Sunday, 10 May 2009

Growing my food

My veg garden is beginning to take shape now, things growing in pots are almost ready to be put into the raised beds. The spuds are coming up, I have two beds with nine in each, three in pots, and three in an old kitchen wall cupboard laid on it's back with the doors taken off, it's a bit like a mini raised bed.
I put the bean poles up today in the corner bed and put 21 plants in, the twigs around the edges are to keep the cats out. Here are some peas planted up in plastic storage boxes. I have four courgettes in a bed, they look small at the moment but they will soon fill it. The radishes are coming along, and the turnips are starting to show. A few broad bean plants. Still lots more to do, I can see me being busy in the garden this summer.

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