Sunday, 15 August 2010

Chasing the sky divers

Another nice morning, best not to waste it, with rucksack packed I set off for Redbourne, a pretty village just off the A15 a few miles south of Brigg. I parked next to the duck pond. My plan was to do a circular walk, ending up at the airfield where the skydiving competition was taking place.

I could hear the aircraft buzzing overhead as I was tramping through the fields, passing Redbourne Hall and the fish pond, then several farms. the sunflowers looked lovely dancing amongst the sweetcorn.

Arriving in Waddingham, there was a convenient bench outside the church for me to sit on, and have a bite to eat.

A couple of miles across the fields is Brandy Wharf, a well known and popular pub which specialises in draught cider of every kind. I like a glass of cider but here I am spoilt for choice, there are that many.

I went for Apple and Cranberry cider, and sat outside in the garden overlooking the New River Ancholme. It was gloriously sunny, and the cider was a welcome refreshment.

The Brandy Wharf is a popular place for boats owners to moor up, next to it is a busy camping and caravan park.

As I set off walking along the river bank I could still hear the planes buzzing overhead, there seems to be several of them. Every so often I looked up into the sky to see the divers floating down to the ground, they were like little ants. There was about twenty or so in every drop off. Can you see them in this picture, I was still a long way away from the airfield.

The river bank went on for miles, and the sky divers were falling thick and fast now. At last I reached Hibaldstow Bridge and was able to cross the river and head towards the airfield.

The river runs in a straight line for miles and miles.

The airfield covers a big area and I had been watching where the sky divers were coming down, hoping to get a good spot for some photo's. Almost there now, they seem to be landing just beyond those trees. This one has a Union Jack tied to his leg. I zoomed in as much as I could to get the photo.

I quickened my pace, only stopping briefly to get this picture of a beautiful cow who was munching her way through a bale of hay.

I noticed that it had gone quiet, I hadn't seen or heard any planes taking off for about fifteen minutes, surely they have not finished when I am so close. It dawned on me that the one carrying the flag may have been the last one, but it was only just after three o clock, surely they haven't packed up this early.

They had. I reached the entrance and looked across the field to see....these three aircraft parked up. Oh bother, I have missed it :o(

So, distance walked today was 11.28 miles. lizzie was asking about my boots on the last post, here they are. They are Vibram Karrimor boots, cost £55 in the half price sale, from Millets. When you buy boots you should get them from a shop, not the internet, because you need to try on lots of pairs to get the most comfortable and best fit. I was in the shop for an hour before I found these, and they are so comfortable.

I wear one pair of normal, thin socks, and one pair of these thick wool socks. Take your socks with you when you try boots on.

My three days walking this week has clocked up just over 35 miles :-)

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