Thursday, 8 October 2009

Hidden under the stairs

I'm just back from the council dump, and guess what, it is closed, ggrrrr. I forgot about the new winter opening hours, should have checked first. Never mind, it gives me chance to sort out my shed and garden, no doubt there will be some more stuff to dump. I'll take it again tomorrow, good job it's only two miles away.

Look what I found under my stairs.....

A lovely big puffy cushion I made about 25 years ago. I thought I had thrown it out, I'm rather pleased I didn't. It measures 24 inches across, and I can remember painstakingly hand stitching every piece. The cover has a zip opening, and I made the cushion inside out of an old nylon bed sheet, remember those awful things! I cut the 61 hexagons from a couple of my dresses, again a crimplene/nylon type fabric that never creased and never needed ironing. The back is just one piece of plain dark blue. No great achievement when you think of how big a whole bed quilt is, but it's a big enough project for me to tackle.


  1. I just came over from leannes Blog to say hello. I see we are both fans of patchwork. I make it my rule to use only scrpas and recycled fabrics. I was browsing through your money saving tips, I do some of them, but will definately do more, from your list. Will be a regular visitor now. Nice to meet you! Kath

  2. Hi Kath, pleased to meet you. I haven't quilted for a while, but finding this cushion might spur me on to make something else.

    I find money saving becomes a habit after a while, you never stop learning new ways to squeeze an extra few pennies here and there. Getting the most for my money is a challenge I relish. Thank you for your kind comments.


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