Thursday, 3 June 2010

Quickie chat

Back down to earth with a bump now :0) I've got Henry choc lab here with me waiting for a walk, he's coming again tomorrow, and then I'm looking after Ben over the weekend. The diary is looking pretty full for June, not much time for breathing, ha ha.

I've made a start on the hedge trimming, I have a fairly long Leylandi hedge, 6ft tall so I need to get up and down on the stepladders. I thought about making the job a bit easier and getting an electric trimmer, but that wouldn't be very frugal. Also we have to cut down on our electricity use because in a few years time we will be facing blackouts when it is rationed. It aint going to last forever :-( So it's onward and upward with the shears.

I went into the 20 21 Arts Centre yesterday, to pick up a copy of the latest brochure which lists future exhibitions and events. There is my name for all to see, I shall be there on the 31st of July showing my craft work. They are having some workshops over the week, although I won't be running them they are using some of my ideas for which I get the credit for. I know it sounds a bit barmy but I have had to be CRB checked just to set up a table and talk to people, because children will be around. A bit over the top if you ask me, but I went along with it because the council pay for it.

My gas and electricity bills arrived while I was away, and my cat sitter friend Janet duly paid them with a cheque I left for her. Thank goodness they are back to normal, a big drop from last time. Gas was £42.64, down from £96.89, and electricity was £23.44, down from £45.99, and both meters were read. Big sigh of relief, that's more like it.

Henry is pestering for a walk so gotta go. I'll be back later with another holiday report.


  1. See if you can't get an electric hedgecutter from Freecycle and save your arms and shoulder joints. You can worry about saving electricity later once it starts being rationed.

  2. Good luck on the craft show. The hedge sounds like a bit of a challenge. I agree get some electric hedgecutter for now. They do not take much and you will finish faster.

  3. Good news on your electric and gas bills being less. Have fun at the craft show and I will look forward to reading all about it. Enjoy your walk.

  4. Hedge is done, grass is cut, now just the weeding in the cracks of the higgledy piggledy slabs on the driveway. The electric hedge trimmer sounds tempting for the next time.