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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Bag made out of scrap vinyl

I have some coloured vinyl which I got from the Scrapstore and thought it would be interesting to see how easy or difficult it was to make a bag out of it. I like bold, contrasting colours so I chose black and red for the bag, and added random coloured triangles for the decoration on the front. It's a shoulder bag, some of it is sewn with the machine, and some parts are hand sewn.

The hardest part was sewing the gusset around the bottom corners of the front and back, as it was bulky and bunched up a bit. Pushing the needle through was not easy so the pliers were a help here. I have sewn through two buttons on each side to attach the strap. I didn't bother to line it because it would have been difficult to attach it to the edges of the bag. The fastening is red plaited elastic over a yellow button. It looks very eyecatching but I won't be using it because I have left it at the Scrapstore to illustrate my idea, maybe someone else will be inspired to have a go and make one.

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