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Saturday, 3 January 2009

Searching for bargains

This morning I went into town to get some cat food from the market, this is the cheapest place to get it from. They often have good quality food at knock down prices because they are able to buy in stocks that are near or just beyond the sell by date. As my cats can't read it doesn't matter. I was unlucky today, they hadn't been able to get any in. As cat lovers will know, their pets are the most finicky eaters, mine like Felix As Good As It Looks, but they have had to have the ordinary Felix for the past few days. Oh dear, you should have seen the sulks. Anyway, resort to plan B, I had a scout around in the cut price stores and found some sachets at a reasonable price. I thought it's worth a try because they have had the dry food of the same name, and they like it.

My next stop was Sainsbury's. I went in there because I knew I could look through all the papers without being disturbed, they are in the alcove away from the rest of the shop. I wanted to find anything that had my name or my photograph in. I am in a television programme on Channel 4 on Friday night at 7.30pm, it's called, 'The Hunt for the Tightest Person in Britain,' and I want to keep the cuttings for my scrap book. I didn't find any. Not to worry I had a quick check round the shop for any bargains, I don't buy much here because it is too expensive. I got three packs of multigrain bread rolls for £1, a big bag of onions for 50p, and a bag of grapes at half price.

Off I went to Tesco for the rest of my shopping. I didn't spend a lot because I only needed a few things that I am running out of, some carrots and swedes, and I got a butternut squash because they are on special offer. Felix cat food is on special offer so I got a box, it's not the one they like but tough, that's what they are getting. I don't shop for food very often but when I do I spend time getting the best value for my money. When I look at all the choice on the shelves I wonder why people buy such rubbish, and the prices are just crazy, they don't seem to mind, we'll have one of those, and those, bung it in the trolley. My shopping trip is a military operation.

I put the computer on this afternoon to check on the forum of http://www.downthelane,net/ I am a moderator on there and it's fun. I see someone has posted that I am mentioned in the Daily Mail, and I also found out that The Independant has printed a letter I sent them, so off I went to my local paper shop to get my copies for my scrap book. I wouldn't ordinarily buy newspapers, I read them on the internet, but I think I can afford a couple. Oh dear, maybe I'm not the tightest person in Britain then.

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