Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Nature is so crafty

Never look a gift horse in the mouth. I have no idea what that means because no one has ever given me a horse before, and if they did I wouldn't be getting close enough to it to look in it's mouth. But my gift to me today, is a plate of spuds.

They are a gift because I never planted any in the spot where I have just dug these up. These magic potatoes just appeared in the middle of a bed of peas. The peas are all eaten so I cleared away the debris, and dug these up at the same time. I can only think that I might have missed a spud from last years batch and it has laid there all winter waiting to sprout. Or, I have a habit of putting everything onto the compost heap, and a few potato peelings may have been resurected and come back to life for a second chance. Whatever happend I am pleased with my free spuds.


In the last few days I have butchered four sweatshirts to make shopping bags out of them. The pile of offcuts was mounting up, what do I do with the bits left behind? Aha, I'm not so daft as to throw them in the bin, they will come in usefull, I know make another bag ;o)

So here we go, another bag. It doesn't matter that it's bits sewn together, in fact it adds a bit of interest. The bags are meant to be strong and robust, they don't have to be pretty and decorative, they have a job to do.


  1. looking a gift horse in the mouth refers to looking at its teeth to tell how old it is, they get longer with age. It was considered rude to check for its age if it was a gift, at least in front of the giver.
    Yeah for free spuds, I love volunteers.
    Great bag as usual!

  2. Super spuds. Guess we know what you are eating tonight! What are you doing with all the bags?

  3. free spuds and used up tee shirts, how good is that!

  4. Yes, I am having steamed spuds, onion, and sweetcorn, and grilled tuna fish :o)

    I thought about taking the bags to the supermarket and giving them to people as they come through the checkouts if they don't have a bag of their own. But would they use them over and over again, would they remember to take them next time? My friends already have their own bags. I could give them to the hospice charity shop to sell.

  5. I once planted Pink Fir potatoes. For the following 4 years they came up through every crop I planted in that area.