Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Breakfast mini rant

Watching the hard working bin men outside in the street this morning while eating my breakfast,  prompted this video. Trying not to rant.

It's nice not to have to go to work. ilona

Monday, 13 August 2018

I'm a bit chuffed. Vid added.

It's the little things which makes me smile. I had a nice surprise this morning. The lovely Lauren who checked my shopping through the till on Thursday night left a lovely comment for me on the yellow sticker post. We chatted as she zapped everything through the scanner at a nice leisurely pace. Unlike another supermarket where the assistants barely have time to speak to you as they push things forward and you hurriedly move them into your trolley, and fumble with your purse to try and pay at the same time.

I like to be treated as a human being when I go shopping. I have never found a rude or grumpy staff member at Tesco Extra Scunthorpe.. They are all pleasant, have good manners, and are helpful. The checkout staff are super friendly and are always smiling.

Mind you, they can keep their self serve tills, their hand held scan as you go zappers, no I am not a robot, I will not do their job for them. I want a human to serve me, someone who appreciates that if their shop had no customers they would not have a job at all. So treat me with respect and I shall keep going.

Now off to Crafty Club. Cheerio

PS. A video added.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Coming together nicely

How many little red dots will I need for the exhibition? How many pictures will I sell? I haven't a clue. It would be nice if I could sell some, but it will also be nice if people are interested enough to walk around and take a look, and maybe ask me some questions. I will enjoy explaining how they were made, and if someone is inspired to try and make their own, that would be good. 
I have made the labels for each one, these will be below each picture. They all have a number, and a title, and the price, all hand written.

I have some pre printed paper from many years ago so I cut it up and hand wrote my contact details on them. These will be on my table to give out, and people can pick one up if I am not there.

I have written two lists, one for me, and one for the library to keep at reception. They will have to deal with any enquiries in my absence. I am not spending any money on getting paperwork printed, I can hand write everything.

It's coming together nicely. Still got to write a bio, I've been watching videos to see what I should put on it. A week to go, I should be ready.  Now I must go for a walk. Bye bye. ilona

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Making the job easier

It doesn't take me long to make a video, park the camera on an upturned small coffee table, park myself in front of it, and speak. Ten minutes if I don't waffle too much. Upload to yoootooob, they seem to be uploading a bit faster now, wonder if they have tweaked it a bit. And there you go, one blog post done. Quicker and easier than struggling for an hour or two, wracking the brains, editing and re editing a load of text. Now I have time to get on with other things.

Lurv ilona xxx

Friday, 10 August 2018

Lucky with the yellow stickers

I had a trip to my home town yesterday, to check out the exhibition in the library which is due to finish just before I start mine. I was surprised to see that there were only four paintings on the display boards. Apparently the person who booked it couldn't go ahead with it, and a friend had permission to hang their pictures instead. So I wasn't able to pick up any hints and tips on how another artist would set out their work. Not to worry, I have a pretty good idea of how I want my display to look.

I had a wander round the town while I was there. Sat in the park and ate my sandwich, did a bit of people watching. It was quite busy because it was market day. I noticed that there were hardly any empty shops in the shopping centres. Burton has grown so much since I lived there.

I called in to see Auntie Pat for a cuppa before I set off back home. She has a lot of de cluttering to do, I will be able to help her with that. I took away a box of cookery books intending to donate them to a charity shop here. I stopped at Tesco to pick up some shopping, and put the books on the charity table there. Seemed the easy thing to do.

I was lucky with the yellow stickers. There were more people than usual milling around the trolley, I dived in among them, and managed to get enough for me. Some people were greedy and taking lots of the same thing.  Here's a little video.

We had a short shower ten minutes ago but now the sun is out. It's turned cooler needed to put extra clothing on for my walk. It's the weekend, yipeeeee. Every day is a weekend for me :o)  ilona

Thursday, 9 August 2018

Keeping the lines of communication open

At one time if you wanted to contact anyone you either wrote them a letter or picked up the phone. That was all very simple. Snail mail took a couple of days, phone calls were instant if the other person picked up. Then there were answer machines if they were out, leave a message and they would get back to you, eventually.

I notice now that everyone I know has their own preferred method of communicating with others. It's up to me to keep pace with all the changes and try and remember who I have to email, text, ring on the landline or mobile, facebook message, or tweet. And that's only a few ways of communicating, there are more.

I can email one friend and she will reply when she has a minute to spare. I can phone and she will pick up if she is there or ring me back later. Another friend I can text because he only has a mobile and no landline or internet. One family member goes out a lot, usually has a routine so I have to try and remember what that is, and pick certain times of the day or night to contact her. Some people I find very difficult to contact, they are away from the house, don't have a mobile or haven't taken it with them, or it's in a bag and they can't hear it, sounds like me, ha ha. One person I know will do facebook messages during the day, but not at night, I can also ring her during the day on the landline, she may or may not answer, but doesn't like phone calls after 6pm. Some people have given up on landlines altogether.

Forums and blogs you can message someone and you are not sure whether they have read it, or if they will get back to you. It's like firing your words into space in a rocket, in the hope that they are picked up somewhere. Waiting for a reply which may or may not come, wasting time going back to have a look. All a bit barmy actually.

It's all a bit hit and miss really, trying to remember who prefers what. I'm not sure if this is progress or if our brains are becoming more computerized to keep up with it all. My actual preferred method of communication is to step outside the door and speak to someone. Lots of lurv. ilona

Hands up all those who can sing along with this all the way through. me me me :o)

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Learnt something new.

Well that's never happened before. I had a call through Facebook Messenger from my friend. She rang me, I missed it because I was outside, so I rang her back. I didn't know you could do that. Amazing. Free phone calls. Mind you, on my landline phone package my calls after 7pm are included in the price anyway.

Wonder if I can get all my friends to join. Mind you, it's not the same as speaking on the phone, I found I was talking over her because I wasn't sure when she had finished speaking, and when it was my turn. A bit like the Skype that I used to do, but don't do any more. I found that a bit difficult when there is a split second delay. A bit like speaking to someone on the other side of the world. Ok for a quick five minute call but it might be exasperating to speak for an hour like that.

Catch you later. ilona

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Blue Lagoon, new picture

Almost finished this picture. The wet felting which I did at the workshop at 20 21 Arts Centre, the other week. I have mounted it on a board, which is covered in a thick pale green curtain fabric, given to me by a Crafty Club member, it's just right for this. 
I have put some small tacks around the edge to hold it in place, then wrapped wire around them, and hammered them in.

The green fabric is laced at the back so it fits tightly to the board.

The tacks have come through to the back and I have bent them over. This will now be covered with a piece of matching curtain fabric, and wire added for hanging, to give a neat finish.

I wont have time for another project before the exhibition. I need to be thinking about what I need to  take with me. I'll make a list. 

Hot again today, they say we are going to have storms. My watering job has finished. Another dog walker for Bailey poodle has volunteered to help. Rose will do it when any of us can't. Joyce, Bailey's owner, is 92 on Thursday, her family are coming to take her out to lunch. I'm going to get this picture finished now. Cheerio. ilona

Monday, 6 August 2018

Go Brenda !

I've just read a blog post which is very inspiring. Brenda is a keen cyclist, has cycled long, long, and I mean very long distances, mostly with hubby, sometimes on her own. She has recently done a solo mini tour on her new electrically assisted bike, and she is loving it. 226 miles covered through Yorkshire, pulling her trailer with full camping gear. Photo's on the blog, it's a good read. The link is on my sidebar, if you want to read this report click here.

Brenda, you're a star, I am in awe of your pioneering adventures. Now with the new bike, there will be no stopping you. lots of love, ilona xxx

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Gone to a good home

My three mile walk around the village usually takes 50 minutes to one hour, depending on whether I stop or not. Sometimes it takes longer if I stop and chat more than once. Last night I stopped when I saw this campervan.  
It's a 1966 model, and still going strong 52 years later. It's meticulously maintained by the Mr, it's just sailed through it's MOT test, and is road tax exempt. 
The family have owned it for eight years after buying it from the previous owners in the West Midlands. Prior to that it originally came from Atlanta USA.  
I love the little dinky trailer on the back.

It's a left hooker, the dashboard and controls are very basic. None of your modern plastic fascia in here. I bet it's a lot of fun to drive.

Seeing this jogged my memory. One kind reader gave me a curtain with a colourful campervan design on it. I didn't want to cut it up and as I don't have a VW campervan I was looking for someone who might appreciate it. When I got back from my walk 20 minutes later I got in my car and went straight round there and gave it to them. The Mrs was dead chuffed, she put it in the van and said it would make a nice tablecloth, and she might find another use for it in the house. So thank you kind reader, it has gone to a good home.
Sunny Sunday, I'm gone. ilona

Saturday, 4 August 2018

How revolting!

I've just had to go outside and scoop up the contents of a cat's stomach. A little bit of cat food, and a chewed up mouse, head and tail intact with blood and guts mixed in with it. I almost puked :o(

Magnificent Desolation by Buzz Aldrin. Book review

I often look up to the moon and think, wow, men have been up there and walked on it. I remember being amazed in 1969 when we saw pictures of 'lift off', at 9.32 am the five large Saturn V engines ignited. Buzz Aldrin describes the atmosphere as the three of them waited in anticipation of their journey to the moon.
'Gasses rushed out of the engine nozzles as they built up thrust, when they reached full power the gantry latches released and the rocket was free to soar'. Words taken from the first chapter, 'A journey for all mankind'. I like that, 'free to soar'. Wow, yes, we are all free to soar if we grasp opportunities when they come our way.

Buzz Aldrin was the second man to walk on the moon. The first part of the book describes the events leading up to the launch, what they did when they landed, how they felt, their routine of checks, gathering samples and data, the long three day journey back to earth, and landing in the ocean.

The rest of the book details Aldrin's struggles with depression and alcoholism. Being part of the first moon landing had a profound effect on him, he was for a while floundering in a fog, not sure what direction he was going to go in next after his epic journey. He found various jobs within the US Air Force and NASA. He became famous obviously, but the tag of being the 'second' man on the moon took it's toll. Not quite the first, like he was always following in Armstrong's footprints. His life spiraled out of control when he no longer had any more goals to achieve.

Aldrin has been married three times and he has three children with his first wife. Reading this book has prompted me to find out more about him on Wikipedia, and it seems he is is the process of divorcing his third wife. I often go leaping ahead because I want to find out what happens next.

A complex character with an interesting and colourful life. Following the moon landing he has worked tirelessly towards making space travel accessible to all. Whether this will happen remains to be seen. The book is an easy read, great if you have an interest in space expeditions, from a man who has been there and done it.

Customer reviews from those who have read the book.

Buzz Aldrin's web page.

Happy reading, I'm onto my next book now. Happy weekend. ilona

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Too hot for cats

The heat is back. I have got a watering up job for my friend who is on holiday. I rather hoped that we would get some more rain then I wouldn't have to do it so often. She has a big garden with what must be a couple of hundred pots. Thank goodness that she has two hose pipes which squirt a long way. I only have to drag them around and waft the water over the lot. No hosepipe ban yet, it might not happen due to the last few downpours filling up the reservoirs. 
When Heidi has had enough of lying in a sunny windowsill, she moves to this one in the shade in the kitchen, and takes cover under the net curtain.  
Mayze likes to lie down in a darkened room. I close the curtains for her. She loves my duvet and sleeps all night with me there. Yes, I still have a duvet on the bed, it's a lightweight one, I pull the corner across my body and stick my legs out of the side.

I had a no-cook dinner tonight. Fabulous salad. Iceberg lettuce, salad leaves, potato salad, large tomato, two small tomatoes, two mushrooms, cucumber, and a quarter of a cheese and onion quiche.

All the artwork is packed up and ready. Now need to do the paper side of things. A reporter from the local newspaper will come and see me on the first day when I am set up. Take photographs and do an interview.

It's great that so many people are still walking, thanks for checking in, I'm proud of you all. I shall be off for my walk shortly, just waiting for it to cool when the sun goes down. Adios. ilona

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Check in for the Walking Group

Well I haven't quite made it to the target again. I should be on 583, and I am 10 short. Oh dear. I must pull my finger out and get on with it. I am going to be very busy over the next few weeks, after the exhibition I will be going on holiday. At least I will get some walking done then to hopefully catch up.

How is everyone else doing? Are you surging ahead, or are you struggling to keep up? Report your achievements, and your failings. Give each other a pat on the back, or commiserations, whichever is appropriate.
Ta very muchly. ilona