Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Eating whatever I have in.

Still not been shopping yet, I'm using up what I already have. £20.39 spent in the last 18 days. Tonights dinner is spuds and carrots out of the garden, one onion, half a tin of beans, and a piece of Tesco Value white fish. At least it looks like fish, it's not brilliant but it will do. I wont be buying it very often, it shrinks to nothing after all the water has run out of it.

Another glorious day weatherwise, so I went for a walk locally. It's nice to have this on my doorstep.

More mushrooms.

Bobo is looking a bit happier today, he was quite sad yesterday. Janet and Paul came to see him and he loved the attention. As he has lived with a man he really warmed to Paul straight away. My cats are coming inside a bit earlier now, I don't like them to be out after dark. Bugsy and Mayze are asleep on my bed, and Lily is on my chair next to me. I am just their slave so I get to perch on a stool, ha ha. Toodle pip.


  1. We are all slaves to our cats Ilona! Today I ate leftover veggie lasagne for lunch and again for tea, whilst my cat ate best quality cat food! I have to feed him decent stuff, otherwise he scoffs the lot and then honks it up, usually on the carpet just at our bedroom door, where you step in it.

    I love the autumnal picture and the mushroomy ones. I don't like the fish in your dinner, as I really HATE fish. The rest is great, sort of thing I'd do.\

    I'm glad the new cat is settling down. I feel so much for them when they lose their homes.

  2. I think those toadstools are called shaggy inkcaps, and are poisonous.

  3. Your dinner doesn't look too tempting Ilona but at least you didn't eat the shaggy inkcaps!
    Glad Bobo is settling in, our cat is in a lot more now the evenings are dark too.

  4. The shaggy ink cap IS edible. There are recipes for it on the web and in my mushroom book. So if you run out of stuff in the store cupboard and fridge......!!!x

  5. Shaggy Ink Caps or Lawyers Wigs are delicious; I've been eating them since I was tiny. Pick them whilst still young and closed up at the base.

  6. Love the mushrooms, they remind me of the china "tinkling mushrooms" for sale in the garden centre.
    Your meal looks rather appetitisng, I like to eat like that. When Husband is away, that's my dinner.
    I had to laugh about the cats, they know how to make themselves comfortable, never mind their poor staff.

  7. The mushroom pictures are gorgeous. I need to do the same as you and start using stuff I've already got in. Thanks for the inspiration

  8. Free food on your walk, how good it that? I wish I knew where Shaggy Inkcaps grew. Love your pictures today.