Monday, 31 August 2009

A visit to Epworth Show

We've had nice weather here today, a bit blustery but warm and sunny with no rain. I decided that me and Ben should have a couple of hours at the Epworth Agricultural show, I say a couple of hours because I'm not sure if the old boy is up to doing any more due to his wonky back legs. He could probably manage one circuit of the field.

Getting him in and out of the car is no easy job. The footwell isn't big enough for him so his entry and exit has to be through the back door of my estate car. This is a bit too high so I had the idea of making some steps for him. I got the wheelie bin laid down against the back bumper, and a big plastic storage box upside down next to it, and covered it with a piece of carpet, this made two steps up. He was a bit nervous but with some biscuits scattered inside as an incentive, he managed to haul himself in.

In previous years I have never seen anything of the show because I was always working on my stand selling fancy goods and giftware, so it was nice today to have an amble around. Ben thought it was wonderful to sniff so many other dogs, and hoover up the bits of food that people had dropped. His prize find was a whole sausage.

I met a few people I know, my friend Polly was a judge in the dog show, Anita and Alan with their rescue Labrador, another friend with her Dalmation, and some people I know showing their classic cars. I took a few photo's.

There were three alpacas, haven't they got lovely faces. Nearby was a lady with a spinning wheel demonstrating how to spin the wool.
This shire horse decided to do a whoopsie, the man leading it is waiting for it to finish before he moves on.
Bernese Mountain Dog. There was a team of these dogs, each one had a wooden cart full of flowers to pull.

This Morris car has been chopped in half and converted into a mini truck, it has exhaust stacks on the back.

I was very impressed with these fabulous blooms in the Flower and Produce tent.

We both enjoyed our visit to Epworth Show.

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