Saturday, 24 March 2012

Looks don't matter, it's the voice that counts

I've sat down to put some photo's on here, and I just can't do it untill I tell you about this amazing 17 year old young man. He is about to sing to the world on tonights programme of Britains Got Talent, the first of a new series. They say he is the male version of Susan Boyle. Now I don't watch this programme, I think it's cruel to put people on and make fun of them, like they did with Susan before she opened her mouth. I'm suspecting the same thing will happen with Jonathan Antoine tonight. Take a look at this, he has the voice of a God, it might bring you to tears, it certainly did with me. Good luck Jonathan, you are brilliant.

What I will be interested in is a rival programme about to go out tonight, called The Voice, you may have read a bit about it. Tom Jones seems to be the key player here. It's like a talent programme but you don't get to see the contestants, you only hear them, so you can't prejudge on appearance. I like that idea. I shall be interested to see the difference with this new way of discovering talent. Toodle pip. Catch you later.


  1. OMG - I've come out in goosebumps and my blood has run cold !
    WONDERFUL ............
    17 years old ? where has all that passion in his voice come from ?
    Yes, definately a Susan Boyle thing, and also, remember Paul Potts? I love it when these ordinary people make it good and can give the mocking world a two fingered salute ! (sorry MQ)
    I'll be keeping fingers, toes and eyes crossed for this young man.

  2. Fabulous, gone all goose bumpy.

  3. That`s an amazing voice for such a young man!!!
    Best of luck to him!!

  4. Lovely, and it did bring me to tears.

    I like the idea of The Voice programme.

  5. I cannot watch this, so keep us posted on how this young man with an amazing voice does tonight. I hated how they treated Susan Boyle. Actually, this young man looks to be quite attractive, just overweight. Hearing only the voice should be a better judge of singing talent. I wish I could get these programs.

  6. Thanks for sharing....he is truly amazing!! I cannot watch any of those "talent" shows because I think it's unfair to judge any of these people by what they look like. Susan Boyle is blessed with a wonderful voice but I think she has been marketed on her "before-and-after" persona and not on her true talent...singing.

  7. I enjoyed this rendition of Ave Maria. It always blows me away to hear such talent in people esp. the very young. I do remember seeing another "male Susan Boyle" from your neck of the woods. His name was Jammie Pugh and he sang a song from Les Miserables. I think he got some much attention, not all of it good, that he might have gone back to his quiet life.

    I'm watching the conclusion on Monday night of the American version of "The Voice". It's a great show.

  8. Just listened to this fantastic young man and his partner. Wow. Hope they go all the way. It's great when such talent is found.

  9. He has a lovely voice.
    I think for resonance ,a singer needs to have the lung capacity and that means being a bit bigger in build.
    Opera singers especially do tend to be well built.
    I love Susan Boyle too.
    The new program 'The Voice' is a great idea.
    We probably wont watch it because we also don't like the idea of putting people on a pedestal and making them perform when only one can really be helped at the outcome.


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