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Friday, 5 June 2015

Chucking the rubbish, recycling the might be useful's.

Hello. A trip to the vet was called for this morning, Rocky is not having a very good time with his arthritis at the moment. An anti inflammatory injection was administered, and a slight increase in dosage of his medication was advised. We'll see how that goes over the next few days. I took him to the park yesterday and took his buggy to push him around. He had a little sniffle about in the grass and picked up a few doggy smells, then enjoyed his ride. He is happy being outside with me when I am working in the garden, though it is too hot for him at the moment so he sits in the shade. 
I've got round to using up the last of the decorated paper I made at the Crafty Club. The piece was just enough for a paperback book cover. This time I have sewn on a lot of sequins, and the top and bottom are sewn together with a running stitch, instead of a blanket stitch on the previous one. I like the finish of this one. 

I wanted to tone the white down at the front of the Bespoke Summerhouse, so I mixed some dark blue emulsion paint with yellow gloss paint which made a nice light shade of green. Much better. Still the floor to do, looking for some paving slabs. I also cleared out the wood and rubbish at the back of the garage, and painted that a pale cream colour. Looks a lot more tidier now. 
Today I took a load of rubbish to the Council tip. I almost threw this paste table in the car as it was, but then thought if I take it apart I can maybe use some of it for other projects. Some useful bits of wood there, and screws. The tops were the only pieces that got chucked.

Everything I took was rubbish, fit for nothing else, but peering in the huge skips I saw lots which could have been re used. I took a fancy to a wooden sewing box, a lick of paint and it could be given another life. Taking things out of their skips is not allowed, there are cameras covering the site. I asked the man if I could have the sewing box, but of course he couldn't give me permission to take it. When I got home I emailed the council to ask about their recycling policy, why couldn't people take things which could be used again. We'll see what their reply is.

While I was there I got chatting to someone who was throwing some household stuff away from an open top trailer. I had a look in it and asked what this was. He said it's like an underlay for laying floorboards, peel the plastic off and it's sticky, fix the boards to it. I thought it might come in useful for something so he said I could have it.

He also let me have this, a distressed plant stand. I might paint it as I don't like the shabby look.

Glen asked how much weight the cat food box table would take. About eight and a half stone actually, ha ha. The boxes are very strong, and it has many layers of papier mache and wallpaper covering it. 

Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip


  1. I hope rocky is feeling better soon. Don't understand about the skip thing...Here, people dive in them and take what they want.

  2. Lucky you. 8 and a half stone! Must increase my walking!!

  3. I am with you on this. It drives me to distraction that good stuff is still going to landfill. I do what I can via freecycle etc and often take things on behalf of my clients that they would just throw away but are happy for me to pass on to charity etc.

  4. Your Summer House looks like an ice cream sundae? Its lovely. At first I thought oh god what? But I stayed with you. Its amazing! And unique. Everything you do is unique. Love it. Hope Rocky is fine.

  5. Your little summer house is delightful, all painted many colors. Good finds at the junk pile. We will wait with anticipation to see how you are going to use these.

  6. your paperback book cover is beautiful!
    The summer house looks great and some more great items!
    So much better than in the land fill, we have a share shack at our dump and thats where the items go that people no longer want that are not garbage,

  7. It's just the opposite at my town transfer station (we all still call it the Dump). The attendant who is there most weeks even takes the time to pull items that people are going to toss in the dumpster, and set them aside in case someone would like to have them. I don't know if I should be pleased or slightly embarrassed that I am one of the people he actually waves over to try to "sell" me something ;)
    Our dump is only open for 5 hours/week, on Saturday, so there is no chance for things to accumulate and become unsightly; everything is either taken or disposed of by closing time and the dumpsters and recycling bins are locked up the rest of the week. I have picked up MANY a useful item, just by taking my recycling to the dump! I have to do that much more frequently than I have to take rubbish there.
    I hope Rocky is feeling more comfortable now, Ilona. I empathize!

  8. Our tip in Blackpool has a recycle shop which raises money for local charities and keeps stuff out of landfill. There's a link here.
    Wouldn't it be better if all tips could do the same. Had some fantastic bargains in there.

    1. Thank you for the link Laura, most interesting.
      I lived in Blackpool for many years, twenty years ago now. This is new to me, what a great idea.
      Pam in Texas.

    2. Hi pam. glad you enjoyed the link :-)

    3. Hi Laura. Thanks, I've looked at the site. Was hoping for some photo's of the shop, and examples of what they have for sale. Can't find any. A good initiative by your council nevertheless. I will send the link to my council.


      here is a link to a picture of the shop it's like a steel cabin building. They sell everything from books cds and ornaments to furniture and garden stuff even electrical stuff that's been tested etc. Just depends what they find.

    5. Hi. Thanks. I can't see a picture of a steel cabin building. It looks like a Scrapstore, recycled goods from businesses rather than private houses. I can see pictures of volunteers, people sitting in a classroom, they have lots of member charities. I don't understand how it all works.

    6. The picture at the top is the shop the other bits are about he recycling that gets done in the area. We have the bulky matters which collect large furniture and restores or reuses it with the work done by volunteers. Then there is the rover van which goes around different locations at the same time each week collecting reusable materials and things which are then reused and sorted again by volunteers. The tip shop is run by the council they salvage anything saleable thats being disppsed of and sell it in the shop and all the profits from that go to the local charities. I can't find much information online about it. I'll have another look for you though.


      this is the link to the rover service

      and this is the bulky matters page

    8. just found this about the reuse shop hope it all helps.

    9. Hi Laura and everyone,
      I have a Blackpool question for you.
      I was looking at Google maps of Blackpool and places I had lived.
      I see that the back alleys now have gates across them, how do folks access them with vehicles, do you need to stop and open them or are they electronic? And what about the bin lorry, do people now put their bins out the front of the house.
      Thanks for your reply.
      Pam in Texas

    10. Hi pam

      yes we have gates on all alloys now to try and curb fly tipping, anti social behaviour and them being used as short cuts when roads are busy. Some are looked after beautifully with plants etc but some are still a mess sadly as people don't care. You can get a key for the alley gate from the council if you live in a property that has access to it. The keys don't fit other gates apparently. Bin lorries still go down most alleys they have a master key I believe. Sadly now though we get fly tipping on the roadside more but I like to think it might deter would be burglars having to climb the gates. Hope this helps. Laura xxx

    11. Hi Laura,
      Thank you so much for your informative reply.
      It is so nice to keep in touch with a place I love dearly. I have lived in America for 23 years now, but still consider Blackpool as home.
      I hope to visit one day soon. I think I will find a lot has changed.
      The alley gates are a good idea and I can understand why they are there, but I must say that the house I lived in had rear access for the car and having to get out and open and shut the gate would be a chore.
      Thanks again and enjoy your summer. Very nice to chat with you.

    12. You're very welcome pam. I agree about it being a chore to open and close the gate if you have car access at he back. I hope you do manage to visit sometime. Laura xxx

  9. Hope Rocky is on the mend soon. I buy a Glucosamine supplement from Vetvits for our elderly arthritic greyhound and it really has given her a new lease of life. I used to give them to our previous dog and they helped him too. I usually don't believe in supplements but these work and can be used alongside medication from the vets. Kristel

  10. Hope Rocky is feeling a bit more comfortable now xx
    I love your book cover- very colourful!

  11. Very pretty book cover. Hope Rocky feels better soon.

  12. Hello.So sorry Rocky has been under the weather,I hope the meds work and he is better soon,poor old boy.Your care of him will help ease this somewhat I'm sure.The summerhouse reminds me of an easter basket.And always being creative your bookcover is very pretty,love the sequins and embellishment etc.I definitely know my day was not as busy as yours,kiddo.You are like the energizer bunny,tee-hee.Bye for now,D.

  13. Feel better soon Rocky! Great plant stand. It really is a shame the stuff that is wasted.
    Happy Weekend!

  14. I've been to Spalding recycling. It's called recycling but really it's a place where people just chuck their stuff away. Some of the things that people put in the 'landfill' skip is really very good - a very high proportion of it is excellent eg wood. Why chuck it away? As you enter the recycling place, the car lanes are lined with all sorts of ornaments and a sign asks you not to ask for anything. A bit of tlc and there would be a perfectly good article. Natalie

  15. Best wishes to Rocky. Agree with the comment from Mrs.LH !
    Really love the beautiful yellow paint at the side of your summer house.
    Wendy (Wales)

  16. Where my family lived in Cape Cod MA the ''dump'' had what was called The Swap Shop. A small shed where people could leave---and take for free---things they wished to discard but were too nice to throw away.Larger bits like wood , bed headboards, tables, were left outside. No one had to man it as things were free but I think volunteers tidied up now and then. I scored great finds, a dozen perfect Haviland dinner plates, for example. They also mulched the tree trimmings and people could take that, plus we were allowed to take bottles [like if you need a pretty bottle for dish soap? or olive oil?] from the bottle tables outside. Brewster MA, maybe they have a website you could show your local council.

  17. They should let you take things out of the skip, that is recycling at its finest. You know the plant stand in your photo could make a nice bird bath if you find something to hold the water to set on top of it. I use the glazed ceramic saucers that you get at garden stores that they sell to put under pots. Just an idea.

  18. Your book cover is really beautiful. I love the addition of the sequins.

  19. I think your book jacket made from your crafted paper is lovely. You have an eye for imagining what lovely thing can be made from the bits and pieces. Just beautiful. Mary Jane in Canada.


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