Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Wonder Woman....not.

I think I'm going to need a new knee, or a hip replacement, or possibly a left leg transplant ! I have overdone it a bit on the excercise, I keep thinking I am Wonder Woman, but the pain reminds me I am not.

It was such a lovely day today I got the bicycle out, haven't been on it for ages. You may recall I live in a village next to the River Trent, I often walk on the embankment, and I wondered what the view was like from the other side, so I got on my bike and went to have a look.

First I went along the track at the bottom of the wood to Flixborough, the tyres are still there in the ditch, then I went to Gunness and onto the A18 to cross the river over the Keadby Bridge. This was originally named the King George V bridge which was opened on 21st May 1916. It was a lifting bridge but was fixed in 1955, so it no longer opens. They used to pump water into the massive ballast box which rolled the huge wheels over the track, lifting up the other end so boats could pass through.

Close up of the ballast box
The big wheels underneath the box.

I stoppped at Keadby and took this photo of the Stainforth and Keadby Canal, where it joins the Trent. Keadby Power Station is in the background.

On I pedalled through Amcotts to Garthorpe, and looked across the water to the church on the hill, that's where I live, so near yet so far away. I wish there was a bridge here so I could just nip back home, my bum is beginning to get a bit saddle sore. I sat on a stone and had my lunch.
I wanted to go a bit further to Blacktoft Nature Reserve, but time was getting on and I didn't have any lights on my bike, and I didn't think my bot could stand much more pedalling.

I was right to come back at that point, my left knee hurts when I bend it, my left hip aches, and I have a shooting pain from my knee up the front of my leg. I'm off to bed, I'm knackered. Ha ha.


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely bike ride even if you do feel a bit sore now. I bet you feel even sorer when you get up this morning though. Love looking at your detailed trips around where you live, its a lovely area by the looks of it.

  2. The pain that you're getting in your hip/knee may simply be down to the set-up of your bike, so before you submit to the surgeon's knife it might be an idea to check that your saddle height is correct for your leg length.
    If you can get hold of a copy of "Richard's Bicycle Book" by Richard Ballantyne from your library, there's some sensible stuff in there about getting your bike to fit you properly, as well as lots of other really handy advice about riding safely and effectively.

    That bridge is a bit splendid too. A brilliantly simple idea.


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