Friday, 13 November 2009

Show support for homemade

For saying I don't do much shopping, I sure do have a lot of shopping bags now! Here is the sixth one, just finished.

Think I'll start a competition, how many shopping bags can you make from a gazebo roof. I still have some material left so look out for number seven. I am rather proud to show my bags off now when I go through the checkouts, the till ladies show great interest in them. I thought I would make this one with bold lettering, to show my support for home made. I cut the letters out of a piece of fabric used for making blinds, it doesn't fray so it is ideal for stitching straight onto something without having to hem it first. I used red embroidery thread and deliberately made the stitches large to emphasise the home made look.

The size of this one is 13" x 11" x 7". I like the handy size box shape as I am very particular how I pack my shopping. Having bags of different sizes means you don't damage anything because they don't fall over in the car, if you pack properly they stay upright. Smaller heavier items can go in the smaller bags, and things like boxes of cereals can go in the bigger bags. The handles are strong and firmly attached and can easily cope with the weight. Much better than those floppy flimsy plastic bags that spew their contents all over the place. Best of all of course, it cost less than 1p to make.


  1. I love it! This is your best one yet. Keep them coming.

  2. An amazing bag! I`d be proud to go shopping with that!
    Keep creating!


  3. This is definitely your best one! Do you still have it? Only asking since it's now 2015!!


    1. Hi Melissa. I gave it to a friend about two years ago. She loves it and still uses it weekly for her shopping. It is very strong and holds loads of tins and heavy veg.