Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Price of a pint!

I've just been to the pub, something I only do about twice a year as it's not much fun sitting there by myself and twiddling my thumbs. There was a music quiz but I didn't join in, I am hopeless at quizzes. I purchased a pint of cider and a packet of crisps. Shock horror, the price of it. Cider £2.70, I got a four can pack from Tesco for £2. Packet of crisps 65p, I got a multipack (12 packets) from Tesco for 47p. No wonder everyone's recycling bins are full of empty cans and bottles. I did read the paper though, so that saved me 36p, ha ha.


  1. not much for going to the pub myself Cilla. I have a question when you sew up your wonderful bags made from nylon, vinyl or other non fabric stuff are you using a ordinary domestic sewing machine.

  2. Yes, a normal £100 Janome machine from Dunelm. I test the thickness first on ofcuts to see if the needle will go through it. Trial and error really. Then I sew very slowly. If the machine stops, usually when sewing through a handle attached to the bag, I manually turn the wheel on the side for a few stitches till it is past the thick piece. I sew zips into smaller bags by hand.


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