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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Where are the gritters?

Not much has changed weather wise from yesterday really, we had more snow overnight, and two more mini blizzards today. This afternoon I cleared it from the top of my car and the driveway, and started the engine just to make sure it would start because I need to use it tomorrow. Yep, it's just fine, good old trusty Ford.

I rang my friend in the next village to see how she was going on in the snow. I said I might go shopping tonight because that would be the quietest time on the road. She rang me back at just after six and said, 'Thank goodness I have caught you, don't go'. Her husband has just arrived home from work after struggling up the orbital hill, it's like a sheet of ice. The only trouble is that to get anywhere from here we have to go up or down a hill. I will go tomorrow instead, I hope it is sunny so the ice will be melted on the roads.

I took Ben out this afternoon for his comfort walk and it snowed heavily while we were out. Alright for him with his big fur coat. When we got back to his house I left him in the kitchen on his mat by the back door. Although his coat keeps him warm he gets lumps of snow and ice sticking to his legs and undercarriage. My friend would not be best pleased if she found puddles all over her living room carpet.

There was a message on my answer machine when I got back, the doctors surgery has cancelled my visit for tomorrow morning. I was supposed to be helping out with some training with student doctors, they want to quiz me about my ovarian cyst I had in 2008. I don't mind doing this, they have to learn somehow. Anyway, the students can't get there because of the weather, and I think I might find it difficult as well, there's a big hill to go up. They are going to ring me back with another appointment.

My dinner was a bit basic tonight, using up some bits and bobs. I fried an onion in olive oil, added half a tin of sweetcorn, it was 20p for the whole tin, and half a jar of cheese sauce that was six months out of date and cost 30p. I cooked it for ten minutes, and boiled some egg noodles from a packet that cost 60p from which I have had four portions. A cheap dinner, well below my £1 per meal limit. Must go, the Archers is on in a few minutes.


  1. Our village has run out of bread and milk now but since I make my own bread I'm not worried... milk, well I have four pints left and will ration that just in case... plenty of left overs in the freezer will see us through to the weekend at which point I probably will have to shop...but realistically... how long can this last? People do panic a bit when it isn't necessary... if people used their imagination like you do then food would last a lot longer!

  2. We don't have any gritters, either. We are pretty much snowed in, which is unheard of down here! No chance of getting cars out of our road.

    Take care :)


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