Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Strange goings on

Well that's strange :-0 there was two comments on the previous post, and now they have disappeared. I didn't delete them so where have they gone! Is there a gremlin in the works?

I've just looked again and they are back, plus one more. Think I am losing my marbles, maybe it's bed time. Goodnight

Still here. I have put a comment on it myself and it is showing only one comment, when there are four. But if you click on the post title (Spuds) in the archives at the bottom right, it brings up four comments. Definately a fault at Blogger's end.


  1. Phew thank goodness it's a problem at Blogger's end. I thought I was going crazy as I couldn't view all comments. Goodnight Ilona, just starting my day here.

  2. I had the same problem the other day, blogger telling fibs about how many comments there were. Blogger can be very frustrating (especially when putting photos on centrally! grr!) Rant over, goodnight! :)

  3. It's been doing it to me too, must be a glitch in the matrix ;) xx

  4. I had the same problem too, ytesterday it told me I had no comments and I knew there were three!!

  5. It happens to my blog quite often. I find that clearing the cache sorts it out, though this may just be coincidental.
    Chances are that you won't read this comment anyway, if it's disappeared.... dhuhhhh

  6. Yes, I see it Mike, thanks.


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