Thursday, 6 August 2009

An OK bag

I thought you might like to see another bag, I've just finished this one, it's made of the same upholstery fabric as the previous one. This is how I made the design for the front. It hasn't turned out exactly as I imagined it. I wanted to use silver plastic for the decoration but couldn't find any. Then I tried these shapes the other way round, the silver side on the outside, but it didn't look very interesting, so I decided to incorporate colour into it. I keep changing my mind as I make these bags, sometimes it works brilliantly, sometimes it's just ok. I cut these shapes from various aluminium drinks cans, then punched the holes in them and used black wool to crochet around the sharp edges. I stitched them onto the front of the bag.
The buckle fastening is a cat collar.

For the lining I used a piece of fabric from a dress I bought at a car boot sale for 20p. The seams are done on the machine, and the shoulder strap and lining are hand stitched into place. Another handy bag.

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