Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Closing down sale

I've got a bit of sad news today, the scrapstore is closing :0( I had an email last night telling me to get myself over there asap because they are clearing everything out. I was there at just after 10am this morning. I suspected it might come to this, business has been slowing up, there haven't been enough customers through the door for several weeks now.

As well as not having enough money to pay the bills, we have also found out that the owners of the building are closing the place down and selling up, so that's a double whammy. There isn't much point in looking for new premises because there isn't enough money in the kitty to pay rent.

So it's all gone t1ts up as they say. They have been selling off the stock all week to try and raise enough money to cover the last rent bill. It's such a shame because Lorraine and her husband Bob have been running the place for ages. They have been working voluntarily, five days a week, for a long long time. Phil has also given a lot of his time to it. Other volunteers have come and gone, numbers have dropped, but what can you do, people have other more pressing comitments.

The van arrived this morning from Hull Scrapstore, Tracy packed it up to the roof and took it away. She said she might come back for some more. I had a good search round picking out what I wanted, I got a big pile together, mainly fabric, wood, carpet, sticky tape, foam, and other bits and pieces. I made a donation for it even though they said I could have it for the work that I have been doing for them. I was happy with my fantastic bargains. I gave the carpet to Sue to put down in her cat rescue pens.

What ever is left on Friday is going to landfill, that will break my heart. I said I will be back on Friday and will take away anything that could be usefull, I can't bear to chuck things into a hole in the ground. I will take what I can, even if it means finding another home for it later on. A very sad day.


  1. very sad news Ilona:-(

  2. Sadly, all good things come to an end too early.

  3. That is such sad news. We have a scrap store, funded by the council and they staff it and help with the collection of recyclable materials. School go and get stuff for nothing,so it's very well used. I get stuff for my classroom displays. I hope youmake nice things from the scrap you rehome.

  4. thats sad, couldnt local schools and nurseries make use of the stuff? x

  5. What a shame Illona,

    I don't know if it is feasable in this day and age because of all the checks you need to go through, but could you not do some craft workshops for kids over the summer? There would probably be a church or school hall that would give it's services for free? Then, all this stuff would go to good use. Also, would keep some kids busy and off the streets.

  6. Hi dubgirl, We have been supplying schools and play groups, the teachers come and take whatever they need for a small donation. They will have to source their materials elsewhere now. Our council do not seem interested in it at all, they are very short sighted and don't recognise the recycling benefits of it. We have far too many office wallers who are happy to sit on their butt quoting from all the regulations ever invented. You get more sense out of a two year old.

  7. Our village has a regular swap shop every three months or so in the village hall... but I don't know what they do with the stuff that is left at the end of the day... I guess storing of it would cost... I suppose the local charity shops must get it. Well at least it isn't ending up in the landfill. Very sad news Ilona.

  8. Hi samfan,I was thinking about doing some workshops myself yesterday when I was chatting to Tracy from Hull. She does them over there. I will contact her about me attending so I can see how it's done.

    I have just been CRB checked for the council in preparation for when I exhibit my work at the Arts Centre, yes, just to stand there and chat to anyone who is interested. I am not sure if that check will only cover me for when I am on council premises. To be honest I feel more drawn towards working with adults.

  9. Hi Billie Jane. Swap shops sound like a good idea. I have thought about getting a craft group started in my village but I don't think there would be much interest. Although it's a very nice place to live it is full of professional people who's only ambition is to earn as much as they can and spend it all. Talk about keeping up with the Jonses, it's consumerism gone mad round here. Their idea of crafting would be lets go to the wool and fabric shop and buy our supplies.

    Maybe I shouldn't have this defeatist attitude, but I don't want to spend time starting something for it to only fall flat on it's face, but then if you dont try you never know. Oh I am confused.

  10. Oh what a shame! Our local scrap store is going great guns, its partly staffed by young people with special needs - I think they get Grants and whatnot for employing them. They hold craft workshops for children during hols and hold instructional craft workshops for teachers etc to help/inspire them to do recycling work with their groups of children. Of course the success of the scrapstore all depends if you have support and agrants and whatnot from local council and other bodies.
    Can you post whats left of the scrap store stuff on Freecycle, at least it will prevent it being thrown into a big hole, and someone will get use of it.


    Vicky x

  11. What a shame Ilona. We use the scrapstore in Leeds a fair bit. Twiglets school is always on the look out for stuff to make models with etc. In fact we're currently saving boxes and old loo rolls etc as there is a local artist going in soon to work on models with the children :) Hope they manage to find a new home for the stuff rather than landfill it must be soul destroying for the folks that work there.
    Twiggy x