Thursday, 28 May 2009

Free day out in Hull

I used my bus pass again today, to go to Hull. It's real name is Kingston upon Hull, so much nicer than just Hull. The bus station is massive, and so organised, buses coming and going every few seconds, it's a hive of activity. I went into the ticket and information office and gathered all the timetables which I thought might be usefull for my research on days out. Then I went walkabout, armed with my map and tourist guide book. As it is school half term there was a lot going on, continental food market, craft fair, childrens entertainment, and street performers. I took a few photo's.
The Deep, one of the deepest and most spectacular aquariums in the world. I didn't go inside, maybe next time when I get a free ticket with my Tesco vouchers.

A polar bear in the Mariners Museum.

The Marina.

Street entertainment.

This bus is as old as me, built in 1949

Streetlife - The Museum of Transport

Monument of Ghandi in the Wilberforce Garden

Another frugal day out, I took my sandwiches and a drink, and didn't spend any money apart from £4.36 at Tesco. Well I had to get my reduced price bargains, didn't I, as the store was next to the Bus Station. I will have to go back to Hull again, there is such a lot more to see. I love the interesting architecture, there are some lovely old buildings, and of course I must make sure I have enough time to go inside The Deep.

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