Monday, 4 January 2010

You can't rush things

I think I'll give you another glimpse of my ongoing project, the rock pool. It's coming together bit by bit, as soon as I have an idea for something I think, perhaps it would work better if I did it like this instead of like that. I fiddle about putting bits and pieces together, changing my mind, no wonder it's taking ages. I always say you can't rush things if you want to get it right.

I am quite excited because I have some Christmas tree lights that don't work, so I took them to pieces and can use some of the parts in this. A few weeks back I found one of those pink foam toe separators in the street, you put it between your toes when you paint your nails so the polish doesn't smudge. Why it should be lying in the street I don't know, but I picked it up thinking it might come in usefull, and it has.

Here is another rock, it has three flowers on it made from six coloured zips, and buttons. The zips are 5 inches long, the two sides are separated and the zipper bit removed. Then sew two ends of one half zip together to make a circle and make a row of running stitch along the opposite edge to the teeth. Pull the stitches tight to make a flower shape. Do six of these and add three buttons to make three flowers.

And here is the pool, well the start of a pool, it needs to be bigger, and a lot more added to it. Think of the blue circles as ripples of water. I know it doesn't look like a pool at the moment, but it will. It needs to have some plants growing on it, and around the edges.

The mystery continues........

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