Thursday, 9 September 2010

A walk from Helmsley (briefly)

I spent a couple of hours last night writing this post, it was taking ages, several attempts to load photo's, blogger had problems. It was frantically saving every couple of seconds, and in the end I could not publish so I had to shut down, I couldn't sit up all night waiting for it to come right.

This morning I am so disappointed to see that most of my words were not saved, so I hope you forgive me for not rewriting the whole thing again, I just can't face it. A couple of paragraphs are still there, and the photo's, so I'll just add a few titles, I hope you don't mind, thanks.

I awoke to a miserable looking damp and misty morning. My self catering breakfast was a tin of beans on a crusty brown bread roll, it wouldn't fit in the toaster. After the pub meal the night before I didn't need much to eat. I got chatting with two blokes who were cycling, and another who was walking. As I was late in last night I stayed in my room and didn't get to meet them untill breakfast.

I checked out of the hostel at 9am and the nice lady on the reception said I could leave my car there untill I came back from the walk. I had a rough idea of where I was going, but as there are loads of paths in the area I kept changing my mind. Then I thought of Wainright and his insistance of not wandering aimlessly, so I made the decision, have a look at Rievaulx Abbey then continue along the Cleveland Way to Cold Kirby.

At this point blogger did not save my words.

Five photo's of decorated shops in the Market Square at Helmsley, taken in the morning before I set off for a walk. Pub with a tree growing up the front.

Ladies and gents high class outfitters.

Posh delicatessen in a prominent corner position.

Stream running along the backs of the shops, with a little stone bridge to the market square, the church behind.

Another posh food shop.

Leaving the Cleveland Way, walking towards Rievaulx.

Rievaulx bridge.

Ruins of Rievaulx Abbey.

How nice to have this in your back garden.

A thatched cottage in Rievaulx
St Mary's Church in Rievaulx

Walking through a farm, chickens running free.

Horses on the hillside.

looking for a way to cross a stream and found this bridge.

Very pretty fern arrangement on the roadside.

Helmsley Youth Hostel, very clean, very comfortable, I shall come here again.

17.57 miles walked, a little bit damp, but overall a lovely day. Sorry this is short, but I need to get on with other things. Thank you.


  1. what a beautiful place,i just love the little shops.

  2. If you ever suspect that all your text is failing to save, try cutting and pasting it into a temporary document using "Word" or even "Notepad".

    Even if your Blogger file has vanished into cyberspace, you'll still have a copy of your text in a file on your PC.

  3. What beautiful photos, some of those would make lovely cards. Looks like you had a lovely walk

  4. Thank you for sharing all your pictures. The old bridges and the abbey were particularly lovely. How beautiful the abbey must have been in its day!

  5. Thank you Cyberkim, of course I should have done that, but as it indicated that it was saving, albeit eratically, I thought it would be ok. What a pain it was.

  6. Helmsley's a beautiful place and don't they keep it looking super?

    Re blogger malfunctioning - have you ever thought of typing your entries up on an email beforehand and then copying and pasting it into your blog? That way if blogger fails you still have your text and can save the email until blogger's up and running again :O)

  7. Glorious photos, the village with all the flowers is so pretty and that little bridge is like a fairytale.

  8. Ooo I love that area, thanks for sharing your photos Ilona. We used to go up there all the time, must take Twiglet.
    Twiggy x

  9. Hi Ilona, What a lovely place. It makes me want to go for a nice long walk! Jane xx

  10. Lovely photos. It looks like a beautiful place and a lovely walk.