Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Clever Henry

I've been looking after Henry for a couple of days, at his house. You may remember I stayed with him for a week not so long ago, while my friend Helen went on holiday. He completely wore me out when I discovered that a Labrador puppy eats just about anything.

In the space of five weeks he certainly has grown up a lot, in size and intelligence, what a handsome boy he is now. I can see that Helen's perseverance with dog training classes is paying off, and he isn't half as unruly as he was. He understands all the basic commands, and I can see that he will make a perfect companion. When I speak to him he listens intently and looks into my eyes. He recognises a lot of words, and will sit and offer his paw immediately when he knows a treat is coming his way.

Yesterday we went a walk across the fields, he picked up the scent of something in the wind and his nose twitched, and his ears pricked up as he listened. If he was off the lead I think he would be charging across the field after something, but we didn't have much time. It's obvious he has an appetite for learning, for adventure and excitement.

We only had a short walk today because it has been pouring with rain all day, so I made up a game to play indoors. I put him in another room so he couldn't see where I was hiding some of his treats. Then I let him back in and encouraged him to 'find'. His tail was wagging with excitement as he found each one, what a clever boy. I am glad that Henry is growing up, I can see that he will be a lot of fun.

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