Monday, 8 July 2013

My guided tour of Glastonbury

It's been a scorcher here today, too hot to do any serious walking, so I met up with Kath and we had a bimble round Glastonbury. I decided to walk from the hostel, it's just over three miles away. I had to give Kath a ring, as I was a bit late due to someone giving me incorrect directions, silly man. She came out to meet me with Roobarb the dog. It was amazing, like greeting an old friend that I hadn't seen for ages. I was ready for a sit down and a cold drink when we got to the house. 
Anyway, before we look at the Glastonbury pics, here's a few I took in Street as I walked through it. In the High Street there is a huge plaque on the wall, or a murial if you like :o) It was made by the children of Brookside School, for the Millennium.

I had a look around Clarkes Village, a designer shopping outlet. and as I was walking down Farm Road I spotted a shop window which stopped me dead in my tracks. It was filled with all these wonderful brightly coloured posh shoes. I thought WOW, got to look in here. The young lady behind the counter allowed me to take photographs. She said the man who designs them lives in Brighton, where they have another shop. They also have a shop in Manchester. I can't find a web site for them, but they are called Skape, so a name to remember if you like beautiful shoes. There's no way I could wear them with my bunions, ha ha. 

Aren't they just the bees knees. I was positively drooling over them.
Bags to match as well.
Anyway, on to Glastonbury. Me and Kath walked to town, it wasn't very far. There was hanging baskets full of flowers everywhere. It all looked so pretty.
The Town Hall was nicely decorated.
Plenty of opportunity for refreshments at many of the pavement cafe's. 
Yoohoo, I can see you, Kath. This is the oldest building in Glastonbury. Kath told me that long ago they used to drive horses through the archway and out the back, when the roof of the arch was a lot higher.
There was lots of secret courtyards down narrow alleyways and passages. It was all a bit hippyfied, with all the colours of the rainbow, and the smell of incense drifted past our nostrils.  
Hello Mr Buddha. Is it a Buddha? I don't know.
A steel dragon in the corner of a secret courtyard.
The perfume inside this shop is a bit overwhelming, but, 
it has an amazing wooden door. 
A life sized statue on a plinth.
And another secret garden. When the town is very busy, there are plenty of places to hide away from the hustle and bustle of it all. 
I was enjoying my mini tour of Glastonbury, my guide had a wealth of information to share. We bought a tasty treat from a home made pie shop and sat down on the grass outside this church. It was nice to cool down in the shade of a huge tree. 

There are shops of every colour in Glastonbury, but it was difficult to get good photographs due to the reflections in the glass, and lots of people walking by.
Now who are these two old biddies larking about, honestly, some people must enjoy being a nuisance.
One of Kath's friends told us of an exhibition that we must see, so here is a snippet. Helen Stevens embroiders beautiful pictures. She was a lovely lady, and was happy to answer our questions. Her work is so intricate, the stitches are tiny and perfectly placed to create a masterpiece. If you want to look at her web site, it's here. 
Almost done now, Kath took me to see this mural before we set off back. Isn't it wonderful.
I've been gazing longingly at the Tor since I got here, it is beckoning me to climb up there. So up we will go, before I leave Glastonbury on Wednesday morning. Yipeee, it will be brill. 
I've had a perfect day, met a smashing lady that I can now call my friend. Well she was a friend before, a blogger friend, and she was just as I expected. She gave me a guided tour of the town she loves, now I understand why she loves it. It's a lovely place. Thanks Kath, you're a star.
Toodle pip.


  1. I feel that I am on holiday with you both. Great blog. Thank you.
    Dianne - Hereford

  2. Lovely photos - what a super day you had! I've only been twice, but I love Glastonbury. I'd visit more often if it wasn't so far away!

  3. Another lovely visit to another lovely town. Kath is lucky to live in such a picturesque place.
    I loved it all, but I adored the secret gardens the most.
    Wish I could be there to trek up to the Tor with you, looks like it would be fun.

  4. How nice that must have been to see Kath and be guided around her lovely town. I wish I was there with you. What a great place to live. Where are you going next?

  5. Yes I agree, thank you for taking me with you. I am in the US and I love to see the pictures and experience my homeland again.
    Pam in TX.

  6. Am so glad you are having a great time :)

  7. Echoing diane's comment!
    I did enjoy this tour of Glastonbury, it's on my list of places to visit, might even meet Kath too!
    Love the embroidery work, will make a longer visit to the site another time, got it on my favourites list.
    Thanks Ilona for the tour!
    Enjoy the Tor and Chalice well and gardens too!
    Sandie xx

  8. I love the brightly coloured mural...I'm curious about the shoes...were some of them flats or did each have a high heel? Thanks for sharing your photos.

    1. Hi e. They had all sizes of heels, some were flat and had no heels. Some were wedges, some had whacky shaped heels. Gorgeous pretty colours.

  9. I have incense burning as I read this! I love that would look great as my front door.
    Jane x

  10. Wow, those shoes are amazing. I couldn't wear them either, the heels are too high for my 63-year-old feet, but they are so beautiful and I've never seen anything quite like them over here in the USA.

    Isn't blogging great; just look at the wonderful friendships and adventures that can develop. Enjoy the rest of your visit. Can't wait to see your walk to the Tor.

  11. Great to see you're having a ball in Glastonbury- I really liked the exhibition of iron age artifacts in the town hall [free I think]

  12. Glad you enjoyed it all. Have a great day in Wells, see you Wednesday!

  13. He looks a bit slim for a Buddha, although maybe he's been following your healthy lifestyle tips. But ooh err whats he doing with his right hand? Lovely place with plenty to see and nice weather. Hope you enjoy the rest of your hols.

  14. What wonderful pictures Ilona, some good memories there for me from all the years I spent going to Shepton Mallet every July for truck show, its now held in Malvern area. One place I never got to tho was Clarkes Village, always said I would call on the way home from Shepton but never did, I hope you enjoyed climbing up the Tor. So pleased you are having good weather and you had a lovely day with our blogging friend. Happy tramping and clicking the camera Danneke

  15. As always, Thank You for including us on your adventures and finding interesting sights to photograph. These treasures never cease to amaze me. How lucky are we to live in the UK?

  16. It is fantastic that you have met up, I hope she took the bag she won from you with her on your day out! I have also met up with Kath on a trip to Glastonbury. It is a magic place (as is much of Somerset) we seem to be visiting there quite often now we have the motorhome, and certainly planned to visit again this autumn when we finish working at the campsite in Norfolk. Your guest blogger Nellie suggested that you may be planning a trip to our part of the world too, which would be lovely. Trouble is, we are just about to get really hectic on the site, until the end of the summer holidays. Enjoy the rest of your trip to Somerset. Xx

  17. I have been to the shop in Brighton with a friend- it is amazing!

  18. The brand of shoes is called Irregular Choice... I pass the Brighton shop on a daily basis but only ever linger when I know the shop is closed!!! Lovely lovely mad shoes, beautiful but expensive.

    If you google for Irregular Choice you will find lots of examples on sale at other online outlets

  19. Sounds like Kath gave you a lovely tour - what a treat to have a local to show you the special places!
    And I'd like to know what the woman and the dog were gazing up at!


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