Monday, 14 June 2010

Looking after their customers!

How very enterprising of our Ambulance Service. To drum up some more custumers they are having a summer sale. I wonder what offers they have, I must pop in and ask next time I am passing, I might be tempted to bag a bargain.

Maybe it's a b.o.g.o.f, ring up for one and they send another free. Perhaps you get a cup of tea and watch a video on your way to hospital. Or maybe they drive at 70 miles and hour instead of 40.

Or, if you have broken one leg, you can break the other free of charge and only make one journey instead of two. Perhaps they are introducing a loyalty card where you collect points for each call out, double points if you share the ambulance with your neighbour.

I think this sale will prove very popular, it might be worth getting all your ilnesses and accidents over and done with in the summer. Could save you a bit of time and money ;o)


  1. Hope it isn't part of the government cutbacks - selling off an overstock of paramedics or a few surplus stretchers!

  2. Maybe they`re selling off ambulances! I`ve always fancied converting one into a motorhome - I`m just a re-cycled hippy!

  3. Funny you should say that Lynn, I did once buy a redundant ambulance and got my friend to convert it. He did a wonderful job, professional joiner not a bodge job. Trouble was it was very thirsty. I advise not to get one with a 2 litre petrol engine, you can watch the fuel gauge go down as you drive!

  4. When I was at school, an old ambulance was purchased by the Parent Teachers Asssociation, so that we could use it as a mini-bus. This was yet another "character building experience" for us, as it was only moderately reliable and inevitably got us loads of abuse from pupils at neighbouring schools.
    In a fruitless bid to maintain credibility, we were supposed to refer to it as "The School Vehicle". [Sound of Hollow Laughter]