Thursday, 4 June 2015

Pimp my sun visor

Hi de Hi. Phew, it's been a hot 'un today. I've been busy inside and outside. The garage needed sorting out, it was a right mess. Everything came out, rubbish is now in a pile waiting to go to the tip, and everything to keep is back inside nice and tidy. 
Anyone remember this? I made a little table ages ago, one of my reuse and recycle experiments. Guess what it's made out of? I thought I had thrown it out ages ago. 
Here is a picture of the bottom of it. Cat food boxes. They are so strong, if you fasten them together and cover them with papier mache, and paint it, you can make furniture with them.
 I lost my union jack sun visor, left it on the train when I was on holiday. Daft thing to do I know. That's the second one I've lost. I bought another one for 50p but I don't like it very much, so I've dug an old one out that I recovered. The fabric has faded and it looks a bit scruffy, so I think it's time recover it again. Here are the pieces, stitches unpicked, to use as a pattern.

 Here is the original, twas pink, also faded and scruffy.

I looked in my stash for something which would make a nice visor, and found this. 
If you have a dirty old sun visor and want to recover it this is what you do. Sew the two pieces together, right sides facing.

Turn it the right way and pin it over the peak. Hand sew it on, both sides. It doesn't matter if the stitches aren't very neat because they will be covered up by the band.

Put the middle of the band to the middle of the peak, turn a hem under, pin it on, then sew it on with tiny stitches. Then turn a hem under on the inside and stitch that down. Next fold under a hem all the way along to the ends of the band, hand sew it together to make a flat tube. Add velcro for the fastening.

And there you have it, one new sun visor. Keeps the sun out of my eyes, I love it.

In my mini chopper today....cranberries, dried fruit mix, almonds, and peanuts. As a topper with a banana, grapes, and plain yogurt. This was my elevenses. Very nice.

Must go, got to get the cats in. Catch you tomorrow.
Toodle pip


  1. I like your pimped sun visor - very clever. Debbie.

  2. Great job on the sun visor!! You have had a busy day but very productive ... good for you!

  3. Very cute sun visor. But your Union Jack visor is still my favorite.

  4. Only you would make furniture out of cat food boxes! I love the visor. Good job.

  5. I wonder how much that cat food box table could take weight wise? that'd be my only concern on that, otherwise great job!

  6. love your "new" visor.Good choice of fabric. Don't loose that one! ha ha. I've slightly changed my blogger name to save confusion with another lady, who is also called Caz.

  7. I like the idea of the table with cat food boxes. I feel a project coming on! Good fabric choice for the visor, really suits you,xxx

  8. I have a simple black visor which I wear daily - would be very uncomfortable without it. I did buy an inexpensive straw hat for gardening this year, to provide shade over the back of my neck; it's very helpful, except if the wind comes up. Then, it's back to the visor.

  9. Hi.It always seems to give a good feeling to get things that have gone a bit "unruly" a thorough clean out.Good for you!Nice tutorial on recovering a visor,Ilona.You are very creative and make do,and inspire.Danke,D.