Saturday, 1 August 2009

I won't get caught out with this lot !

Have I got a mountain of toilet rolls :-0

I already had some left, from my last excursion to the wholesalers about four years ago, and now I have another 144 rolls to add to the pile. I picked them up at Sheffield yesterday, thought I might as well get stocked up as I was passing by anyway. At my current rate of usage, two for a pee and three for a poo, (that's squares not rolls, ha ha) I reckon I have got about ten years worth here. :-)


  1. LMAO I must show my kids this, they use toilet roll like they are going out of fashion. Maybe I should stand outside the door with two squares of three!! Depending on what it is for lol.

  2. I used to tell mine that the toilet roll was rationed (pretty much the same ratio you mentioned)... when they were very young they accepted it... now that they are older they don't! lol!