Thursday, 27 August 2009

Zippy bag

Blimey, I've just noticed that this is my 200th post, think I ought to celebrate, I'll crack a can of cider, ha ha. When I started the blog I thought I might do it for a year. One year of frugal living, money saving, and how to live within your means. I've had plenty of practice. I had an operation last year and needed twelve weeks off work to recover, then lost my job and became unemployed in October. You could say my enforced retirement started ten months early, rather than the actual date three months ago. But here I am, eight months into my blog, and always something to write about. Life is grand.

This is my latest bag, made out of fourteen zips I got from the Scrapstore. It is quite small, 18cm x 13cm, so it's more like an evening bag. I was limited by the colours I have, and the metal zips make it quite heavy, but it is all hand stitched. The handle has a leather stiffener inside it and is covered with the same fabric as the lining, from a dress I got for 20p at a car boot sale. I am going to put a simple press stud on the inside to fasten it, as inserting another zip along the top would make it too bulky.
The colours on the photo's are a shade lighter than the actual colours, and on the other side the zips are in a slightly different sequence, there is two blue and one pink. It looks quite trendy and quirky, maybe Iwill have to have a night out to try it.


  1. Keep writing! I love reading (from Texas) what you are doing in England. I also enjoy your pictures. You have been an inspiration to me so don't stop blogging!

  2. Love the bag! I, too, love reading about your frugal lifestyle. Having just given up work and having to 'cut back' you are an inspiration to me.

  3. Thank you both, I will keep on blogging. People who know me know I am a bit of a gas bag, so what better place to do it on here. At least I can't see you roll your eyes in dismay, or makeing hasty excuses to escape my rabbiting on and on and on, ha ha.

  4. This bag is Fabulous! I want one, now! You should do mail order via paypal or something so that I can have one just like it.


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