Saturday, 11 July 2009

Must do something

I have got a serious case of crafting confusion, a befuddled brain you might call it. So many ideas in the pipeline, so many things to make, but where do I begin? There are some good ideas on the internet, must have a go at that I think, put it on the 'to do' pile, the pile is growing steadily by the day. Whoa, that's enough.

I look at my stuff, and think, I must do something. I look out of the window waiting for a sign, I am dreaming again, wake up and get on with it I tell myself. The calendar is full, something written on it every day, dog walking, plant watering, Scrapstore, walking. Hmmm, I ponder a bit more. I don't feel any sense of urgency. Wasting time is a sin, must get on and do something.......


  1. Creative thinking time is very useful... recharging batteries time is also necessary.. that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!

  2. Thank you, you've made me feel better. I am not looking into space and dreaming, I am creative thinking:-)