Thursday, 2 September 2010

Jobs that need doing

I haven't had time to do any more art work today, I've been busy with hair washing, pot washing, dog walking, food shopping, getting car mended, and library. Got a couple of great art books, Sculpting in Wire by Cathy Miles, and Hand to Earth by Andy Goldsworthy, that's about using natural resources like wood, stones, and leaves.

I changed £10 of Tesco vouchers into £20, and got some dry cat food, they like Whiskas, four large bags should last ages. I also managed to get some reduced items as they had started marking them down. Bread, egg noodles, and naughty naughty choc chip cookies. I only get them when they are cheap, 25p, as a treat.

Had to go to the Ford dealer for a plastic clip that holds the back bumper in place. They are not like bumpers used to be, now it's just a plastic skirt round the bottom packed out with polystyrene. Last week a van driver shunted me up the rear, I was flippin annoyed. I had stopped at a giveway sign to wait for traffic going by, and he was too busy talking to his mate to notice. Luckily it was only a very gentle tap, I could only find a little scratch where the two vehicles met. Dozy so and so, could have been worse. I shouldn't call him names, I did it myself many years ago :-(

I also got a new bulb for my reversing light. I was backing into my drive last week in the dark, the light came on for a moment but then went off almost immediately. I took the bulb round to my friendly tyre man because I didn't want to pay an arm and a leg price with the dealer. I had two tyres off him last week, he put the bulb in and it didn't work, so it must be the switch on the gear box. Oh bother! The parts man at Ford said if it is the gear box switch it will cost £30+ for a new one. I asked him if it would fail an MOT without a reverse light, he said yes. I mentioned this to the tyre man, and he said that's wrong, the reverse light is not part of the MOT. Well blow me down, I will just be very carefull when I drive backwards then.

I've booked two more nights at hostels, one for next week in North Yorkshire for some walking, and the other in a couple of weeks time when I go to Alton Towers. Can't wait to ride the roller coasters again. Toodle pip.


  1. The Tesco rewards said you can spend their points on YHA, I got a card the other day as a Pesky Tesky has opened near me

  2. I'm glad you reminded me about the Tesco vouchers, I want to get double on window cleaning, gardening and house cleaning...I wish...

  3. oh, have fun at Alton towers! I live near it, but I haven't been for years as I'm not a huge fan of it.