that's nice.

Some people must have had to climb ladders to reach up high to the roof.

Looks like a fairy grotto.

Oooooh, very posh, simple but nice.

This looks welcoming, come on in and have a mince pie.

Some have gone to town smothering bushes and trees in their front garden with millions of lights.

And this is the star of the show, it appears every year. Mind you, last year it was vandalized and the owners said they were in two minds whether to put it up again. Pleased they have, it looks lovely, I bet the children like it. This year it has a new addition, a singing dancing Santa.

A random snap because I felt like it. Tree overhanging the footpath, looks like it has snow on it, but that's the flash lighting up the branches.

So that's my three mile walk in the dark. Something nice to look at while I am plodding along. I've just totted up my miles, 18 days left, and 47 left to do. It's looking doable.   ilona