Sunday, 23 August 2009

Not buying veg

The veg garden is still providing me with lots of food, I am pleased to say. My cucumbers are doing really well, and now at last I have some tomatoes. Most of them are still green though so it looks like I might be cooking and freezing a lot of them.

I took the cover off the brassicas today to weed underneath them and to put some fresh canes in to keep them upright. The sprout plants are massive and looking healthy, and there are some cabbages coming along. Thankfully the net curtains over the top has kept the butterflies off.

I still have beans in abundance and have started to freeze them, but the courgettes have slowed up a bit. I pulled some onions and had three for my dinner tonight, they went in the steamer with the potatoes, beans, and broccoli. I've still got some carrots, beetroot, and turnips left.

I have made a new salad box, in a washing up bowl, the last one has just been dumped on the compost heap. They last me ages, I just keep picking a few leaves for the meal I am having, leaving the rest to grow.

I won't be buying any veg for a while yet, that's unless I see something I am not growing, at a very cheap reduced price, ha ha.


  1. Its great when the garden is so fruitful! And not just cheaper than buying at the shops but tastes so much better too! Good idea the salad in the washing up bowl... I have a slug problem here so that might be a good idea for me.

  2. I lost so much of my (shared) garden this year to hail, day in and day out, but have now at least planted my second crops of arugula, lettuce, mesclun mix, and radishes. THe cucumbers never made it at all, and there was not a long enough season left to replant, so, next year...