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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Another mishmash concoction

Well you learn something new every day, Shaggy Ink Caps eh! I've been reading up on them, you have to eat them within four hours of picking, or cook them and keep in the fridge or freezer. Might have to go and pick some.

Anyway, today I have excelled myself, you know I don't like faffing around in the kitchen, simple food that's me. I am getting down my food stocks and thought what can I make with what I have got. I know, I'll make some spicy veggie burgers. This is completely made up, I didn't know how it was going to turn out.

One tin of red kidney beans, two eggs, a slice of German sunflower seed rye bread, potatoes, sweetcorn, oxo cube, toasted sesame seed oil, and two triangles of red cow soft cheese, (I don't know why I bought that, it's horrible).

Mash the beans up with a fork, add a splash of oil, add crumbled bread.

Boil potatoes, add sweetcorn a couple of minutes before they are ready. Drain and mash, add two eggs, seasoning, oxo, packet curry sauce mix, or whatever you have. Add more spice if you like it hot, I don't mine is mild.

Then mix the two together in the bowl. At this stage I thought it was a bit sloppy so I added another slice of crumbled bread.

Mix it all up, and this is the bit I don't like doing, putting my hands in sticky gloop. Make into balls, or flat burger shapes, put onto a grill pan and grill slowly till they are golden brown.

You could put them in a bun with some relish or sauce, I ate them on a bed of lettuce with a dollop of garlic mayo. Very nice indeed, a touch more spice next time I think. There is plenty of mix left for tomorrow. Not sure if it is worth all the bother though, more dirty pots to wash. I could have easily steamed the beans, sweetcorn and potatoes, and boiled the eggs and toasted the bread, it all goes down the same way. Spose it was a change though, ha ha.

I'm off awalking next week, not a long one, but three days in Derbyshire. The Youth Hostels have some special offers on, some of them are £10 per night, I've found one hostel at £8 per night, can't get much better than that. I'm off to Tesco now to hopefully get some reduced prices. I could leave it till tomorrow night, but it will be busier then and less chance of getting the bargains. Toodle pip.


  1. I think a bit of faffing around in the kitchen every so often isn't so bad, even with the washing up - variety is the spice of life after all!

    Have a super walk, I hope the weather stays good for you. Bargain sleeping arrangements!

  2. mmmm these look yummy

  3. Like you, I don't like to mess around in the kitchen too. But now and then I get the urge and then you see recipes on my blog ;-) This looks good and I'll have to try it sometime. It would be good if you put veggie burger in your labels so we can find it later. Thanks so much! Have fun with the walk.

  4. Hi Ilona
    here's a quick cheap meal that we love.
    boil some rice let cool
    stir fry a bit of chopped broccoli and chopped red pepper with some garlic.
    add rice and stir a bit
    make well in centre and gradually stir in a beaten egg
    serve sprinkled with soy sauce.

  5. Tasty recipe duly noted.
    Love from Mum


  6. Those burgers look totally delicious! Well done with this meal improvisation!!

  7. Please make certain that they really are shaggy ink caps first.

  8. Now they look really nice! Move over Nigella. All that could improve them would be the addition of some chopped up shaggy ink caps! x


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