Saturday, 20 February 2010

Don't let me eat the chocolate

I'm a bit late with this tonight, I've been busy on the walking forum. I wanted to know how to work out the distances I walk, and some kind member pointed me in the right direction of a really good web site. I can mark out the route on a map with the mouse, and hey presto it comes up with the mileage. Yesterday I walked 9.5 miles. And today I have walked 5.25 miles into town, I didn't think it was as far as that. It takes me 1 hour 40 minutes, which is about right for the average of 3 mph.

Anyway, I am going to go back over my previous walks and start logging my miles. It will be interesting to work out some totals, maybe for the week or month. I can see this spurring me on to do longer walks, and maybe walk a bit faster.

I bought another OS map from W H Smiths, and while I was in there I spotted a special offer on Cadbury's chocolate 140g. They were 80p each or two for £1. I thought that was a good buy so treated myself to two bars, one for now, and one for later. Then I had an idea. I usually give my next door neighbour some chocolate for feeding my cats when I am away, so I bought another 8 bars for £4.

I have started to eat one bar, well I did buy it for myself, but I have put the other nine bars in the fridge, to save for John next door, and Janet my friend who also comes in. I may have set myself an impossible task here, not to touch the chocolate in the fridge. I wonder how long I will last before I cave in? To be honest I would find climbing a mountain a lot easier than keeping my mits off the choccy, it's going to be one hell of a challenge. I'm going to need your encouragement when I am in danger of falling off the wagon. Please shout at me if I eat the chocolate.


  1. It's going to be hard for me to say stop put that chocolate back when I'll be thinking go Ilona eat it or better still, a little bar on one of your walks as a reward, is a good idea.

  2. Oooh, a little reward, I wonder if I could? ;->

  3. I read this last night and must have been left with a subconscious message as I bought chocolate today and I rarely do! I thought it was good value so bought some 70% cocoa choc!

  4. put some stickers on with the names it is for,it is much harder to eat johns chocolate if you see what I mean because you have mentally given it to him already

  5. That's a good idea She dragon. I have pushed it to the back of the fridge and piled other stuff in front of it so I can't see it. Out of sight out of mind.

  6. I do hope that you have given up chocolate for Lent Ilona - you know that self-denial is character building!

    Myself, I've given up vacuuming the stairs :O)