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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Running repairs

Oh dear, things don't last forever do they, they wear out! The cushion from my sunlounger is showing signs of falling apart. The fabric on the underside is disintegrating, holes are appearing in several places. There is a danger of the foam chippings falling out. How can I make it last a bit longer, and get a bit more wear out of it?

My friend gave it to me when she emigrated, the metal reclining chair is fine, no problems there, so it would be a shame to chuck this away.

It is not worth putting seperate patches on the holes, because more will appear, so I might as well cover the whole side. Another friend was having a clear out and I grabbed the curtain she was about to throw away. It is a long curtain that she had over her patio door, I have no such window that it will fit, so I might as well cut some off the bottom of it and use it for this job. I can hem the bottom of the ramaining curtain which will make it a far more usefull size.

So here it is, the blueish patterened fabric on the top, meeting with the stitched on curtain on the bottom. Ooops, turn the picture round.

That's better, the bottom now looks better than the top. I can't bear to throw anything away if it can be repaired. These cushions are handy to have, they come in usefull for making up a bed on the floor for last minute visitors, and they are dead handy to chuck in the back of my estate car in case I need to sleep on a long journey. Another little job on my list completed.


  1. looks great! I know what you mean about throwing things out, I usually make cushion pads from old pillows which have become too hard to sleep on.
    Josie x

  2. It is so great when you can repair something and get years of extra use out of it. There should be a national policy to encourage that sort of thing.
    I just unpicked, washed and re-stuffed all my pillows. The next thing I am going to do when I am at the thrift store is to look for good quality pima cotton t-shirts to make tops for my grand-daughter. There are some lovely ones on the web.


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