Friday, 17 July 2009

Squelching around Harrogate

I was determined to have a day out today, as it is exactly one year since my operation, I tell everyone I had my gearbox out, ha ha. So to celebrate my recovery I drove to Wetherby in North Yorkshire, where I stopped for a fish and chip lunch. Might seem odd to choose a chippy but this is a treat for me, I only have fish and chips about three times a year, I don't do fried food.

Then on to Harrogate. It was bright when I set off but oh dear, the rain started, and never stopped all day. I parked at Sainsbury's on the outskirts and used my bus pass to get into town. I have driven through Harrogate plenty of times in the past, but never been to look round. I love all the flowers, they put a lot of effort into keeping the place neat and tidy. This is the world famous Betty's Tea Rooms, a big corner building, obviously very popular as people were queuing to get in. They have a shop as well, gazing longingly at the pastries and cakes made my mouth water, the prices made my eyes water :-(

This Victorian shopping arcade is lovely. It's on two floors, with shops selling fine china and ornaments, pictures, and expensive furniture.

I was a bit disappointed that some of the beautiful buildings have been spoilt with modern signage, this is a Chinese Restaurant.

With my feet thoroughly soaked by now I headed home, thank goodness I had put spare shoes and socks in the car. As I was passing Tesco I called in to do a big shop so I could use my £6 off voucher. I needed to make it to £40 so I carefully recorded all the prices as I added the items to the trolley. There were several reduced price items from the chiller, the veg, and the bread counters, and when I had almost finished, I went back to these counters to see if they had added anything else. I was lucky, they had, but they had also reduced even further some of the items I had already chosen. I hope no one was looking when I did a quick swap. The best prices were, smoked salmon slices from £2.49 to 62p, washed lettuce from £1 to 25p, spinach from £1.50 to 38p. A good end to the day.


  1. Your blog is so delightful and I find your attitude towards life very inspiring!

  2. Thankyou so much for your kind words, Cynthia. I am happy to know I am not talking to myself. There is so much gloom and doom in the world, I am doing my little bit to cheer people up. Life is what you make it, some things you can't change, but you can change how you feel about them. Wake up with a smile and the day will be happy.


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