Saturday, 1 May 2010

From skirt to bag

What can you do with childrens clothing when they have outgrown them? The sensible thing would be to pass them on to a younger child, which is what happened in my family. I got my aunties clothes and my sister got my clothes. Here is another idea, why not make them into something else.

I started this project about six months ago, but came to a halt when I couldn't think of an idea for the next stage. This morning I picked it up again, and my dear Lilly so wanted to help. It is a childs denim skirt, which I bought from a charity shop for 39p, and I've turned it into a bag.

I didn't want to completely remodel the skirt because of all the work that would entail, unpicking seams, trimming and sewing up again. So I turned it inside out, stitched the bottom hem together and turned it back again. Then I inserted a zip at the top along the waistband, and put it away because I couldn't think what to use for a strap. Ideally a piece of denim to match the skirt would have been best, but I didn't have anything suitable.

After giving it lots of thought, I had the idea of using pink fabric because the stitching and the button are pink, so I thought it wouldn't look too out of place. I inserted a pink lining, and covered the pocket with a pink patch. I cut a piece of fabric for the stripe across the front and stitched on some crystals for decoration, which I got from a chandelier I found in a skip.

I have put a long strap on it so it can be worn diagonally across the body, although it would work just as well with a shorter strap over one shoulder.

There is plenty of room in the bag for all the essentials that us ladies carry around, and maybe a few extras like a sandwich and a small bottled drink.
This idea could be used on other items of clothing as well, such as a jacket or sweatshirt, cut the arms and collar off, or a pair of short trousers, sew the bottoms of the legs together. Anybody else fancy having a go?


  1. What a fabulous bag!!! Totally love that idea!
    I could try some of that on some clothe I was going to take away to the charity shop. I tend to have a turf-out day in May and October each year, where I select items I don`t want to wear anymore and take them down to the charity shop. I`ll be a bit more selective from now on, I think. Great take on a bag!! Nicest bag I`ve seen in a long time! Well done!

  2. Some years ago, a friend of mine had a bag for carrying hockey sticks made from the legs of an old pair of denim jeans.

  3. I have a pile of Mike's holey jeans, I hope to do something with them