Monday, 22 February 2010

Aha, there is a road outside my house!

My mucky windows were starting to bug me a bit, cleaning them is a job I hate, along with most other household chores. The easy way would be to get a window cleaner, but I am far too mean to pay for someone to do a job I am perfectly capable of doing myself. Only the elderly, infirm, or those with upstairs windows that they cannot reach, and the filthy rich who live in mansions, should have a window cleaner.

I must have saved loads of money over the years by cleaning my own windows. I don't suppose it is such a big chore after all when I come to think about it. They don't get done until I cant see out of them, and that is only two or three times a year, so I don't know what I am moaning about.

I used to faff around with cheap spray cleaners made for windows, or water and proper window cloths, aren't you supposed to put vinegar in the bowl? All far too messy. Now I just cut up an old teashirt which is ready for the rag bag, and get my trusty Pledge from under the sink. I don't have a rag bag actually, I wear my clothes till I start looking like a tramp:-)

Anyway, this morning I cleaned the two upstairs front windows. Luckily they have the sort of openings that you can hang out of and reach the outside. My goodness, they were filthy. I don't think I have done the ledges for several years, I don't know what people thought as they walked by. They are now clean.

I know aerosols are not good for the planet, but this is the only one I have in my house, and as I use it sparingly and very rarely get it out, it lasts ages. Can't remember when I bought this one from the £1 shop, it's probably about three years old. Look at the muck on that cloth ;-O


  1. When it runs out don't buy another one - make your own window cleaner. It's so easy: half white vinegar & half water - put essential oils in to make it smell less vinegary if it bothers you. Lemon is good because it's fresh but also has good, cutting through grease properties... Start saving/ finding plastic spray bottles now to put all your homemade cleaners in. As ever - love reading your blog Ilona.
    Den from

  2. You put us to shame - I really should do mine too!

  3. Lovely view from that window. I see, the snow still persists where you are. Nice job with the cleaning, by the way. I wish someone like you could do mine for me, lol. Funny how we all seem to hate that job most of all. Enjoy that clear view!

  4. Yes, as soon as the spring sunshine starts to break through, it shows all the crud that's accumulated on the glass.

    Hmmm. I'd better add 'windows' to the to-do list. Thanks a lot... I think.