Monday, 3 August 2009

Bus or car?

I haven't been using my bus pass lately because the bus doesn't take me to where I want to go. Good enough reason I suppose, but I'll explain. When I go out I have a plan of things to do, if all those things are in one place then fine, I can go on the bus. I might have a trip to town and go to the bank and the library and the market, all within walking distance of the bus station.

But what if there is a special offer on of Felix cat food in the market and I want to buy loads because it's cheap. I cant because it is too heavy to carry, and I'm certainly not old enough to get one of those trolley things. And what if I pop into the bargain shop and see they have some dry cat food which is a good price, again too heavy to carry.

I might need to do some food shopping, but how can I find the special offers and reduced prices when the big four supermarkets are dotted all over the place? Do you think I could get the bus driver to do a tour for me, and wait while I make my purchases, I don't think so, and how do I carry it when I walk from the bus stop to home?

I am in the habit of calling in places as I am passing, at a certain time, that's how I get really cheap food a fraction of the price. Buses to and from my village pack up at 6 o clock, and you need to shop at 8 o clock for bread that is 10p a loaf. So using my bus pass to get my food shopping is going to bump up my food bill astronomically, because I wouldn't be able to get the bargains.

What if I see something in a skip that I want to take home, or pick up a couple of pallets for the garden. Imagine if I asked the bus driver to stop when I see a skip that is overflowing with usefull stuff, would he wait while I had a rummage through it, probably not.

You just don't get the flexibility with a bus like you do a car, that's why I am not using my bus pass very often.


  1. Makes sense to me, you have to weigh the one against the other and do what works best for you.

  2. At the risk of adding a further complication, rather than offering a solution... have you got a bicycle?

    OK, as an ex-trucker, you may find the whole cycling thing a bit too far outside your comfort zone, but I'd be interested to know whether you've ever considered the potential of a bike.

    As it happens, one wagon-driver mate of mine once referred to cyclists as "Speed bumps".
    I think he was joking...

  3. Going on from cyberkim, when it is fair weather I take my bicycle. but I was lucky enough to get a childrens 2 seater trailer on freecycle. With a hard base added to where the cloth was thin in the seating area (pallets liberated from a window firms skip). it makes a good carrier.

    but also cars tend to slow for me as they think there are children in it.

  4. Yes I have got a bicycle, it has got a rack on the back behind the seat, so I can carry a small amount of shopping. I used to use it a lot when I was really skint, JSA paid a pittance, and couldn't afford fuel for the car. I found it a great way to save money,I didn't buy stuff I couldn't fit on the rack. The only problem I found I was paranoid about security, I had three chains and locks, and was scared about leaving it anywhere.

  5. I use my bike a lot - mostly fair weather - & also have that internal debate/planning going on! I do massage, so 'have to' do lots of wash - & have a rack with bags for that (can fit ~ 3 sessions worth of sheets) but if it's the day I pick up my CSA veggie share, can I fit those too?? I also have one of those 2 seat trailers - most often use it for my harp (& in the 'stroller' mode) when I've got a gig downtown - but can use it with the bike on Tue (veggie day)