Monday, 1 February 2010

That Monday morning feeling :-)

What a lovely way to start the week, a soak in the bath, I needed it after that sweaty walk on Saturday. I thought I would wait untill this morning to indulge in a little relaxing water therapy. It seems so much more heavenly to bath on a weekday morning, and remember the times when I used to be up and out on the road at 4am. Such bliss to lie and dream about the week and months ahead, making plans.

This year I want to go out more, see places before I die. I dream of wandering around Scotland, the south coast, the Scilly Isles, the south west, the Yorkshire Dales, and many more wonderful places. So what do I need to do to achieve these goals? For a start I need to find someone reliable who will come in and feed my cats, I don't think they would do well in a cattery, even though my friend runs a top class establishment. I'm going to ask a few people close by and offer some payment for the service, that way it is ok to ask several times.

After three years of growing my own veg, I am going to scale it down a bit for this year, just grow a few things that need very little maintenance. In the past I have faffed about looking after my precious seedlings through wind and rain. This year they will have to fend for themselves.

Right, that's the plan, I still need to be frugal though to pay for my holidays, so I had better carry on with my money saving. The first thing I can do is re use my bath water, shame to throw it down the drain. The car is pretty mucky so here is my bath water.


  1. What an excellent use of your bath water! Unfortunately I am allergic to washing the car! lol!

  2. I had my water meter survey done today and I'll save the bath water, good idea to wash the car with the water and p.s very frugal easy going lodgings available f.o.c in Cornwall if you're passing!

  3. I agree, a brilliant use for the bathwater! It sounds like you have some great walks planned for this year, I'm looking forward to reading all about them :)

  4. Hi there! Just wanted to say I love your blog! :) Thank you. I'm a Brit expat in Turkey. We often have water shortages here so your idea sounds familiar!:)Love your cats, we have several. Power to you. All the best.