Sunday, 11 October 2009

Now it's just a dribble !

I thought it was too good to be true, two days of gas contractors working in my house, and I have a fully functional central heating system....ermmm, not exactly. True, it was working and I had two wonderful baths out of it, but things seem to have come to a halt, the water has stopped flowing. Now it's just a dribble, .

I am now reluctant to switch it on because I suspect the tank maybe empty. It's not easy to tell with all that cladding on it, but it sounds like an empty tin when I give it a slap. So best err on the side of caution and leave it alone till someone comes to look at it.

Last week Warm Front sent an inspector to check out the work. Sharp intake of breath and a tut tut was heard from the vicinity of the airing cupboard. He called me over, 'See that meter there, they've put it on upside down, they will have to come back and put it right.'

Then he asked where the gas meter was, I directed him to the box outside, on the front of the house. Another sharp intake of breath. 'They've used the wrong diameter of copper pipe from the meter to the boiler, it should be bigger than that due to the distance between them. I'm afraid they will have to come back and change it.'

So now I have to wait for Bodgitt and Slapdash to return with their bag of tools. I suppose another few weeks won't make any difference, I've been without central heating for two years, I am well used to it.


  1. My friend had warm front put in a new heating system for her almost 2 years ago. They had to re-pipe the system and they put the pipes in the second bedroom so close to the door she could not shut it!!! They have just been back to replace her timer and room thermostat and they are still not working in correctly. At 75 she can do without this...... I feel guilty because I encouraged her to get warm front to do the work for her.......

  2. We had our boiler replaced this time last year, by the same bloke who installed the first one for us twenty odd years ago.
    Yeah, he's good.

    If you ever find a good plumber, don't lose 'em.

  3. I would have liked to use my own plumber (he is excellent), for this job but Warm Front do not allow it, has to be their approved contractors. The inspector said they are under a lot of pressure to complete the jobs in a specified time and move onto the next one. Hardly surprising that they don't do a good job then.


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