Saturday, 22 March 2014

Skip diving again

Hands up who did the Park Run this morning. Me me me. Yes I did it. I arrived within 5 seconds of it starting, I even had to sprint across the car park to tag on to the end of the line. No porridge this morning, I reckoned bran flakes wouldn't be as filling. Fine, except that the liquid sloshing about in my stomach was a bit uncomfortable. I think I need to limit myself to half a mug of coffee next week. 
I left the fleece off this week, instead had a vest, thin teeshirt, and a long sleeved polo shirt on. I was flippin freezing, my poor hands were looking distinctly blue with cold. I should have put my gloves on, but I got out the car in such a rush, I forgot. Oh well, it's all a learning curve, I'll get it right eventually. 
I was so cold I didn't run all the way round the first circuit, I started adding short bursts of fast walking sooner than last week. I kept checking my watch to see how I was doing, at the halfway stage I was on 18 minutes, slightly faster than before, even with the walking. My walking is pretty fast. 
I've just checked my time on the web site and I'm pleased to say I completed it in 38 minutes 48 seconds, so a bit better than last week. There was a lot more runners today, and we had to wait a minute to get scanned at the end. 284 in total. The woman next to me said she used me as a pacemaker and I kept her going. She was a similar age to me, I also kept her in my sight all the way, we kept overtaking each other. I asked her how long she has been coming, she said, since it started, a year ago. I asked if she felt she was fitter for it, and she said yes, definitely. So that promising, there's hope for me then. Are there any more who want to add their times here? Let's see if we can encourage each other. 
On the way out of the village this morning I saw that there was another skip at the house which was being emptied. It has been up for sale, and they did say they would need to clear everything out of the house once it was sold. I didn't have time to stop, so I made a point of driving past on the way back to see if the skip was still there. It was. They had laid some garden stuff out on the front lawn with a notice on for people to take what they wanted. Of course I had to have a look. I was there for an hour picking my way through the contents of the skip. They said I could gladly take anything, it was all going to be dumped.
I shifted things around to see what was underneath, they had laid some heavy things on top so I couldn't see to the bottom, but I had a good rummage. The woman kept bringing things out of the house and asking me if I wanted them. I took anything that was offered because we can sell it to raise funds for the cats. A few items I will keep for myself, some I will give to friends, and the rest I will take to charity shops. 
I wish I had been there yesterday when the skip arrived, and watched as they filled it. It was very sad to see how things had been thrown in, perfectly good household items which had broken. Someone could have made good use of them.
The woman was clearly very emotional as she brought things out. She told me about the two plates she had in her hand, how her mother had served cakes up on them at the tea table when she was a little girl. It was like she didn't want to let go of them. I suggested she keep them, but she said they had taken as much as they can, and they can't keep everything. I couldn't let her throw them away so I took them from her and said I would find a good home for them. I was almost in tears with her. Her mother has gone into a care home and is not very well at all.
So now my newly de cluttered spare room is once more cluttered. I could open my own charity shop here. This is only a fraction of what there was. Some items are brand new, still boxed, and never been used. I rang my friend B, he came to have a look and took two saucepans, and other bits that he could make use of. I have some nice fabric for my sewing projects, and a fleece throw.
My car loaded up.  
I will give everything a wash and make sure it is clean ready for sale or to give away.

House clearance is de cluttering on a big scale. It would be better if people would pass on things they don't need when they are still fit and able. There's a lot to be said for sorting out your affairs before you go. Relatives often don't have the time to go through every single item and distribute it to the many different places it could go. Such a shame that people are going out and buying new, when there is so much second hand which could be put to good use. Sad, that someone's life possessions end up in a skip.
Catch you tomorrow. Toodle pip.


  1. Gosh what a shame all of it was in the skip. I hope you manage to raise a few pennies and pounds for the cats.

    X x

  2. That's great you managed to save perfectly good items from being dumped

  3. Oh my, I do agree. I make my living from what people throw out, and there's so much more than I can handle... I rescue what I can & donate or Freecycle things I can't sell on or haven't room for, but it's heartbreaking the amount go perfectly good stuff that's already broken/stained/wet (in the case of books) before I (and/or the others) get to it...

  4. Always sad to see a house broken up, but it's good to hear some of it will benefit somebody else.

  5. What a sad thing when a house is cleared into a skip, It's a good thing you went by and rescued some good stuff. Oh JUGS. I could easily have a jug collection except I don't like dusting!

  6. Here in the US they quite often have an estate sale to sell off everything in the house and then call a large charity like Goodwill or Salvation Army to come cart off the rest. I'm glad you were able to save some and can pass it along.

  7. I love the suger tea coffee containers never seen a set like that before with the animals the house around the corner for sale and they had a clean out the whole foot path is full of furniture i thought I guess they couldn't be bothered taking any of it to the charity shops I got a small corner unit and a nice perfect size wooden kitchen table which I somehow managed to carry home by myself won't be doing that again hehe Louise

  8. I reckon that if we all took the time to share and ask around we would have very little we would ever need to buy new.I am so glad you found the stuff to redistribute in such an eco and useful way. Good for you Ilona!

  9. How sad for the family, but well done to you for salvaging so much. I`m sure the lady who once used all those everyday things would be glad to know they are still valued. Hope you can sell some to help the cats.

  10. I am sure the lady in the care home would be glad to know that there was someone there to comfort her relative and reassure her. I am also sure she would be really glad to know that her possessions weren't all being thrown away, and that some may even help the less fortunate kitties... You are a good person Ilona! A good 'un....

  11. Well done on your Park Run and well done on the skip finds.
    I so agree that it is sad and wasteful for good useful things to be dumped. I am glad you were able to salvage some.
    When my Mum died suddenly in 1996, I flew over from the US and had just ten days to arrange the funeral, clear and make arrangements to sell her house.
    It haunts me still. I placed an ad in the paper and lots of folks came to buy some things. I was left with a lot so called a dealer who gave me just pennies really. I so wish I had had time to sort through, donate and give something to family and friends by way of remembrance. I wish I could have brought more things back to the US, but it was not possible, particularly my Grandmothers Singer sewing machine.
    Perhaps it is a lesson to us all as you say Ilona, sort out your stuff while you are still able. I am trying to do just that, a little everyday.
    Love from Pam in TX.

  12. That must be so hard for the family..they are throwing away a life.
    Jane x

  13. Wow, what a great haul, so good that you picked up all those things to re-sell! It sadens me to think all those lovely things are thrown in a skip! Well done Ilona!

  14. Yay Ilona I'm so glad you were there to take the unwanted items. We really don't need to become attached to all the stuff we collect and hopefully a garage sale (as we call them in Australia) is going to happen this year for us.
    Cheryl : )

  15. Its so hard to give stuff to charities these days , they have such long lists of items they wont take , or stuff that can only go to certain branches and depots . People have to clear a property quickly so they resort to a skip

  16. My old dad lived alone for over twenty years and had basics like a bed,wardrobe,chair,telly, microwave and small fridge. Plus teacup plate and knife, fork and spoon. He could not understand why people purchased so much stuff they did not need. I used to be really embarrassed by his spartan abode but find myself getting more and more like him as I age.
    When he passed away it was certainly an easy job clearing his property.
    He used to walk for miles each day and loved nature, so as long as he could read watch a bit of telly and had a nice comfy bed he was happy. Material things do just get taken to the tip and dad preferred to be financially comfortable than die poor with a house load of tat as he called it.

  17. Ilona what a good person you are, it would have been cheaper for the people to have taken it to a charity shop, rather than hire a skip.
    Its good to know it will be recycled. I look your blog, I have learnt so much about reusing and recyling.

  18. Sad to see all the things go in a skip, but well done for taking the time and effort to do something useful with some of the things Ilona. Well done on the run too

  19. Iiona to the rescue as always, 'tis sad.


  20. I feel for the lady clearing out her mother's is so hard when you really want to spend the time with your glad you are able to dive in and find things for friends and charity...I moved in with my mother last year and we were slowly going through her things, trashing or donating as needed...she has had to move to a home also due to dementia and a broken knee...I try to make time to pack things up for charity (they come to pick it up even)...but between working full time and visiting her there is barely time for sleep even!

  21. So sad for the lady having to sort through everything and get rid of so much. You did well to rescue as much as you did at least some good will come of it all now. I'm going to make a conscious effort NOT to leave much for my sons to have to go through. I hope that by the time I'm 80 I'll be so minimalist they'll wonder how I managed at all :-)

  22. My friend's mother is in a home and my friend is sorting through her many things. She's got a long way to go. She has sent many items to the CS but is overwhelmed with the job. I went with DD to choose some items for her 'bottom drawer' and we came back with 4 carrier bags full of kitchen stuff. It will go to a good home.

  23. Couldn't you incorporate all those yelllow stickers into a bag?

  24. Im in a similar situation with my parents.
    The kichenalia would help someone setting up such as youngsters or women in a refuge who have nothing xx
    Molly x