Thursday, 23 September 2010

Missing photo's from previous post

Oh my goodness, what a cock up! I've just spent ages on the previous post, then found some lost photo's. I haven't time to slot them into place so I'll stick them here, hope you don't mind.

This is Oblivion. Two rows of riders, you get to the top of the lift hill and just as you are about to fall over the edge it stops for a few seconds. You wait...

Then you plunge vertically into a black hole. Scream.

This is an example of a Spin and Spew ride that I mentioned, I don't do them.
Yuk :o(

Mucho sorry, got to take a dog out.


  1. I have always found oblivion to be a completely dull and boring ride, over in just a few seconds, but oblivion I love - so simple, but so entertaining for me! It's one I'll go on again and again if there's no queue!

  2. Hi Ilona,

    My name is Anna. I really enjoy your blog and think you are a very brave lady but wonder sometimes don't you feel lonely and depressed living on your own and especially visiting places on your own? I'm living on my own in London and really feel isolated especially as I lost my job 2 years. When I had money I had friends, now that I have no money I find that people don't want to know me. In London you can't go far without money and end up very isolated. I think many people are in this situation in today's world where the internet seems to have replaced friends and is some people's only way of keeping in touch with the world. Anyway, I wanted to say a very big thank you for your lovely blog which brings me companionship on a daily basis. Keep on blogging, dear Friend!

  3. Hi Anna, thank you for your lovely comment, I am so pleased you like reading my blog. If I can make people smile that is good enough reason for writing it. You raise some very valid points regarding going out on your own, and not being able to socialise if you don't have much money.

    There is too much to cover in this one comment, and as I write more eloquently in the mornings, (I think), I will hopefully come up with some interesting pointers in a post tomorrow. I am grounded for a week now, looking after Jessica the blind dog, so I have plenty of time to sit at the computer in between doggie walks. Best wishes.

  4. You're such a dare devil Ilona:) I love the grounds at Alton Towers and it certainly is so sad to see the main house in that condition. I first went to Alton Towers back in the 60's and remember going on the Dodgem cars, back then it was a very small affair. I went again in the early 80's and wow what changes. I'm sure I wouldn't recognise it now.

  5. OMG not in my wildest dreams (or should that be nightmares?) :D