Monday, 25 January 2010

Let's go flying again

I feel I ought to explore Jonathan Livingston Seagull further, as it is a story which makes you look inside yourself, and compare Jonathans ideas with your own. Looking back through my life there are many instances when I have felt empowered to follow my own instincts, and make my own decisions on which path to follow. One thought that keeps coming into my head again and again is that I don't feel the need to do what everybody else is doing. I don't have to go with the flow, and it's ok to be different.

Here is a quote from the book to illustrate :-

'For the next few days, Jonathan tried to behave like the other gulls, he really tried, screeching and fighting with the flock around the piers and fishing boats, diving on scraps of fish and bread. But he couldn't make it work, it's all so pointless he thought.'

Jonathan went off to do his own thing, he practiced his flying untill he became an expert. But this brought him big problems with the elders of the flock, they didn't understand. He tried to tell them why he wanted to fly high but they didn't want to listen, and so he was cast out.

Here is another quote :-

'Jonathan spent the rest of his days alone, but he flew way out beyond the cliffs. His one sorrow was that the other gulls refused to believe the glory of flight that awaited them, they refused to open their eyes and see. Jonathan discovered that boredom and fear and anger are the reasons that a gulls life is so short, and with these gone from his thoughts, he lived a long fine life indeed.'

I can understand Jonathans thinking, you must live your life for yourself, even though it means others may shut you out. You are the only person you have to live with, if you are at peace with yourself then you have a good life. Try reading Jonathan Livingston Seagull, if you haven't already, there may be some answers in there for you.

Thank you Frugal Queen for adding your comment yesterday, I understand what you are saying.


  1. very deep. I like the story who moved my cheese for similar reasons. Lifes what you make of it after all.

  2. Hi Ilona, Thankyou for such a thought provoking blog. I have always gone the other way to most people and sometimes it has got me into bother.
    I don't do it to be different, just to be individual.
    My life has had lots of ups and downs as we all have in our lives but it has made me appreciate that every second counts and envy and wanting get you no-where.
    I try to be frugal and do car boots and charity shops etc. People always comment on how nice my home is and when I start pointing out that most of it is from the car boot, they are amazed, but they would not do it themselves as it is beneath them. Maybe they are new souls and have a lot more to learn about life?
    As for feeding seagulls, we have an old gent that comes back to us each year at breeding time for his chicken wings to feed his young.(bought and dismembered into smaller bits from the local large store) He goes away for the winter but always returns the next year, we call him the obvious name, Sid.

  3. I loved reading Jonathon Seagull and anything by Richard Bach so thanks for reminding us! I have pretty much always done my own thing and it's probably peer pressure that keeps people in their place. I am with crafty cat corner about exploring treasures that others have discarded. it's an expression of creativity!
    I once bought a new lamp from John Lewis and it felt quite strange!

  4. Thank you so much for these last two posts, Ilona. I love Jonathon Seagull! This was one of my favourite books we studied back when I took my A levels.

    It is hard to make the decision to live your life for yourself, it is so much easier to live how others want you to live. It has taken me a long time to understand that there is nothing wrong with being whoever you really are. I'm getting there :)

    If anyone would like to read Jonathon Livingston Seagull, a text copy can be found on the website below