Thursday, 28 January 2010

You never know what you might see.

Lazy me didn't get up till 8.45 today. At last we have some sun, so as this walking bug seems to have taken hold I set off for a local walk, a bit more excercise for the legs can't do any harm. Even walking on familiar footpaths is enjoyable, you never know what you might see. I called at the shop on the way out and bought a bar of chocolate, to give me an energy boost of course.

I walked along the bottom of the wood to Flixborough, turned left along the edge of a field. I was pleased to see that the kissing gates at both ends had been replaced with brand spanking new ones. The last time I was here the stiles were crumbling.

I walked along the road and turned down Bagmoor Lane, I stopped to watch the wind turbines, one of them wasn't working. The door at the bottom was open and two men came out, they must be repairing it, I thought. One of the men went to the car, while the other one had a pee up the side of the turbine. I don't think that will make it go any better, ha ha. A bit further on I saw two deer in the woods. I must have startled them because they scurried away.

Then I carried on past the chicken farm, we have a lot of them round here, horrible places. Saw some gulls on a big pond next to the council tip, they all took to the air, I wondered if Jonathan was there. The breeze rippled the water.

I turned left up a track which was more like a stream, to Thealby, then along the road, turn right along the edge of a field, past the new cemetary, the playing field, and the allotments, and home. It was turning chilly by now, the sun had gone in, three hours was enough, I was ready for a late lunch.


  1. You and your walking! You will wear away to nothing with all your excercise...maybe you are doing my share too :o)

    I laughed at you saying the pee won't get the wind turbine working hahaha.

  2. What a wonderful day you had, almost medatative. I love the way you see so much in a day. I came home early from work yesterday, in the daylight and marvelled at the tunnel that links one Cornish village with another (Par and Lostwithiel) and how many garden are dug up for veg and have chickens, how many animals are out in the fields and how busy the world is. I so often don't see very much in the winter and it's nice to hav eyour eyes looking for us to see what we've missed.

  3. I'm especially enjoying walking my dog this past week because the snowdrops have begun coming into flower, and there's nothing quite so purely perfect as their pristine white teardrop flowers amidst the murk of the hedge bottoms. It won't be long before primroses and violets - I can't wait!

  4. I love hearing about your walks, and I love the photos you take whilst walking. You have some very pretty areas near to you.