Sunday, 17 January 2010

Make a necklace for less than 1p

This is my first attempt at making a necklace using the glass beads I bought for £1 from a charity shop. I have seen this idea at a craft fair, they had beads tied within a fabric tube, and a knot between each bead. I made a tube from some red velvet I had left over from a previous project. I guessed that 30inches would be about the right length, best to make it longer than you think, you can always shorten it later.

The strip of fabric needs to be slightly wider than the bead to allow for the seam. Sew it together right sides in, very close to the edge so it doesn't look bulky. Then the tricky bit, turn the sausage inside out. I attached a piece of thin string to one end with a needle, then threaded the tube onto a crochet hook from the other end, hooked onto the string, and pulled it through. You have to be careful that you don't pull too hard and break some of the machine stitches. Ease it gently inch by inch.

Next I inserted a bead and pushed it to the middle. I found that I couldn't knot the fabric as it was too bulky, so I decided to use some fine wire that I had taken out of a video player. I think you might find some of this if you take any old electronic gadget apart.
I cut 6 inch long pieces and wrapped them very tightly in between the beads. A pair of small pliers helps to pull the wire tight and twist the ends together. Keep adding to the first bead either side of it until you have the desired length. I couldn't find a fastener so I have left two ends of four inches to tie the necklace at the back, sew up the ends.

My necklace has 30 beads, and the gold coloured wire in between gives it a look of classy handmade. It wouldn't look out of place on a table at a craft fair with a £10 tag on it. Total cost, less than 1p. I'll make another one with some different fabric.


  1. That is really pretty, I've not seen a necklace like that before.

  2. That is lovely, I have seen these for sale - btw - my new house is on the same street as the local scrap store and my husband is itching to join, help out and make some stuff - he's even signed up to volunteer and if you think I'm frugal, then I learnt it all from him.

  3. Very affective. Can yo imagine that with a black dress? It would look lovely.