Sunday, 18 October 2009

My free greenhouse

Yippeeee, I have been given a greenhouse. It's new to me because I have never had one before, but it's second hand, from the people up the road. They have moved to a new house which already has a greenhouse, and the lady moving into theirs doesn't want it, so they asked me if I would like it. How thoughtfull, yes thank you very much.

The husband has very kindly dismantled it for me, and delivered it, all free of charge. So this is my new challenge, sort all the bits out, clean it up, and put it back together again. Now where do I start? I think it's going to be a two person job so I will have to find a willing helper.

That's my lunch break over, back outside again to finish my hedge trimming, it's a lovely day, too nice to be in.

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  1. A free greenhouse, you lucky thing. We gave ours away to a community project in a village near us called 'Battle'. (well we are in Hastings aren't we lol) We needed it gone as we were putting the chicken house there. I don't ever regret my chickens but I do sometimes wish we still had a greenhouse as we keep talking about growing veggies. Have fun putting it together. Thank you for your comments on my blog also.


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