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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A stitch in time saves loads of money

Busy day busy day. This is Bobo, Janet and I picked him up from Morrisons car park, he was delivered there to us from Grimsby. We wouldn't normally take in cats from further afield because we get enough requests closer to home. Bobo has been living alone for the past seven weeks, after his elderly owner went into a residential home, he is unlikely to come out as he isn't well. The son of the gentleman has been feeding Bobo twice a day but is unable to give him a permanent home, so he needed to come into our care so we can find him a new home.

He is gorgeous, a big fluffy boy of 6 or 7 years old. the photo isn't very good as he has gone up on the top of the cupboard, I'll get a better one when he comes down.

Alex came to finish the door today, and the cats are starting to use the cat flap, although they are still a bit hesitant. I got on with some sewing.

I need a money pouch to wear under my clothes while I am out walking. I had one but the zip broke, and the fabric was a bit rough on my skin.

I cut four pieces of fabric, two outer and two lining. I stitched them together outside in, then turned them the right way, seams inside. Then pinned the bottom edges.

I had a soft fabric belt so I cut a short piece off the end, and threaded it through a one end of a plastic clasp. I removed the clasp from an old bag I chucked away. Then cut a vertical slit on the front of the pouch.

Then I tucked it inside

And stitched a piece of binding to secure it and cover the hole.

I needed a buckle but didn't have one, so I made one out of a plastic bottle top. I used a stanley knife to cut it out, then smoothed the edges with a piece of sandpaper.

The longer piece of belt I stitched to the other side in the same way. Then I machined the two halves together, and added a zip to the top.

This is for notes and cards, I won't be putting coins in it.

The plastic buckle.

Neat isn't it, I am chuffed with it.

Much better than a shop bought one, and almost free. I think I only paid 20p for the belt from a car boot sale. I remove any useable zips from clothes that I am throwing out, clasps from bags, anything which can be used again. I think I can feel my sewing mood coming back.


  1. Well done! You'd knock spots of Heath Robinson Gal! Is it softer then?

    Another item to make for sales?
    I love the colours too.

    BoBo looks like my kind of cat, robust and in need of lots of fuss, he'd love it around here.
    Would that I had enough of the filthy lucre HA!

    Sandie xx

  2. Hi Ilona, Love the money belt. You are very clever.
    I feel upset about Bobo and his owner. The poor man must be really upset at having to leave his pet behind, I know I would be. (Even if he does think its OK to wake me up at 5 am every morning.) I hope you find a nice home for Bobo soon.

    Best wishes Eileen

    P S every time I try to post a comment with my Google account it says I dont have permission to view this page ??? So now I am back to 'anonymous' again until I find out whats up. This is happening on a few of the blogs I visit.

  3. Ingenious idea. Bobo is very handsome.

  4. You are very clever and creative! Have a good day.

    Renee :)

  5. Just to let you and your readers know: if you Un-check the "keep me signed in" box on the Blogger log-in page, you should be able to comment as usual.

  6. Bobo is gorgeous,hope you find him a loving home soon,love the little note holder,you are very clever!

  7. I have checked the "keep me signed in" option and I have no trouble posting.

    Don't throw away clothes, even raggedy ones. Give them a chance as cat throw up clothes that can THEN be thrown out. Give them away to wash cars, wipe feet on, something before they go away for go away for good.

    Nice money belt.

  8. Brilliant! I have a bag of "bits" like that, knowing they'll come in useful one day. They have survived several house moves, but I just know as soon as I ditch them, I'll want soemthing out of that bag.

  9. Another lovely cat. I love your money belt. I also keep fastenings from old rucksacks bags etc in case they will come in but my understairs cupboard is so full I can't find anything. There's no light in there either.

    Have you thought of doing the walk Wainwright did just before the onset of WW2? He walked from Settle to Hadrian's Wall. There is a book about it.

  10. Sorry, it is called A Pennine Journey!

  11. Nice belt. Is it waterproof inside? Else if you are going to wear it next to your skin, sweat would make your notes wet and might soak through the signed bit of your cards.
    This happens with my running belt so I have things that would get spoiled, inside a small plastic bag just in case.

  12. Hi OSD, I used remnants of curtain fabric that I made shopping bags with. It has a rubbery lining, curtains used to blackout windows I believe, so it may be sort of sweatproof. A small plasitc bag is a good idea, just in case. Yes it is soft Sandie, it will be very comfortable around my middle.

    Hi Campfire, I am thinking about my next walk and will be out again as soon as we get rid of these blinking short days. I prefer to do my own thing though, making up the route is more fun. Another home made coast to coast methinks.

    Thanks Renee for reminding us about unticking the box which says keep me signed in. I sign in every day, a bit of a pain but it works.

    Hi Eileen, The old gentleman who owned Bobo is 97. I have sent a text to his son to tell him that Bobo is fine and being looked after, and not to worry.

  13. That's very imaginative Ilona, well done.

  14. Neat, handy and all your own work. What a creative girl.
    Love from Mum

  15. Isn't Bobo gorgeous♥ Love your little bag:)

  16. Ilona, I'm reading a book by Shally Hunt. She and her husband walked around the coast of Britain. The one I am reading now is a sort of end to end Britain and then across France to the South of France. They have now retired.

    If you fancy reading the round the coast one I can send it to you. Just out of interest, I've just read you like doing your own thing.

  17. Hi there,
    I am having real problems leaving comments too, so I am anonymous. Have tried to uncheck the box, but having the same message as Eileen. Will have another go tomorrow.

    The money belt is fantastic Ilona, cannot wait to see your winter 'creations'. Bobo is lovely, I am sure he will find a new home soon. Take care, and keep sending us lovely posts. AlisonB43

  18. Brilliant money are one very creative lady.

    I love Bobo what a handsome cat.

    Sue xx

  19. Bobo is so cute! And your money belt is fabulous, I like the colors too.


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